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St. Mark's Episcopal Church Newsletter


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St. Mark's Episcopal Church Newsletter

  1. 1. SEQ CHAPTER h 1THE HERALD<br />____________________________________________________________________________________________ <br />The Newsletter of St. Mark’s Episcopal Church <br />Perryville, Maryland + Susquehanna Parish + Est. 1845<br />February - March - April, 2010<br />________________________________________________________________________<br />CONTACT INFO: 175 St. Mark’s Church Road - PO BOX 337 - Perryville, MD 21903-0337 <br />The Rev. Robert R. Smith, Rector; Editor; Sunday Bulletin & The Herald (O) 410-378-2592: (H) 410-378-5889<br />Personal Email: <br />The Rector’s Day Off is Friday<br />VISIT OUR WEBSITE: <br />Many Thanks to Melissa malesh for making this possible. Pleasse contact Melissa Malesh, 410-642-3362; Email:, for corrections or suggestions, AND ... please share it with your friends. The more we get it out there the better. Melissa is also looking for someone or a few people to be in charge of taking digital pics at church events and then sending them to her through Email or on idisks in order to update our website photos. <br />____________________________________________________________________________________________<br />St. Mark’s Mission Statement: The mission of st. Mark’s Church is to continue to grow in following our Lord Jesus Christ as a united parish, welcoming and serving one another and the broader community and celebrating the presence of Christ in every person.<br />____________________________________________________________________________________________<br />Sunday Services<br />8:00 AM - Holy Eucahrist Rite I<br />9:15 AM - Sunday School Classes 15 minutes earlier to all ow more class time. <br />As usual, the children will be escorted to hte church at approximately 10am to join their family. <br />9:30 - Holy Euchrist Rite II & Coffee Hour<br />ALL ARE WELCOME!<br />PLEASE PRAY FOR THE PEOPLE OF HAITI AND SEND THEM HELP AS WELL<br />In sending contributions, Please make checks payable to Episcopal Relief & Development -Memo: Haitian Appeal. Mail to: ERD - Haitian Appeal; The Diocese of Easton; 314 North St.; Easton, MD 21601-3684<br />THE RECTOR’S MESSAGE<br />Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ: <br />A special thanks to Junior Warden, Tim Thompson and his son, Caleb, for getting our lighting operational both in front of the church and outside in illuminating the east wall stained glass window of the Risen Christ. This was all done in time for the kneeling hymn of “Silent Night” on Christmas Eve. Beautiful. <br />St. Mark’s has always been blessed with children’s ministries and dedicated people who make those ministries happen. The same continues with the growing vitality of our Sunday School under the leadership of our Co-Directors, Jeff King and Michelle Rovine with all their teaching and support team. All of them, together with our committed parents and our wonderful, talented children pulled off a beautiful, entertaining, and captivating Christmas Pageant. The casting of the St. Mark’s Puppet Players as the Bethlehem Inn keeper and his wife was inspired. Many Thanks to all who worked with the superb directing of Jeff King that made the Christmas Pageant a tour de force. <br />This was not the only example of ministry through drama. On December 6th, Doug Erps channeled St. Nicholas of Myra, the original ‘Santa Claus’ in a live history visit of a saint - just as Chris Loveless did with our Patron Saint Mark the Evangelist last year April 26, and as we shall shortly see with St. Patrick portrayed by Jeff King.. <br />Thank you, dear people of St. Mark’s Church for your support of Gift of the Magi - A Musical at PHS on December 6, which is part of a developing ecumenical drama outreach involving Cecil College Drama majors with my friend and colleague Pastor David Barnes of the newly forming Rivers