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Alzheimer's Association Caregiver Center


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Alzheimer's Association Caregiver Center

  1. 1. Susana VargasAlzheimer’s Association
  2. 2. Go to alz.orgWhat you’ll find on• Patients and caregiver tools andresources• Free online videos andeducational programs• Facts and figures aboutAlzheimers disease• Clinical Trials and scientificadvancements• MedicAlert+Safe Return andComfort Zone• Where to find our localchapters/programs• And much more
  3. 3. Alzheimer’s and DementiaCaregiver Center.Instant access to theinformation YOU need!Online tools:• Alzheimer’s Navigator• ALZConnencted• Alzheimer’s andDementia CaregiverCenter• Dementia and DrivingResource Center
  4. 4. Alzheimers Navigator™ is a FREE online tool designed specifically to help caregiver and people withdemencia evaluate their needs, execute action steps, and connect with local programs and services.Following a brief welcome survey, users complete a set of focused questions to receive a customizedaction plan detailing next steps and suggested
  5. 5. Alzheimer’s Navigator TourComplete the Welcome SurveyEstimated time: 5 minutesAnswer focused surveysEstimated time: 5 minutesReceive a customized Action PlanImplement your plan with help from local resourcesAlzheimer’s Navigator can help you map out your future
  6. 6. Why join ALZConnected?Home PagePost a personal update and read what your connectionshave to share.Message BoardsShare questions and opinions with a diverse community.SolutionsGet answers to your questions or support others by offeringsolutions to their challengesConnectionsGet connected with others like you. Review and acceptour suggested connections or invite your own.InboxSend private messages to your connections within a secure system.GroupsJoin public or private groups focused on a topic or shared experienceConnect with a community that offersAlzheimers
  7. 7. Get advice from our caregiver communityCaregivers message board forum:How should my family handle suspected Alzheimer’s? HELP!Spouse or Partner Caregiver Forum:How do you do it?Younger-Onset AD or Other Dementia Forum:Teenagers dealing with a parent with EOAD
  8. 8. CAREGIVER CENTER“ONE STOP SHOP”Get day-to-day help Behaviors Communication Activities Respite care Memory lossGet support Your local chapter Message boards Support groups Your health Care training Legal matters Care options Paying for care Safety Dementia & drivingPlan for the futureThe Caregiver Center provides caregivers and families with complete online resources and information throughour Alzheimers and Dementia Caregiver Center, which features sections on early-stage, middle-stage and late-stagecaregiving.
  9. 9. Online TrainingFree E-learning WorkshopsTake the course in English – SpanishLearn the 10 Warning Signs of Alzheimersdisease, hear from people who have the disease, andfind out how to recognize the signs in yourself andothers.Learn about detection, causes, riskfactors, stages and treatment of Alzheimersdisease.
  10. 10. The Living with Alzheimer’sFor CaregiversTopics covered will include: Developing a care team Legal and financial planning Coping strategies Care and treatment options Communicating and connecting Maximizing independenceLIVING WITH ALZHEIMER’S FOR CAREGIVERS(SPANISH COMING SOON!)
  11. 11. Online care training and certificationBoth family members and professional careproviders can benefit from this programDo you provide care for someone with dementia or Alzheimers?The Alzheimer’s Association® essentiALZ® certification program is a convenient way forindividuals to be recognized for learning quality dementia care practices. Alzheimer’s and Dementia Understanding Behavior Communication Person-centered Care Alzheimer’s and Dementia Understanding Behavior Communication Person-centered Care Making a Connection Eating Well Recognizing Pain Minimizing Falls Rethinking Wandering Minimizing Restraints
  12. 12. Alzheimer’s AssociationTrialMatch130+ reasons for hope.Alzheimer’s Association TrialMatch® provides access to more than130 promising pharmacological (drug) and non-pharmacological (non-drug) clinical studies being conducted at nearly 500 trials sites acrossthe country.Alzheimer’s related clinical trials include:» Treatment trials» Diagnostic studies» Prevention trials» Screening studies» Quality of life studiesI never had the ability to helpanyone with Alzheimer’s diseaseuntil I got the disease andparticipated in a clinical trial. Itwould be hard to overstate theimportance of getting involved.Ron GrantLiving with Alzheimer’s diseaseTrialMatch userAccess TrialMatch online at or by calling800.272.3900 – 7 a.m. – 8:30 p.m. CST, Monday - Friday
  13. 13. Safety ServicesAlzheimers Association Comfort Zone® — Comfort Zone is a comprehensive web-based location management that helps family members or friends monitor a personwith dementia by receiving automated alerts throughout the day and night when aperson has travelled beyond a preset zone.Alzheimers Association Comfort Zone Check-In™ — Comfort Zone Check-In isa self-service web based location management service that helps families monitora person with dementia by scheduling each location request or finding theindividual when necessary using a web-based application.MedicAlert® + Alzheimers Association Safe Return® — Our 24-hour nationwideemergency response service for individuals with Alzheimers or related dementiawho wander or who have a medical emergency.Safety Education — Educate the public and professionals who may encounterpeople with dementia so that they know how to handle situations, such aswandering, safely and effectively.
