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Yoga asanas, Sutra Magazine


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Yoga asanas, Sutra Magazine

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Yoga asanas, Sutra Magazine

  1. 1. Types Of Asanas
  2. 2. Standing Asanas The standing asanas bring elasticity in joints and muscles and build up stamina and physical stability of a person. The beginners should always start with standing asanas, as they constitute the most basic training of yoga practice.
  3. 3. Yoga Asana
  4. 4. Forward Bending Asanas In this type of asanas, the posterior half of the body is stretched. Such asanas prepares you to proceed and bring consistency in the development of physical and mental pliability.
  5. 5. Yoga Asana
  6. 6. Sitting & Supine Asanas The asanas that involve sitting upright or supine extending positions help in preparing a person, physically and mentally, for pranayama.
  7. 7. Yoga Asana
  8. 8. Inverted Asanas These asanas give strength, mental balance and emotional stability to a person and also help him/her get rid of everyday stress and pressure.
  9. 9. Yoga Asana
  10. 10.