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The european commission marija


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The european commission marija

  1. 1. The European Commission Marija Skelin
  2. 2. The European Commission
  3. 3.  The Commission is a key EU institution. It alone has the right to draw up proposals for new EU legislation, which it sends to the Council and Parliament for discussion and adoption.
  4. 4. Its members are appointedfor a five-year term byagreement between thememberstates, subject to approvalby the European Parliament
  5. 5. On 9 February 2010, the European Parliament voted to approve the new Commission. The former Prime Minister of Portugal, José Manuel Barroso, was reappointed President of the Commission for a second i ve-year term.
  6. 6. The Commissioners are assisted by a civil service, basedmainly in Brussels and Luxembourg, divided into 43departments and services. There are also a number ofagencies, set up to carry out specific tasks for theCommission and mostly located in other Europeancities.
  7. 7. Questions When the European Parliament voted to approve thenew Commission?For how long are its members appointed?