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Cp web sitedesigndoc


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Cp web sitedesigndoc

  1. 1.     Caleb  Project  Website  Design  Document   Contents:   Case  Study   Business  Goals   Functional  Requirements   Roles  &  Tasks   Site  Map    Case  Study    In  2004,  Caleb  Project,  a  nonprofit  organization  focused  on  marginalized  ethnicities  around  the  world,  decided  it  needed  a  completely  new  website.  The  existing  site  did  not  meet  organizational  or  user  goals,  was  badly  out-­‐of-­‐date  and  was  not  compliant  with  industry  standards.  An  in-­‐house  design  team  was  formed  which  included  a  project  manager,  two  technical  leads,  an  editor,  a  graphic  artist  and  me  as  the  content  manager.  Caleb  Project  had  valuable  resources  (books,  videos,  brochures  and  curriculum)  to  distribute  and  sell  online.  It  also  ran  courses,  produced  a  newsletter  and  wanted  an  online  donation  system  since  it  relied  on  donations  for  survival.  Challenge    The  challenge  was  to  identify  necessary  and  affordable  hardware  and  software  solutions,  identify  website  goals,  coordinate  several  departments  to  collect  content,  create  a  workflow  and  approval  system,  create  a  visual  design,  organize  and  label  existing  content,  determine  new  content  needed,  create  a  navigational  structure  and  decide  priority  items  for  the  home  page.  These  were  all  difficult  because  of  the  democratic  nature  of  nonprofit  organizations,  loose  time  constraints,  a  big  learning  curve  for  everyone,  small  budgets  and  a  busy  staff.  Solution  One  of  the  key  things  that  made  the  project  a  success  was  the  skill  of  the  project  manager  to  bring  all  parties  together,  make  important  decisions  in  a  timely  manner  and  set  big  goals  and  deadlines.  Working  in  this  context  allowed  the  team  to  educate  themselves  in  their  areas  of  responsibility  and  begin  to  produce  quality  work.  I  organized  and  labeled  the  information  we  had,  gathered  (and  coerced)  new  content  from  department  heads,  created  a  navigation  scheme  for  all  content  through  paper  tests  with  office  workers  and  formal  usability  testing  later  on.  Meanwhile  a  visual  design  was  created,  appropriate  hardware  and  software  acquired,  a  back-­‐end  built  and  content  entered.  The  result  of  the  team’s  effort  was  a  successful  corporate  website  that  allowed  users  to  find  and  buy  Caleb  Project’s  wealth  of  up-­‐to-­‐date  resources,  make  on-­‐line  donations  and  sign  up  for  courses.  
  2. 2.    Business  Goals   • Be the most valuable missions mobilization site on the Web for tools, resources, and connections by allowing people to: o interact o find information and resources o discover their role o participate in our programs • Communicate identity and site contents immediately on home page • Move our audience to action • Market resources • Make select resources downloadable • Recruit & fundraise for staff & programs • Improve interaction and communication with audience • Improve internal processes for content updates & qualityFunctional  Requirements   • Dynamic content capability using custom CMS • Electronic sample pages of products • On-line donation functionality • SEO • Analytics • Quick load times for images • Course registration forms • Video • Inexpensive development platform • Store • Meta-data and search engine • Follow design guidelines & industry standards • User testing must validate designs • Employ user-centered design principles
  3. 3.    Roles  and  TasksProject  Manager   Content  Manager   Developer   Editor   Graphics  Brad   Heather   Jason  and  Todd   Gwen   John   • Create  timeline   • Documentation   • Research  CMS   • Maintenance  plan   • Visual  Design   • Schedule  meetings   • Usability  testing   • Obtain  &  install   • Editorial   • Prototype   • Monitor  progress   • Card  sort     hardware   guidelines   • Create  style   • Advise  team   • Content  inventory   • Build  CMS   • Task-­‐flow   guidelines   • Set  goals   • Content   • HTML  coding   • Data  entry   • Prepare  visual   • Organize  tasks   acquisition   • Set  up  internal   • Write  content   content   • Content  needs  list   hosting   • Navigation   • Create  metadata   • Write  content   • Competitive   analysis      New  Site  Map  Home About Ministry Profile Contact Info Caleb Project Jobs Giving Donor Relations Project List Donate Services Speakers Perspectives Course Find-A-Site Children’s Speakers E-Library Discussions Involvement Perspectives Course Locations Registration Coordinator Application Host a Class Contact Us Course Impact Cultural Research Expeditions People Group Advocacy Europe Training
  4. 4.     Internships Give Pray Store Adult Education Research & Field Training Unreached Peoples Resources Kids Around the World Mobilization & Conference Tools News Catalyst Magazine Press Releases Archives Happenings Questions Just for You (Audience self identifying nav in an area box) Church Leaders Kids Young Adults Sunday School Teachers Small Group Leaders Site Map & Info