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Glicksman, Leon, Track 1


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Using the MIT Campus as a Testbed for Education and Research in Sustainability

Published in: Environment
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Glicksman, Leon, Track 1

  1. 1. Using the MIT Campus as a Testbed for Education and Research in Sustainability Prof. Leon R. Glicksman Building Technology Group MIT September 16, 2016 World Symposium on Sustainable Development at Universities
  2. 2. Some Early Research
  3. 3. A More Recent MIT Solar House
  4. 4. Undergraduate Research Using the MIT Campus •UROP: Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program •Undergraduate thesis •Design Projects for Class
  5. 5. MIT Building 18 at 5PM Steve Amanti
  6. 6. 2AM
  7. 7. Fume Hoods in Building 18 Heat or Cool Intake fan Outside air Exhaust fan Vented air Dan Wesolowski, Elsa Olivetti
  8. 8. Energy Lost by 1 hood open 24/7 = Energy to heat 1 single family home in Boston
  9. 9. Average Sash Position 0 0.1 0.2 0.3 0.4 0.5 0 0.2 0.4 0.6 0.8 1 % Open %oftotalTime Before intervention Current Dan Wesolowski, Elsa Olivetti
  10. 10. Energy Efficient Ventilation Design for New Cancer Research Facility
  11. 11. Johnson Ice Rink Cat Thu Nguyen Huu Marisa Simmons Temperature gradient and emissivity with IR camera
  12. 12. Recommendations • Low ε ceilings • Reduce ice rink heat gain in ice from 165 kW to 8kW • Reduce chiller need from 328 kW to 171 kW Cost: $30,000 Paid off in 2 months
  13. 13. PhD Research Using the Campus as a Testbed
  14. 14. Steve Ray: Air Flow in Media Lab Atrium
  15. 15. Experimentally characterized full-scale buoyancy driven N.V. Full Scale
  16. 16. Atrium measurements: Temperatures, flowrates, pathlines, local velocities Taken before experiment Full Scale
  17. 17. 6 kW heat provided from light bulbs Full Scale
  18. 18. Expected plume over heat source Full Scale
  19. 19. No plume formed over heat source because of reverse flow Full Scale Faulty instruments
  20. 20. CFD validated at full scale Full Scale
  21. 21. First use of full scale in-situ PIV with neutrally- buoyant bubbles for Airflow visualization Full Scale
  22. 22. Unsteadiness near heaters captured in CFD time Full Scale
  23. 23. CFD predicts temperatures very close to in- situ PIV measurements Experimentally measured range Full Scale
  24. 24. Stephen Samouhos PhD 2010 •Automated Fault Detection •5 Most Important Faults
  25. 25. (Not So) Big Data in Commercial Buildings • Data collected by control system • Operator concerned about tenant satisfaction key feedback • Academic studies on fault detection and identification • Try a simpler approach
  26. 26. Stephen Samouhos PhD 2010 Automated Fault Detection Found Simultaneous Heating and Cooling in air handler
  27. 27. Dashboards @MIT Campus Dashboard view Kiosk compatible Current energy data and baselines
  28. 28. Clockworks Performance Management Software Information/Scale Portfolio Building System/Equipment Dashboards Metrics - Costs - Energy - Comfort… Analytics - Energy analytics - Fault Diagnostics Tools - Project tracking - Visualization - Field and process integration Energy spending Construction spending Energy procurement