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  • Zelf heel kort voorstellen + openingszin bedenken -> waarom volgen mensen dit?
  • (Mitigation in Urban areas and Solutions for Innovative Cities)
  • Music midterm

    1. 1. The new way to transition your cityDerk LoorbachDrift, Erasmus UniversityClimate in Energy Transition, 21-11-2012
    2. 2. Persistent unsustainability• Global changes cause pressure▫ Globalisation, geopolitice, climate change, resourceissues, demographic change• Our current societal systems are destabilising▫ Energy supply, housing, social services, mobility,health care• We are living in transitional times▫ non-linearity, uncertainties and unpredictability(Rotmans et al, 2001)▫ Overshoot day: august 22 (1981: dec. 11)▫ Budget deficits: 3% vs ecological deficit: 35%
    3. 3. DutchResearchInstituteForTransitions
    4. 4. Transitions?• A recurring pattern of societal change• A possibility for rapid shifts towards sustainability• A conceptual model to structure societalinnovation, past, present and future A tool for social construction: if you think itthey will come (or not…)
    5. 5. Transition patternSustainablesociety?predevelopmenttake-offaccelerationstabilisationBased on Rotmans et al, 2001
    6. 6. Transitions are…• A fundamental change in dominantregimes– Culture, structure, practice• Long-term, unmanageable processes– But can be influenced• Require new forms of governance– Coordinated self-organisation
    7. 7. societyTransition arenaRegular policy arena- Short term- Peloton- Incremental change- Problem- and goal oriented- Long term- Change agents- System-innovation- Problem- and goal searchingTransition arenas
    8. 8. Transitions are about finding…• …a new way of thinking• … a new way of working• …a new way of planning• …a new way of organising• …a new development pathway
    9. 9. The MUSIC project
    10. 10. AberdeenGhentMontreuilRotterdamLudwigsburgMitigation in Urban Areas,Solutions for Innovative Cities5 local governments search forpathways to a low carbonfutureSupported by two knowledgeinstitutions: CRP Henri Tudor(LUX), DRIFT (NL)
    11. 11. MUSIC Objectives• Overall aim: catalyze and mainstream carbon and energyreduction in urban policies, activities and the buildenvironment.• Objectives:▫ Mobilising stakeholders to take action towards CO2 reduction -development of a transnationally applicable TransitionManagement Strategy.▫ Integrating ‘Energy’ in urban planning and enable monitoring ofeffects - development of a Geospatial Urban EnergyInformation and Support System.▫ More effective energy reduction measures in cities: learning bydoing in innovative pilots that put the developed strategiesand tools into practice in different national contexts.12
    12. 12. TransitionNetworksTransitionExperimentsTransitionArenaPhase IIIFraming the transitionPhase IVEnvisioning asustainable cityPhase VReconnecting long term& short termPhase VIGoing intoactionTransitionTeamPhase ISetting thescenePhase IIExploringdynamicsPhase VIIEngaging &anchoring
    13. 13. PROCESS• Information based transition process• Visualising and quantifying transitionscenarios and visions• Assessing potential, problems andperspectives
    14. 14. reduceddemandresidual heatsolarsupplywindgeothermal2025FUTUREsituation10.20912.2409.0269.692electricityGJ/jr wind(50% of a single turbine)GJ/yr roof PV(25% of available roofs)heatGJ/yr residualGJ/yr geothermal(33% of available heat)demand22.44918.718GJ/yr electricityGJ/yr heatresult1.07176ton/yr CO2% reduction+
    15. 15. The road ahead
    16. 16. Major challenges• Transitioning policy and organisations• Building up capacity for transition• Shifting from frontrunners to mainstream
    17. 17. MUSIC delivers• New strategies and tools for transition– Tested and refined in 5 different cities– Harvesting information, arena, experiments• Concrete examples of urban sustainabilitytransitions– Pilots, agenda’s, events, activities, initiatives
    18. 18. 20 cultureleorganisaties> 100.000bezoekersTransitieUGent38.000studenten7.100 stafOnderzoekbiogas uitGFTMobiliteitsarena938 mobbersBegeleidingstraject KMO’sKLIMAAT-ARENAInspiratiepartijprogramma’sKlimaatwerkgroepstadslandbouwKWG EE in bedrijvenKWG valorisatie rioolwater en GFTKWG KunstsectorKWG mobiliteitKWG consument duwt marktOnderzoekESCO’s (inopstart)CEIP meetsGMS
    19. 19. Enjoy (the) MUSIC and beinspired!For more