  14. 14. The Alzheimers AssociationComfort Zone® and Comfort Check-In®Comfort Zone® is a comprehensive web-based locationmanagement service. Families can remotely monitor a person withAlzheimer’s by receiving automated alerts throughout the day andnight when a person has travelled beyond a preset zone.Comfort Zone Check-In® is a self-service web based locationmanagement service. Families can remotely monitor a personwith Alzheimer’s by conducting on-demand "Find Me" functionand receiving once daily scheduled location alertComfort Zone website or call 1.877.ALZ.4850GPS Location Management ServiceThe Alzheimers Association offers safety services that use GPS and cellular technology.Comfort Zone® and Comfort Check-In® can help you manage a persons location. Comfort Zone includes MedicAlert +Safe Return.Comfort Zone Check-In website
  15. 15. MedicAlert® + Alzheimers Association Safe Return®NecklaceBraceletBracelet BackSTAYING SAFE24-hour nationwide emergency response service forindividuals with Alzheimers or a related dementia whowander or have a medical emergency.JOIN NOW!Online: 1.888.572.8566Mail: Complete and mail in the enrollment form.Enrollment Form: English | Spanish/Español | ChineseCompleted enrollment form and photos can be mailed to:MedicAlert + Alzheimers Association Safe Return2323 Colorado Blvd.Turlock, CA 95380Fax: Registration form to 1.800.863.3429
  16. 16. Support groups are regularly scheduled in-person or virtual gatheringsof persons with Alzheimers, family, friends or caregivers.Groups can have social, educational and/or support components andare facilitated by trained individuals.Caregiver Support GroupGet the emotional support you need
  17. 17. The Alzheimer’s Association’s TelephoneCaregiver Support Group is design to:• Provide emotional, educational and socialsupport for caregivers through regularlyscheduled meetings• Help participants develop methods and skills tosolve problems• Encourage caregivers to maintain their ownpersonal, physical and emotional health, as wellas optimally care for the person with dementiaCall 1.800.272.3900 for more information aboutjoining the telephone support group.
  18. 18. Who Can Join?Alzheimer’s has no boundariesAll companies and organization are invited to participate• Communications• Care Industry• Health Agencies• Government Agencies• Hospitals• Pharmaceutical• Membership Organizations• Law Firms• Manufacturing• Insurance• Retail• Sales• Transportation• Utilities• Schools• Churches
  19. 19. Over 1200Companies arealready signed on!
  20. 20. • Internal education• Educate your employees by:─ Providing information on yourintranet,─ Including information in youremployee newsletters, posters• Public promotion• Agreeing to educate your members, customersor even the public by:─ Donating media resources─ Providing information on your publicwebsite─ Hosting a community lunch and learn─ Sharing information in your retail outletsand conferences─ Cause marketing promotionChoose Level of Participation
  21. 21. Easy to Sign-Up via
  22. 22. Action!
  23. 23. JOIN US IN THE FIGHT AGAINTSALZHEIMER’SForm a Walk to End Alzheimer’s TeamSaturday, September 28, 2013Unite in a movement to reclaim the future for millions. Form a team for Walkto End Alzheimers, the nations largest event to raise awareness and fundsfor Alzheimers are, support and research.
  24. 24. Questions?THANK YOU!