of Life Community Lutheran Church. Coming in Spring, as extension of our observances of our Patronal Feast of St. Mark, our next project is The Gospel of Mark - The Drama. A dramatic presentation of the Gospel, which some scholars believe may have been written and presented as a drama in first century Rome or Alexandria. Auditions will be open to the entire community. Want to be in a part or help out? Please let me know. <br />In thanks for the many gifts among us, I have called a new group into existence to pool our many talented persons and resources. It’s called Sunday Morning, Live! - The Creative Team for Ministry Thru the Theater Arts. Much of worship in Advent, Christmas, and Epiphany was planned through the people whom I have gathered in this group and who serve also in Sunday School, Worship Committee in addition to having liturgical ministries of their own. Much of what will be our worship during the approaching holiest seasons of the church year are made possible through the overlapping and cooperative work of our Sunday School and Youth programs, the Worship Committee, and now, Sunday Morning, Live!<br />Please note, that on Good Friday, 7:00 PM - Good Friday Liturgy w/living history drama-as-sermon: “Where you there? A Drama of Those Who Were” in the context of the Good Friday Liturgy. Parts include Peter, Judas, Caiaphas, Pilate, Pilate’s Wife, Mary Magdalene, the Mother of Jesus, more. There is no script. Each actor develops a monologue of the character based upon their own meditation on scripture, with the support of the rest of the cast. It’s Bible Study thru drama. Want to play a part? Please contact me. 410-378-5889; Email: <br />Want a piece of the action? Our next combined meeting of Sunday Morning, Live! and the Worship Committee is Thursday, March 18th, 7:30-8:45 PM. Agenda: Last plans for Holy Week and Easter. All interested persons are not only welcome, but urged to attend. <br />The Worship Committee and Sunday Morning Live also have another work-in-progress: The development of a contemporary service using non-traditional language and music in an effort to reach out to young families and individuals who may find this style of worship more appealing. <br />All of this is very exciting to me and to all those who are involved and we welcome everybody of all ages to come onboard in this team effort. To God alone is the Glory. <br />Another exciting fact: The Church Pension Fund (CPF) has approved my early retirement and exception to the rule of remaining as your Rector at St. Mark’s. The plan will be reviewed and re-approved annually by the CPF, but my retirement takes effect on March 1st. Susan and I are very happy to remain and live among you and continue to serve with you. <br />Please note the schedule for Lent and Easter that follows, and may you and yours have a Holy Lent, a Joyous Easter, and God’s Peace and Blessings, always. <br />In Faith,<br />Fr. Bob+ :) <br />~ About the Distribution of the Newsletter ~<br />Due to prohibitive costs, bulk mailings of The Herald, this Newsletter will be discontinued. Starting with this issue, the Newsletter will be published quarterly, with updates posted in the Sunday Bulletin, Email E-NEWS UPDATES, and on the church website. The Newsletter will be mailed First Class by request. Please call me. Otherwise, readers may pick up the Newsletter at church. It will be posted on the church’s website, and Emailed as an attachment to members of the SMEC INFO CIRCLE NEWSGROUP. If you receive Emails from me marked “E-NEWS UPDATE” you are in the newsgroup. To join, please send me your name and Email address to I am glad Carole Loveless will be working with me on this. We’re just beginning the plan. Please be patient. Questions? Please call me (410-378-5889) or Carole (443-967-0156). Many Thanks. Peace, Bob+ :) <br />DEADLINES: Sunday Bulletin - Every Tuesday. Newsletter deadline for the May-Summer Herald is Thursday, April 22nd. Please Email notices for either to Fr Bob at<br />+ LENT & EASTER AT SAINT MARK’S EPISCOPAL CHURCH +<br />A Partial Calendar <br />Ash Wednesday, Feb17 ~10:00 AM & 7:00 PM [with Choir] - Liturgy & Ashes.