Where the East meets the West (Developer+Publisher)!


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we are a comprehensive android based mobile application stores that enables users to download, install and manage apps on their mobile. Currently, We have gained up to 60% of mobile gaming market in China which is the largest Android App stores

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Where the East meets the West (Developer+Publisher)!

  1. 1. 360 GAME Where the East meets the West (developers + publishers)
  4. 4. A matured and rational game market in China China recorded over 500M active smart devices by 2013 Q2 MMOG ANNUAL ARPU AND UPR (2007-2016) MOBILE GAMES MARKET I(2009-2015) WEB GAMES Strong propaganda made web games highly profitable with a rising UPR. WEB GAMES MARKET (2009-2015) PC GAMES MMOGs has developed an addictive, active and stable user community. Data from: iResearch MOBILE GAME Mobile games to welcome their first boom and a predictable growth.
  5. 5. A matured and rational game market in China Paid users Growth in 2011: 23.2% 23.2% 2010 Increase 2011 Online game market Data from: iResearch 18.6% Increase 2010 2011 PC game market 44.9%Increase 2010 2011 Web game market 44%Increase 2010 2011 Mobile game market
  6. 6. As the industry grows, we found there are 3 main subjects are evolving: Developers Platforms Users
  7. 7. 3Main subjects on Mobile games: Users Among the huge groups of users, and increasingly grows of games, How would you choose? Educating the users behavior among the cross-platform (PC+Mobile App+Cloud synchronization). Web games Mobile games PC games Puzzle games Sport games Car racing games RPG games Strategy games CHOOSE? Fight games Action games Adventure games
  8. 8. 3Main subjects on Mobile games: Developers • Facing High cost on propaganda and single channel, the question is how to find appropriate users? • Users loyalty is too low, hard to bring into the new developed games Needs Powerful platform to share with more users and most best quality games.
  9. 9. 3Main subjects on Mobile games: Platform Steam® Platform  Advantage of Steam® : STEAM ® is the largest game downloading portal with numerous game releases and updates, where users can download and update games, play and share with players all over the world. Tons of Games User Community Create & Share Cross Platform  Integrate and break through Monopolies, thresholds and disproportion cause lots of obstacles and problems in game industry in China, what we need is an open platform which connects users and producers interactively and leads a brighter path to further development.
  10. 10. 16 years of development: The Future of Cross-Platform-Game Towards the Cross-Platform-Game Mud Games 1996-2000 • Player to input text comand to take moves and results • Players to act as characters in live novels. Graphical Online Game 2000-2001 • Texts evolve into graphics. • Establish the basics for MMORPG such as PK systems and equipment systems. • Set up the earliest operation environment Emerging of agent games 2001-2007 • Games got further commercializ ed • First time online games to surpass console games • The mature phase of online games. Emerging of decent PC games and Web games 2007-2010 • Flash technology blended. • Better scenery, sophisticated characters and decent visuals. Blossom of PC and Web games 2010-2012 • Diversified game modes, better quality and concern about user experiences. • Play game at fragmented time and cross platform.
  11. 11. Who can seize the opportunity in 2013?  Providing the best Users Experiences and Fun!  Win the trust of game developers, and providing the best Marketing and users experiences platform.  the conversion into cash, to achieve the ultimate profit and maintain positive growth
  13. 13. About 360 Game • About 360 Game Founded in Feb. 2012, One of the most leading game and entertainment company in China, a subsidiary of Qihu 360(NYSE:QIHU). 360 Game is well-known as no.1 game security reputation and the most leading technology in the industry, the second largest users group of market shares. We have the most professional spyware protection software games, and the parent company, Qihoo360, joint operation platform.
  14. 14. Our Game Master Liu liang CEO Founded www.uuu9.com in 2004 and successfully created it as the world’s largest Chinese Map of Warcraft Original Web.  Led the team to the game consultant industry in 2007, and becomes the 3rd largest games consultant in China Dai lin President Serving sohu and tom.com since 1999, rich of experiences in strategic cooperation, marketing, wireless and sales. 2006 GM of Media Sales Dept. at Qihu 360. 2009 till now as VP of Qihu 360.
  15. 15. Our Methodology Branding concept Cooperation With the most advanced security and optimization providing the best users experiences Open, Share, Win-win policy Safebox ® software + game platform + game portal site Independently operated, and to go public independently Structure Operational Method
  16. 16. Our Strenths With Safebox ® software With 8-year experience in With the superior and www.uuu9.com we game industry, we are well security & optimization have numerous user connected with developers, technology from Qihu coverage and a still operators, media and user 360, we can offer users growing user base. community, which grant us safe and joyful game professionalism. experiences. Vast Users Base Professional Team Cutting-edge Technology
  17. 17. 3 CORE COMPETITION Steam® +360
  18. 18. Strength to Expand We insist on Steam® Mode!
  19. 19. The Future of Steam ® Born to be Excellent Steam® is a integrating system from Valve, the developer of Half-Life(HL). It was initially designed as the updating tool for CS, HL2, etc. but soon used as a game distributing platform which enables players across the world buy games in 10 seconds and download games like BT. By far it has became popular and worked out a lot of games. High User Traffic As a huge distribution center, Steam ® has over 40 million active users and holds 70% share of web buys for PC games. Bright Future According to the statistics from Forbes, the market value of Valve is 4 billion dollars in 2010, and 1 billion dollars from Steam ®. Therefore Steam ® has became the most successful game platform.
  20. 20. Take importance on the Basic skills Creating the most powerful Marketing Platform
  21. 21. The most respectable enterprise No.1 brand in internet security No.2 internet company in China 450’000’000 users  360 Game was invested by Qihu 360, the No.1 internet security co. in China  With Qihu 360 as the backup, 360 Game starts higher and grows faster.
  22. 22. Providing the most powerful Game Marketing platform Qihu 360 supports and forges the powerful platform with its featured products 360 Security Tool, 360 Safe Explorer, 360 Website Navigator, 360 Soft Keeper, 360 Anti-virus and 360 Mobile Safeguard etc.
  23. 23. What Qihu 360 offers ? 1. The most complete & advanced client support technology Extended Security Applications 1 5 Implemental services 4 System optimization User experience Internet optimization 2 PC optimization 3 360 Family Application: For many years Qihu 360 was devoted in client technology development and holds the most large-scale high-end security tech team, has developed the largest, most advanced cloud security system, where those experiences ensure a powerful technical support for 360 Game.
  24. 24. What Qihu 360 offers ? 2. 360powerful platform to bring huge users Unique Advantages: Over 450M users from Qihu 360’s product family 360 Products 360 Security 360 Anti-virus 360 Se 360 Safeguard User 460m Coverage 94% User 375m Coverage 75% User 273m Coverage 60% User 130m Coverage 62.4%
  25. 25. Our Vision 360 Game The Leader in High Quality GAME PLATFORM
  26. 26. Ricky Suwarno Lim Director of Global Publishing (Mobile Gaming) Experiencing at Media Advertising, Mobile internet and Online Gaming Publishing for more than 15 years, with core competence @ China, Start ups, and Marketing. Used to serve at the world’s largest independent mobile ad networks, Inmobi. Currently, taking care for Mobile gaming publishing at Qihoo360, where the East meets the West (developers + publishers)! ricky@360u9.com