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European parliament - Marin


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Published in: Education
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European parliament - Marin

  1. 1. EUROPEANPARLIAMENTMarin Tomljenović
  2. 2. • The European Parliament is the elected body that represents the EU’s citizens.• Since 1979, members of the European Parliament (MEPs) have been directly elected, by universal suffrage, every five years
  3. 3. • Parliament holds its major debates at monthly gatherings (known as ‘plenary sessions’) attended, in principle, by all MEPs. These plenary sessions are normally held in Strasbourg, and any additional sessions are held in Brussels.
  4. 4. • EP building in Strasbourg
  5. 5. • The European Parliament also shares with the Council equal responsibility for adopting the EU budget (proposed by the European Commission).
  6. 6. QUESTIONS:1. In which European city the EP plenary sessions are normally held?2. How many MEPs has Sweden?