<br />Every Wednesday in Lent ~ Starting Ash Wednesday ~10:00 AM - Holy Eucharist<br />Lent I - February 21 - 9:30 AM- Rite 13 Ceremony for Lucas Calvert! (Congratulations, Lucas!) A Devotion at the start of the 9:30 Services on all Sundays in Lent - The Lenten Cross - It is the reverse of the Advent Wreath. Instead of lighting new candles on each new Sunday in Lent, candles are extinguished, progressively until there is darkness. As such, it is a Tenebrae or Darkness ceremony in contrast to the it lighting of the Paschal Candle of Easter Eve and throughout the Bright Season of Easter. <br />Lent II - February 28 - Annual Parish meeting follows 9:30 Service. (11 AM - 12 Noon.) See notice, below.<br />Lent III - March 7 - Vestry Commissioning. Camp Agape presentation by Nancy Linck, Asst. Director<br />Tuesday, March 9 - 7:00-7:30 PM - Taize Evening Worship - 30 minutes of candlelight worship with gentle music, chant, silence, meditative prayer in the tradition of the ecumenical monastic community of Taize, France, which attracts international pilgrims, youth especially. Dress: Casual. All welcome.<br />Lent IV - March 14 - The Gospel is the Prodigal Son. The Children’s sermon: St. Mark’s Puppet Players. <br />Lent V - March 21 - Living History Saint visit - St. Patrick by Jeff King. <br />Palm Sunday - March 28 - 8:00 AM & 9:30 AM - Liturgy of Palms, Procession at 9:3o Service. Everybody please gather at the Parish House for the Procession in time to begin promptly at 9:3o. <br />Maundy Thursday - April 1, 7:00 PM - Liturgy, foot-washing. <br />Good Friday - April 2 - 12 Noon - Stations of the Cross; 7:00 PM - Good Friday Liturgy, including a living history drama-as-sermon: “Where you there? A Drama of Those Who Were” Hear the stories of Peter, Judas, Caiaphas, Pilate, Pilate’s Wife, Mary Magdalene, the Mother of Jesus, more. For details, see Rector’s Message, above, if you would like to participate and play a part, or help in any other way. <br />Great Vigil of Easter - Easter Eve, Saturday, April 3 - Time TBA. Bishop Shand at St. Mary Anne’s, North East. Service for all county Episcopal Churches. Combined Choirs. <br />Easter Day - April 4 - 8:00 AM HE1; 9:30 AM - HE2 . 9:30 Service includes children returning their Mite Boxes in the Flowering of the Cross ceremony. No Sunday School or Coffee Hour<br />Holy Humor Sunday/Thomas Sunday - April 11 -9:30 Service: Children’s Sermon: St. Mark’s Puppet Players. Or, on this day, St. Marx-as-in- Groucho. Bring and tell jokes in church after this old Greek Orthodox custom that says we laugh because Christ’s death and resurrection were a joke on death and the devil!! <br />Patronal Feast of St. Mark the Evangelist - Sunday, April 25 or tr. to 26th. Our observance will include, in late April or May, The Gospel of Mark - The Drama. See,”The Rector’s Message” above, for more info. Still a work in progress. Details TBD. Interested? Please speak with Fr. Bob, 410-378-5889; Personal Email:<br />Request Concerning St. Mark’s Cemetery - In observance of Lent, please remove all flowers and grave decorations by Saturday, February 13th. In celebration of the Resurrection, flowers may be placed again on graves on Easter Eve, Holy Saturday, April 3rd <br />VESTRY HIGHLIGHTS - No January meeting. Next Vestry meeting is Wed, Feb 10, 7-9pm because Feb 17 is Ash Wednesday. Agenda: Same as for January, plus approval of the Parochial Report 2009. Vestry meetings are generally on 3rd Wednesdays. Vestry meets again on March 17, and April 21. Copies of Vestry minutes and financial reports are posted on the Parish House Bulletin board, with copies available upon request. All Vestry meetings are open and public. <br />OFFICIAL NOTICE - ANNUAL PARISH MEETING - SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 28 following the 9:30 Service, during an extended Coffee Hour. Ministries and Committee Chairs are requested to report on activities, including submitting written reports for distribution. Agenda: In addition to reports and the presentation of the Budget 2010, the Election of the Vestry Class of 2013 and the Delegates and Alternates for the Diocesan Convention-2011. Officers are appointed at the first Vestry meeting after the Annual Meeting.