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Cohi annual report + 5 year strategy


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Cohi annual report + 5 year strategy

  1. 1. LifeA Better Life Love Hope
  2. 2. Circle of Health International (COHI) is a global nonprofit organization thatworks with women and their communities in times of crisis and disaster to ensure access to quality reproductive, maternal, and newborn care.
  3. 3. A Letter From Our Director
  4. 4. A Letter From Our Director
  5. 5. Conceived and formed in 2004, COHI has served more than one million women and children in nine countries.COHI provides volunteer medical personnel to ensure safe deliveries for womenin around the world. Photo by ______
  6. 6. TIBET: Within Reach Within Reach: Safe Deliveries for Rural Tibetan WomenTrained 50 village doctors and midwives in emergencyobstetric care in Nagchu province (7 hours north ofLhasa, at 19000 feet) in midwifery. Hired a local publichealth trainer (staff of TPAF) who organized thetrainings.Created a safe motherhood curriculum that was adoptedand implemented by the Chinese governmentThankas made by local artists used as culturallyappropriate and relevant educational materials (hygiene,nutrition, washing hands, hemorrhage)Worked with Tibetan poverty alleviation fund (TPAF),one of the few organizations in tibet staffed by locals
  7. 7. WEST BANK: Midwivesfor Peace ● Mythloon birth center in West Bank ● Waterbirth training ● Ina May Gaskin ● Red Crescent Hospital ● Sustainability - has led to other projects and accomplishments ● Skin-to-skin project: created materials in Hebrew and Arabic, gone to an event in Poland and spoke because they are Israelis and Palestinians working together ● Google skin-to-skin project for videosThese midwives are working on how to collaborate more effectively in Israel and the West Bank. Photo by _____
  8. 8. Post Tsunami Sri Lanka: Loving Whats Left Loving Whats Left● We did the one and only reproductive health needs assessment in the emergency phase● Raised $80,000 that was in the field and accessible to our local partners within a week; gave cash grants to our local partner organizations - Home for Human Rights● Brought a team of 8 volunteer clinicians and public health professionals for 10 days who worked in the camps delivering babies, doing prenatals, postpartums● Trained over 500 red cross volunteers in trauma self-care
  9. 9. Tanzania: Teens out of trouble ● Partnered with FLEMAFA, teen pregnancy one Tanzania, 2006-2007 (look up province name) hour outside of Daar ● did a needs assessment ● organized, hosted and funded 2 conferences showcasing local organizers (midwives, local govt officials, nurses working in local clinics) and local work; these people developed a strategic plan for how to reduce teen pregnancy; PTSD and childbirth and neonatal resuscitation training at the conferences ● developed and implemented a young men’s only training about their role in stopping violence against women ● gave $25,000 to build a birth center (don’t know if it was built) ● sent a group of medical students, a couple groups of public health students, a group of cliniciansThese midwives are working on how to collaborate more effectively in Israel and the West Bank. Photo by _____
  10. 10. Sudan: HelpingHandsSudan, 2008 Association of Sudanese nurses, trained in emergency obstetric care
  11. 11. Building Up MidwivesPost-Earthquake Haiti, 2010-2011 ● Local partners: Midwives for Haiti, Haitian Christian Mission (HCM), UNFPA (not sure of relationship) ● Trained midwives with HCM who staffed the birth and still work there ● Fonds Parisien, built a birth center, stocked it ● Stocked a pharmacy ● solar suitcases ● Three half-day training sessions with 15 male clinic staff on GBV and reproductive health to equip these men as advocates prepared to discuss these issues openly with other men in the community
  12. 12. Afghanistan: Delivering Innovation Afghanistan, 2011-2012● Afghan Midwives Association is our partner● Pilot a birth center in Kabul we are raising $25,000 to give for this project● Telemedicine program stemming out of the prenatal clinic in Kabul to increase access to specialty care
  13. 13. Jordan: Safe Haven, A School forWomenJordan/Syria, 2012-2013
  14. 14. Story
  15. 15. Story
  16. 16. Story
  17. 17. Story
  18. 18. 2004-2012 Funders
  19. 19. Financial Overview
  20. 20. Growth, Income and Expenses PieCharts
  21. 21. 2013-2018 Strategic Plan
  22. 22. Board and StaffCristin Marona Sera Bonds, MPH Circle of Health InternationalChairman of the Board Founder, Executive Director 1905 Paramount AvenueBoston, MA, USA Austin, TX, USA Austin, TX, USA 78703Cailin Burke Michelle Jones, MBA Tel: 347-712-1721Board Member Director of Programs Email: info@cohintl.orgBrooklyn, NY, USA Austin, TX, USALyla Garzouzi Zeina Jamaleddine, MPHBoard Member Response Coordinator, Jordan/SyriaCanada Austin, TX, USAKelly Winter, MPH Meena Lenn, MPHBoard Member Social Media DirectorSan Francisco, CA, USA Doha, Qatar Nancy Barry Administrative Manager Austin, TX, USA Circle of Health International is recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) organization.