Sutro Services and Rates 2012


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Sutro Services and Rates 2012

  1. 1. Services and rates
  2. 2. What we offer – the basics Social media consultancy Social media channel creation Social media management - Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Google+ Blog creation and design
  3. 3. What we offer – other services Blogger outreach - Creation and distribution of press releases Social media advertising - Facebook, Twitter, Google Sponsored post creation and management - Across leading blogs App creation - Facebook, iPhone
  4. 4. Social media consultancy We will work with your team to discuss aims, objectives and KPIs We will deliver a report with recommendations as to how best to use social media to develop your business If appropriate, we will develop a tool kit which includes details of approach and asset creation
  5. 5. Social media channel creation We will create social media channels for your brand that incorporate key brand design values and messages This generally means Twitter and Facebook, but we are no strangers to Pinterest, Tumblr and Google+ and will advise you on which channels are appropriate for your brand
  6. 6. Social media management We dont just create channels and leave them to you We create great, engaging content, approved by you, for the chosen platforms - The content may be linked to your blog if appropriate We also agree a crisis management policy and handle responses to consumer comments, posts and tweets We grow Twitter audiences by targeting the right people to follow
  7. 7. Blog creation and design We can advise on the creation of your blog - If so wished we can also design it, deliver a strategy and create content for it This includes strategy - why blog, who is going to blog, what are the key messages? We advise on key ways to build an audience long tail content, co-authored content etc We also create content calendars to ensure a steady flow of stories
  8. 8. Blogger outreach It is sometimes essential to create a buzz about your social media channels by reaching out to bloggers and influentials We can advise on how best to do this and create blogger outreach programmes, penning releases and building up blogger databases
  9. 9. Reporting Each month we deliver detailed reports of how your brand is faring in social media, which will include: - Engagement figures - Impact on SEO - Next steps
  10. 10. Training Our experienced team of social media experts can offer you training sessions of everything from the basics of using Twitter through to details on the hot new platforms and how they might impact on your business
  11. 11. We can also help with… Social media advertising - We have run many campaigns using Facebook and Google Sponsored post creation and management - We can organise sponsored posts on high profile blogs to promote your brand App creation - We can create Facebook and mobile phone apps Digital magazines - We can also create digital magazines, iBooks and more
  12. 12. Our rates – social media management Facebook posts and management - 1 post per day - From £700 per month Twitter posts and management - 12 tweets per week - From £500 per month Blog posts - ten per month - £1,000 (additional posts £50-80 each) Other channels – e.g. Tumblr, Pinterest, Google+ - POA
  13. 13. Our rates – consultancy / training Social media consultancy - From £1,000 Blog design and creation - From £1,000 Creation of 2 social media channels - From £500 Content calendar creation - From £500 Social media training - From £300 for a morning session Blogger outreach - Price dependent on size of campaign and asset creation - From £1,000 Social media advertising - Consultancy fee plus 15% of the ad spend
  14. 14. Call us +44 20 3167 1944, email us or tweet us @SutroDigital