<br /> <br />Would you like to serve on the Vestry or as a Delegate or Alternate to Diocesan Convention-2011, please speak with the Nominating Committee: Melissa Malesh (410-642-3372), June Reasin (410-378-2874), Kristin Laferte (410-378-8783). <br />Delegates and Alternates to Convention would be attending both Diocesan Convention-2011 and any Northern Convocation Pre-Convention meeting. If Delegates cannot attend, the Alternate would take their place. Sitting of an Alternate requires separate registration. Occasionally, there may be another Convocation meeting to attend, especially if there is a matter on which the Bishop has called for some diocesan-wide conversation or communication. <br />Vestry Members: The Vestry is the spiritual eldership and legal representatives of the parish. Monthly meetings are 3rd Wednesdays, 7:00-9:00 PM unless otherwise announced. In addition to regular meetings there is committee/ministry work done by members as well as an occasional Vestry retreat and Mutual Ministry Review with the Rector , once or twice a year. Attendance is expected at all meetings. Our Parish By-Laws allow for three excused absences per year. Copies fo the By-Laws and the Vestry Handbook and Vestry Papers are available. Please speak with the Nominating Committee or Fr. Smith, (O) 410-378-2592; (H) 410-378-5889; Email: <br />PARISH OFFICERS AND VESTRY <br />The Rev. Robert R. Smith,Rector, Chair of the Vestry <br />(O) 410-378-2592 ~ (H) 410-378-5889: <br />Personal Email: <br />Doug Erps, Sr. Warden <br />Warden Term to 2010; Vestry Class of 2011<br />410-378-9558; Email: <br />Tim Thompson, Jr. Warden <br />Warden Term to 2011; Vestry Class of 2010<br />410-642-2916; 443-206-1304. <br />Email:<br />Traci King, Treasurer ~ 410-378-4350<br />Robert Amato, Registrar ~ 410-378-3667; 443-553-3579: Email:<br />Class of 2010: Melissa Malesh, 410-642-3362; <br />; Ils<br />Class of 2011: Linda Brown, 410-378- 5254; Michael Weaver:<br /> 410-642-3454;<br /> Class of 2012: June Reasin, 410-378-2874. Jamie Snyder, 443-350-2152; HYPERLINK Connie Wilson, 410-642-6660; 443-616-7117; <br />~ BIRTHS ~<br />Rhett Frederick Loveless, born to April and Chris Loveless on November 30, 2009.<br />Isabella Noel Rude, born to Jenna Wade and James Rude, on December 22, 2009<br />“The birth of a chld is a joyous and solemn occdasion in the life of a family. It is also an occasion for rejoicing in the Christian community.” BCP p. 440<br />DEDICATION OF A NEW ALTAR BOOK<br />Given in Thanksgiving for the minstry of the people of this parish by The Rev. Arthur William “Bill” Archer and Carolyn Archer, on Dec. 13. <br />“Praise God from whom all Blessings flow.” Doxology<br />+ ENTERED ETERNAL REST +<br />Arthur Winfield Carr, on November 29.<br />Alice Elizabeth Gerry, on December 10.<br />Fr. John H. Elledge, Jr. Ret. Rector of St.<br />John’s, Havre de Grace, on December 13.<br />Fr. James Edwin Pippin, Priest in Charge of Augustine Parish, Chesapeake City, on The Epiphany, January 6.<br />“Thanks be to God who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.” I Cor. 15:57<br />+<br />YOUTH GROUP meets on 1st & 3rd Sundays each month, 6-8 pm w/games, skits and other activities & our evening highlight: viewing & discussion of Joan of Arcadia. Jeff King, 410-378-4350. <br />SUNDAY SCHOOL NEWS - The Sunday School staff has been busy planning events up through Easter. Please include the following on your calendars: <br />Sunday, February 7 - Scout Sunday - If you’re a member of the Scouts - Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Brownies, Girl Scouts, etc - be sure to wear your uniform to church so that you can be recognized for participating in such fine programs. <br />Sunday, February 14 - Please join us after church for a Valentine-themed coffee hour hosted by the Sunday School/Youth Group staff.