Implementation of College Management Module in Moodle


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This presentation is on implementing College Management System in Moodle. The following are modules built in Moodle: Create and Manage - Schools, Degree Programs, Curriculums, Modules, Semesters, Academic Calendar, Custom Grading, Departments, Koha ILS integration …etc

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Implementation of College Management Module in Moodle

  1. 1. ImplementingCollegeManagement inMoodle – CaseStudySUSHIL KARAMPURICEO & FOUNDEReAbyas Info
  2. 2. Initiative !! Development of College Management Module inMoodle – Open Source Hassle free integration Seamless navigation Self-managed E-learning and Information System Increase E-Learning course access Improve student’s participation in collaborativeactivities Self-paced Online Certificate Programs in future Pilot testing at KITS, Andhra Pradesh (India) for Bachelors in Computer Science, Semester II, Jan –May, 2013
  3. 3. Why implement College Managementmodule - in MOODLE?Developing centralized automated managementsystem in Moodle VS. Open Source Managementsystems like – OpenSIS, Openeducat, SchoolTool, KualiStudent, Project Fedena Implement customized E-learning blocks/activities Richly collaborative including user interaction LTI integration with Koha ILS & integration withSmart Card Access system or RFID Add-ons: Future integrations, plugins, Tablet/PDAsaccess
  4. 4. College Management Module inMoodle Developed 30+ plugins in Moodle :• Create Schools/Colleges• Degree Programs• Curriculums• Semester• Academic Calendar• Classroom Management• Academic Grading• Online registration to Semester, Add/Dropcourses ..etc Discussions underway for Implementing the same for St.Paul’s Hospital Millennium Medical College, Ethiopia
  5. 5. College Management inMoodle - Overview College Management within Moodle + Koha ILS +Smart Card + AccountingMoodle E-learningSystem (LMS)+College ManagementPluginsKoha ILSLTI IntegrationBiometric /Smart CardAdd More features -Billing, Accounting,Alumni Network
  6. 6. College/SchoolProgramsCurriculumModule CoursesDepartments /Course CategoryFacultySemesterAcademicGrades orE-learningGradesMoodle’sE-LearningCoursesStudents1 : M1 : M1 : M1 : MEnrollRegistration Slip/Add-Drop datesAcademicCalendarEventsGeneratedCollege ManagementStructure - 100% in Moodle
  7. 7. College – Programs &Departments Multiple Colleges/ Faculty Moodle’s Course Categories are defined as Departments withfeature to add Instructors to Departments Department can be shared between multiple Colleges Degree program can have multiple Curriculums Student is assigned to a “Program + Curriculum + Batch”
  8. 8. A College has multiplePrograms and DepartmentsManaging College in Moodle
  9. 9. Registrar Dashboard Registrar landing page with reports and important notifications related toCollege Management
  10. 10. Managing Programs in Moodle A Degree Program can have multiple Curriculums with start and end dates
  11. 11. Modules assigned to a Curriculumin Moodle A Degree Program can have multiple Curriculums with start and end dates
  12. 12. Managing Modules in Moodle A module is associated to a curriculum and option for adding a ModuleCoordinator
  13. 13.  Moodle Courses are associated to a ModuleCourses Associated to Module
  14. 14. Managing Courses in Moodle Course creation is simplified with new fields like course type and association toa department Work is underway to create a new logical container called Classes which canbe associated to Moodle Course or Face-to-Face class
  15. 15. Managing Semesters in Moodle A semester is created and a module is associated with start and end of thesemester offering. Students are enrolled to the Semester.
  16. 16. Managing Batches in Moodle A group of students are added to a batch. Usually, the students joining at thesame time to same degree program are added to a Batch. A batch of students are enrolled to a Semester – automatically the studentsget registered to Semester courses.
  17. 17. Exam Management in Moodle Exam is standalonenew componentadded Exam is created for acombination ofprogram, semester,course & section withdate and timings Exam grading isdifferent fromMoodle’s gradingsystem Going forward, a feature to opt between Moodle’s default grading or Customgrading at program level
  18. 18. Online Application List Students can apply online to a degree program. Above is list of applicants withfeature to accept or reject to a degree program. Applicant new role is addedto Moodle
  19. 19. Grading Scale in Moodle Grading Scale in Moodle is customized to have grading scale different for eachprogram
  20. 20. SemesterAdmissionsStart/ End DatesCreate SemesterStart/EndAdd / DropCoursesExaminationsOther EventsCalendarAcademic Events areadded to MoodleCalendarManage Academic Calendar
  21. 21. Academic Events in Moodle View of Academic Events list
  22. 22. Managing Classroom in Moodle Classroom management is new module developed in Moodle Classroom can be created and assigned to a course in a semester with dateand timings
  23. 23. Moodle - Student Landing Page A snapshot of student’s landing page with Semester details in the middle andability to add/view Moodle blocks on the same page.
  24. 24. Plugins Developed - eAbyas A list of plugins developed in Moodle Developed in Moodle 2.3 and recently upgrading to 2.4.x version
  25. 25. Results from 4 months !! Students - Increased access to E-learning contento Online Access - Grades, Notifications & Exam Schedule 90% of Computer Science - 2nd Year Semester II students wouldlike to follow suite 30% of Instructors initiated the E-learning Content – links,resources, assignments Management is planning to adopt the system for all programsunder College of Engineering starting August, 2013
  26. 26. Improvements Navigation & Themeo Drag & Drop activities (Ex: Classroom Management)o Graphs – JQueryo Flexible for Academic Grading & E-Learning Gradeso JQuery Data-Grid Additions to Management Systemo Flexible registration to Semester Batch upload or Students Self-Enrollment toSemesterso Finance Moduleo Koha ILS Integrationo Smart Card Access
  27. 27. Additions Discussions underway for implementing the same for St. PaulsHospital Millennium Medical College, Ethiopia Academic Calendar - Ethiopian date Advanced Registration Processo Generate Slip for Semester  Students confirm  Mentor approval Module Coordinator publishes the grades Cafeteria Management
  28. 28. Questions ??