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DANCE, BUTTERFLY, DANCE, a poem by Suy / São Ludovino


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Inner dialogue with the self of a simple human being. A transcendent strength comes from the passion for LIFE.

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DANCE, BUTTERFLY, DANCE, a poem by Suy / São Ludovino

  1. 1. The First Dance of the Last Butterfly, a poem by Suy / São Ludovino<br />Photography by Lev Tsimring<br />From the Beginning, music by Emerson, Lake & Palmer<br />© Lev Tsimring, Dance -<br />
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  11. 11. Your colours<br />still shine bright<br />© Lev Tsimring, Dance -<br />
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  16. 16. That'swhyyou dance<br />© Lev Tsimring, Dance -<br />
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  49. 49. THE FIRST DANCE OF THE LAST BUTTERFLY<br />Dance, dance, my sweetest butterfly<br />While the light still shines in your eyes<br />Follow the Moon<br />Follow thr Sun<br />While your feet are light and your soul is warm.<br />Don’t wait for the snow<br />Don’t wait for the night<br />While your roof can be made of stars. <br />Sweep the storms away<br />While the wind can kiss your wings.<br />Stand up from your shell<br />While the rain can’t wash away your footprints in the clouds.<br />Don’t hide from yourself<br />Don’t hide from life<br />While your soul aims to live and be complete.<br />You can still breath<br />You can still feel<br />Even if the whole world seems upside down.<br />Fly, fly, my gentle butterfly.<br />Your sorrows won’t stop the time.<br />Your colours still shine bright.<br />Your wings may be made of dust and water.<br />But you are dust from the stars<br />and water from earth.<br />You are only real.<br />That’s why you fly<br />That’s why you live.<br />Nothing will erase your presence…<br />Here, there, everywhere…<br />Your strength is invisible.<br />Your final frontier is to defeat the pain…<br />You have wings<br />You are more than a puppet <br />in the scenery of life.<br />And if the coloufurl dust of your fragile wings <br />Happens to fall in my empty hands, <br />My hands will be full.<br />Your wings will be my wings.<br />Your fragility will be my strength.<br />Your fears will be my courage.<br />Your solitude will be my companion.<br />Dance, dance, my unforgettable butterfly!<br />You were meant to dance<br />Until the end of time…<br />The First Dance of the Last Butterfly, Suy / São Ludovino, 30/6/2011<br />
  50. 50. «LevTsimring's passion for photography originates in Russia where he spent the first 30 years of his life. Since 1992 he is based in San Diego, USA. In his "day life" he studies physics ofnonlinear phenomena and patterns at UCSD. In his art, he studies "patterns of life" with his camera. Until the advent of the digital era, he was working mostly in traditional 35 mm color and black-and-white technique printing in his own darkroom. Today he is shooting both color and B/W with a digital camera and makes his own limited edition prints. His artistic interests range from abstract photography to portraits and landscape, but in all genres he strives to capture mood and soul of his subjects rather than their outward beauty. Lev travels extensively throughout the world, and through his photography he tries to understand and communicate the spirit of the place and the people. One of his photographic series, "The other America", which was exhibited at the Russian museum of photography in 2006, immerses us in the wonderful world of South America and its amazing culture. His photo-essay "Lacrosse, the Universe" received a Honorable Mention at the prestigious "International Photography Awards" competition in 2009. He received a Honorable Mention at the WPGA's 2010 Pollux Awards competition for his photo of Shanghai skyline. In the last few years he is more and more attracted to street photography in which he enjoys capturing fleeting moments of beauty, humor, and love in everyday life.<br />Lev Tsimring is a member of the La Jolla Art Association, , Digital Photography Challenge and Street Photographers <br /> In 2005, Lev Tsimring published a collection of his photos in a coffee-table book "Through my eyes" (DEKOM, 2005).» - Vide:<br /> «Lev Tsimring - physicist, born in 1959 in Saratov, graduated from the Radiophysics Department GSU in 1980 to 1991 he worked in IPFANe. Since 1992 he has been living in the U.S., working at UC San Diego. Has traveled extensively throughout the world, and travel inseparable from the camera. Photography since childhood, but seriously - in the last few years. L. Tsimring work are in many private collections, exhibited in the United States. In 2005, Nizhny Novgorod, the publishing house "decompression" issued photo album L. Tsimring, "My eyes." This - the first exhibition of Lev Tsimring in his hometown.» -<br />
  51. 51. TECHNICAL DATA / CREDITS<br />TITLE:DANCE, BUTTERFLY, DANCE…<br />IMAGES: © Lev Tsimring -<br />TEXT:The First Dance of the Last Butterfly, a poem by Suy /São Ludovino.<br />MUSIC Source:CD from my personal archive.<br />Slide 1 to 51: Emerson, Lake & Palmer, From the Beginning, Emerson, Lake & Palmer, 1970. <br />Slideshare version - Link:<br />DURATION:about 4:15 minutes.<br />DATE:June 2011.<br />SELECTION, ORGANIZATION AND EFFECTS:Suy (Conceição Ludovino).<br />Background -© Lev Tsimring, Dance.<br />Suy © 2011<br />