<br />- - Easter candy donation starts - Please help us fill the eggs for the Easter Egg hunt by donating a bag of Easter candy.<br />- - Lenten Mite Box Distribution - We will be distributing Mite Boxes to the congregation. The proceeds will be donated to charity. <br />Saturday, March 13 - Spaghetti Dinner 4-6 pm. The Sunday School/Youth Group is going to host their 3rd spaghetti dinner to raise money to put toward a much-needed ‘movie night’ power-point projector - which will have many other uses (e.g., U2 Eucharist, contemporary services, VBS, educational presentations, etc.). Can you help with the following?<br />- - Food Donations - - boxes of spaghetti noodles, bags of frozen meatballs and grated parmesan cheese are welcomed.<br /> - Crock Pots / Heated buffet Trays - Can you lend us a crock pot or <br />heated buffet tray for the day? <br />- - Volunteers to help in the kitchen and/or serve and clean tables. Please contact Michelle Rovine (410-642-3929) if you can help or if you’d like further information and/or details. <br />Sunday, March 14 - Children’s Sermon: St. Mark’s Puppet Players.<br />Sunday, March 21 - Children’s Sermon: St. Patrick visit.<br />- - Sunday School Meeting after church - Sunday School/Youth instructors and anyone interested in St. Mark’s youth ministry should plan to attend. Topic of discussion will include but are are not limited to the teaching schedule beyond Easter; late Spring/Summer events; Summer Sunday School, VBS, etc. <br />- - Easter Egg stuffing afer church - - Please come help us stuff the eggs for the Easter Egg Hunt!<br />Saturday, March 27 - Easter Egg Hunt - 11am - Volunteers are needed at 9:30am on the 27th to hide the eggs and to stay through to supervise until the egg hunt is over. Please contact Kitty Perkins (410-642-2905) to let her know if you can help with this event.<br />Sunday, April 4 - Easter - No Sunday School. Everybody in church. 9:30 Service includes the children’s returning of the Mite Boxes in the Flowering of the Cross Ceremony. <br />Nursery News - The nursery is still in need of volunteers. Can you help? Please contact Michelle Rovine (410-642-3929) if interested or for more information. <br /> Karen Hull, Sunday School Secretary <br />MINISTRY OF HOSPITALITY-COFFEE HOUR HOSTS ARE NEEDED! Many Sundays in 2010 are available. Please sign up for one on the Narthex Bulletin Board, or call Susan Smith, 410-378-5889. <br />ASK THE RECTOR! Got a question you want answered? Please use Email or drop a note in the collection plate. I’ll address the questions both from the pulpit and in the new Q & A column I’m writing monthly in the Cecil Whig (DE edition), in return for which the Whig is giving St. Mark’s free ad space in the Church Directory. <br />EPISCOPAL CHURCH WOMEN (ECW) NEWS - Next meeting is Mon, Feb 1, 1:00 PM. Barbara Weaver, Pres. ~ 410-642-3454. <br />SHROVE TUESDAY - FEB 16th - PANCAKE SUPPER - Serving of flapjacks will start at 6:00 PM. - A basket will be provided for a free will offering. Bring your friends and neighbors for some good eatin’. Anyone interested in helping to cook, set up, or clean, call Jeff King at 410-378-4350. <br /> <br />SUNDAY COFFEE HOUR BOOK FORUM - FEBRUARY 21 - (LENT I) 11:00 AM - “The Great Emergence: How Christianity is Changing and Why” by Phyllis Tickle; in preparation for her conference on Feb 27 at Diocesan Convention (Feb 26-27) to which all are welcome. This is in response to Bishop Shand’s call for diocesan-wide reading and discussion of this important book on the context of the church’s changing life and mission in our time and situation. Books can be ordered from Sign up on narthex bulletin board or speak w/Fr. Bob, 410-378-5889; <br />DIOCESAN CONVENTION - FEB 26-27 (FRI-SAT). This year’s program day on Sat (Feb 27) features noted author Phillis Tickle (The Great