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Dev8ed2012 lightening talk


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Slides used for initial lightening talk at Dev8Ed 2012

Published in: Education
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Dev8ed2012 lightening talk

  1. 1. Dev8Ed 2012: PublishOER• PublishOER: Working with publishers to find new business models enabling risk free incorporation of published materials into OER (permissions requests, publication formats, multiple licences, etc)• SupOERGlue & RIDLR: Additional technical development work to enable creation of resource mashups using OER Glue from within the learning environment and to syndicate sharing of contextually rich curriculum related meta and paradata about learning resources via JLeRN to other users including publishers• Funded by JISC/HEA as part of UKOER3/OERRI James Outterside, Dan Plummer, Suzanne Hardy, Newcastle University Graham Isaacs, Raul Balescu, Elsevier
  2. 2. Dev8Ed 2012• Interested in talking to others about: – Anyone interested in permissions – Publication formats - Booktype – Publishers and new publication business models – University of Edinburgh: congruence between DLM (Newcastle) and COM:MAND (Edinburgh): curriculum mapping systems, sharing meta/para/activity stream data about resources or Learning Registry/JLeRN harvesting/syndication