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A look at B2B social media case studies

Published in: Technology, Business
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  1. 1. Social B2B - Not Your Usual Suspects by Suzanne Bell Social Media Class Prof. Bill Ward (DR4WARD) @BellMarketing
  2. 2. “Social is the New Normal” - Ann Lewnes, senior VP-global marketing at Adobe “Two or three years ago we were nowhere with social media. . . Now we have a social media hub. . .” - Ann Lewnes, senior VP-global marketing at AdobeMany B2B marketers are using socialmedia in a random manner, notsystematically” - Jeff Ernst, principal analyst at Forrester Source: Maddox, K. (2012, Aug, 8) “Forrester conference focuses on digital, social: Finding metrics that measure success key as CMOs struggle with data explosion.” retrieved online at 20120514/STRATEGY02/120519940
  3. 3. B2B Social Media Really B2C• Problem reviewed: How is social media implemented in traditional B2B? Is it used to change industry norm? – Many case studies labeled B2B social media but really are HR training, consumer sales support, or job recruiting. – Social media lore include United, Dell, Nike, and other consumer brands. – Few case studies on how social is furthering business internally, truly connecting suppliers, developers and factories, in traditional industries, not consumer-facing. Graphic Source: “How Social is B2B”, Retrieved online at: 2012/04/how-social-is-b2b-infographic.html#
  4. 4. SAP Community Network• Problem solved: Simplified customer support, product development. – Created 10 yrs. ago. - mostly IT and developers who were used to collaborating online. – Grown to more than 3M customers, developers, business experts, universities, and partners – Blogs, forums, wikis – Crowd sourcing for product idea generation and feedback; users vote on which ideas to implement – 1.2 million unique visitors every month. – 4,000 discussion forum posts every single day – 15 blogs every day, 365 days a year, from any of the 3 million members. Source: Kiron, D. (2012, Aug. 7) SAP: Using social media for building, selling and supporting. MIT Retrieved online at: building-selling-and-supporting/
  5. 5. ShipServ• Problem solved: Forum for industrial shipping collaboration. – Implemented a social media plan despite research showing 65% of industry thought social media was “waste of time”. – Created customer-specific pages, content on new site. – Partnered w. CRM for score card tracking of leads – Outlined content promo plan using blogs, whitepapers, twitter, facebook, Linkedin, videos – Initiated an industry forum through Linkedin groups, now with more than 860 members – Results: increased sales ready leads 400%, decreased marketing costs 80% Source: Schaefer, M. (2012, Aug. 8) A fascinating B2B social media success story. Retrieved online at: success/
  6. 6. Dell - The Social Company• Problem solved: Social media outcast now innovator – Thrust into social media due to horrific response (or lack) to post. – Social media weaved through company – IdeaStorm - started in 2007, more than 400 product features/ changes. – Social Media & Community University - 24,000 employees trained as ambassadors - including executives, legal. – Removed all walls for collaborating – “it’s not about controlling the message, but making sure that everyone in the organization — or as many people as possible — can be a part of the message” Source: Schaefer, M. (2012, Aug. 7). A fascinating B2B case study. Retrieved online at: http://
  7. 7. Some Final Thoughts• Social media has drastically changed how businesses interact with their supply chain and customer.• Is it fleeting? – Every product has a lifecycle, every idea has a lifecycle• Customer collaboration has always been integral to success; not new, just takes on different form?• Can it augment industry change like social media did for Egypt, for news reporting? – Nike and open source Materials Index• Further research?Graphic Source: Retrieved online at:
  8. 8. Expert Sources: @jasonfalls @markwschafer @haakonjensen @jowyang (Jeremiah Owyang) Additional: Paul Dunning, MIT Sloan D. Kiron, MIT Sloan Review
  9. 9. Thank You, Oregon