Emergence: How Christianity is Changing and Why) as well as Bob Honeychurch and Ana Hernandez. All are encouraged to reserve a spot for this day even if not serving as a delegate. The business sessions, bishop’s address, and banquet will be on Friday; a closing Eucharist is on Saturday. A program for children ages 5-12 will run on both days, with a full program of learning and fun, featuring the stories and music of Rick Waterhouse (St Mary Anne’s, North East). Registration is necessary. For schedule and registration forms, visit <br />CAMP AGAPE AT ST MARK’S CHURCH<br />Sunday, March 7, 8 & 9:30 Services<br />Nancy Link, Assistant Director of Camp Agape will visit St. Mark’s Church at both the 8 & 9:30 service on Sunday, March 7 (Lent III). Camp Agape is a ministry in the Diocese of Easton to children of incarcerated parents. Agape (pronounced ah-GAH-pay) is the New Testament<br />Greek word for ‘love.’ Come and hear Nancy and learn how you can help<br />NOVEL FRIENDS BOOK CLUB - the next meeting of Novel Friends will be on Thurs., March 25, 7pm at Betty Lay’s home. The book we will be discussing is “Roses” by Leila Meachum. <br />ALSO ON THE CALENDAR.. Bold means new<br />Apr 23-24 - Brian McLaren - Emerging Church Conference. Details TBD. <br />May 13 - Thu - ECW Spring Card Party.<br />June 13 - Sunday - Bp Shand visits. For those desiring to be confirmed or received into the Episcopal Church, please contact Fr. Bob right away, as classes will be forming on a needs basis. Details TBD. <br />~ STANDING NOTICES ~<br />ST MARK’S EPISCOPAL CHURCH has a Wikipedia page! Google: St. Mark’s Episcopal Church (Perryville, Maryland) at Wikipedia. Please contact Kitty Perkins w/content suggestions, 410-642-2905; HYPERLINK<br />OFFERING ENVELOPES FOR 2010 are now available to be picked up in the back of the church. 2010 Pledge Forms are found on the narthex table, or call Treasurer, Traci King, 410-378-4350.<br />FIRST SUNDAY FOOD DONATIONS - Feb 7 (Scout Sunday), March 7, and April 4 (Easter). Food may be brought at any time. The need is there all the time. Non-perishable, hi-protein foods, men and women’s personal hygiene items, laundry and dish soaps, cleansers, baby items (diapers, wipes, etc.) peanut butter, jelly, breakfast foods (cereals), canned tuna & plastic bags so that clients may carry these items home. <br />NURSERY CARE - SUNDAYS, 9:15 AM - For children 18 months-3 years for the duration of Sunday School. All children will be br brought to church after Sunday School to worship with their family. the service. Please, never leave children until a teacher arrives. <br />Non-perishable, hi-protein foods, men and women’s personal hygiene items, laundry and dish soaps, cleansers, baby items (diapers, wipes, etc.), peanut butter, jelly, breakfast foods (cereals), canned tuna, & plastic bags so that clients may carry these items home. <br />HOSPITALIZED? NEED A PRIEST? Please notify the priest directly. Please do not assume the clergy know the need by any means other than direct notification. (O) 410-378-2592; (H) 410-378-5889. <br />SWINE FLU (or any flu) AND CHURCH -Should I take communion? Yes, if you are not sick. There is no evidence that the common chalice poses a disease risk. Because intinction can result in dampened fingers, some parishes are discouraging this practice. Full communion does not need to include the cup at all if you have any concerns. Receiving only one element (consecrated bread) is considered a complete communion with the One Christ. What about passing The Peace? Actually, this spreads more germs than the common chalice. A slight hug with no skin to skin contact may be safer than a handshake. We won’t even discuss kissing! Keep hand sanitiser in your pocket or purse to use before and after shaking hands, if you do this at all; but please be respectful of those who would prefer to just wave and pass the peace without touching. Hand-sanitisers are also on the Credence Table in the Sanctuary and on the table in the front vestibule. <br />