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SutraLite - Media Recruitment


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SutraLite is an expert in providing recruitment solutions to media companies in India, helping them hire in numbers at a low cost. Our experienced recruitment campaign specialists tap into our proprietary databases or scour already established networks with professionals from the industry to share the most appropriate profiles. Our fixed-fee, low-cost recruitment plans ensure that you pay the same amount to get the best profiles, whether you are hiring a social media executive, planner, or a creative director to supervise your teams.

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SutraLite - Media Recruitment

  1. 1. SutraLite Indias best Recruitment Service for Startups& Small Businesses We believe finding good talent should be inexpensive. Thats why SutraLite enableshundreds of startups andsmall businesses to hiregreat talent at a flat fee.
  2. 2. | | +91 (22) 4295 1860 402 B, Annapurna, Above Mumbai Darbar Hotel, Adarsh Nagar, Oshiwara, Andheri West, Mumbai 400 053.whySutraLite is an Our USP isinnovative and a providingvalue forunique service money, qualitythat offers low hiring solutionstocost recruitment our clientssolutions to enabling them tostartups and small easily scale upbusinesses in India. operations.While SutraLite is synonymous with startup recruitment,hundreds of small and medium-sized businesses happilyuse our service too. We work with founders, hiring
  3. 3. managers, and decision makers of organizations,allowing them to find that elusive, idealemployee.Recruitment for startups may be regarded asa challenge, but for us at SutraLite it is a habit. A habitwe think makes us YOU SEND Send us your job description. WE POST We broadcast your job. Applications start flowing within 24 to 48 hrs. WE SHORTLIST Recruitment specialists manually shortlist & email you batches of CVs.
  4. 4. YOU HIRE Suitable candidates are screened & scheduled for hiring interviews.What RECRUITMENT FOR  MEDIA INDUSTRYSutraLite is an expert in helping them hire inproviding recruitment numbers at a low to media Our fixed-fee, low-costcompanies in India, recruitment plans ensure
  5. 5. that you pay the same DIGITAL MARKETINGamount to get the best CONTENT WRITERprofiles. ADSALES MEDIA PLANNER COPY WRITER ACCOUNT MANAGERSOCIAL MEDIA MANAGER CREATIVE HEAD SEO AFFILIATE MANAGER PPC MANAGERsuccess“We were pleased with SutraLite’s personalized approach torecruitment. We could reach job-seekers across platforms at a
  6. 6. “A cost cautious company, cannot ask for anything better inrecruitment service. SutraLite is a perfect partner for SMBs.““Working with SutraLite is like having your own HR departmentdoing all that’s needed to find you the right candidates. The only clients have diversedifference is – they don’t sit in your office.” needs and differentAt SutraLite, we areaware that different budgets. You can choose from 3 awesome plans. Guaranteed Relevant Profiles Job Posting on Multiple Resources `14,999 Targeted Mass Mailing Campaign Human-Filtered Resumes (One-time) Telephone Interview Screening 30 DAYS Interview Scheduling
  7. 7. `19,999 Head Hunting / Niche Profiles (One-time) Reference Checks & Salary Negotiations Paid LinkedIn Job Postings 30 DAYS ` 9,999 Paid LinkedIn Job Postings / Reference Checks & Salary Negotiations / Joining (+ 4% Gross CTC) Date Follow Ups 45 DAYSSutraLite is part of PeopleSutra (Sutra Services PvtLtd), an organization that also comprisesexecutive search firm, SutraHR and web-based HRmanagement software, sumHR. Established by Waqar Azmi, Founder & CEO. First office: A garage with 2 phones, 2 PCs, &1 employee. Became part of "The Morpheus" portfolio. 40+ clients, 100+ placements for India’s hottest startups/new-age media companies. Launched startup job portal:
  8. 8. Jay Thaker, Co-founder, came on board.Launched India’s first low-cost, fixed fee,guaranteed recruitment service: SutraLite.Moved in to a new, swanky, cute startup office;team strength of 11.100+ clients, 1000+ placements.Moved to a huge, happening office; teamstrength of 30+.500+ clients, 2500+ placements.Launched SaaS-based HR managementsolution: clients,3500+ placements.Launched operations in Singapore, Malaysia,and Middle East.