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Other bodies


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Other bodies

  1. 1. OTHER BODIESWhen taking decisions in a number of policy areas,the Council and Commissionconsult the European Economic and SocialCommittee (EESC). Its members representthe various economic and social interest groups thatcollectively make up ‘organised civil society’,Who meets with commision and council?
  2. 2. The Committee of theRegionsThe Committee of the Regions (CoR) consists of representatives of regional and localgovernment. They are proposed by the member states and appointed by the Councilfor a ve-year term. The Council and Commission must consult the CoR on mattersof relevance to the regions, and it may also issue opinions on its own initiative.
  3. 3. The European InvestmentBankThe European Investment Bank (EIB), based in Luxembourg, provides loans andguarantees to help the EU’s less developed regions and to help make businessesmore competitiveWhat city is the headquaters of the bank?