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Recent Advancements in Automation and Remote Control Technology


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Presented as my seminar topic for partial fulfillment of Degree of B.Tech. (Mining Engineering)

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Recent Advancements in Automation and Remote Control Technology

  1. 1. Submitted to: Department of Mining Engineering COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGY AND ENGINEERING, UDAIPUR-313001 Session 2015-16 RECENT ADVANCEMENTS IN AUTOMATION AND REMOTE CONTROL TECHNOLOGY Submitted By: Sushant Kumar B. Tech., Final Year Mining Engineering Date: 18/05/16
  2. 2. • Requires tedious manual hard work • Results physical and mental tiredness, loss of interest, sometimes fatigue, serious diseases and even death. Limitations of Manual Mining
  3. 3. Also have resulted accidents in various mines from history to present . This is leading towards safety issues, low production rate, inefficient labor , inaccuracy and overall increased expenses with less benefit.
  4. 4. Daily there are number of accidents are taking place and workers and foreman are losing their life. Some are naturally occurred but remaining are due to artificial actions like falling of the roof after blasting, during roof bolting etc.
  5. 5. Automation System in Mining Industry 1. Involves removal of human labor from the mining process . 2. Focus on leveraging skills through technology 3. Consists integrated view of the mining operations i.e. Remote Operations. WHY NEEDED ?  If mining equipment could be automated to function without a worker’s full attention, Industry can enhance productivity, access “unworkable“ seams .  Can reduce human exposure to the inhospitable environment of dust, noise, gas, water, moving equipment.  Proximity of accidents reaches near to zero in case of HEMM operations.  May be helpful for exploring abandoned mines with acidic mud, methane or toxic gases.  Can reduce accidents due to roof fall, suffocation in gassy area, subsidence etc.  May improve collaboration and smoothness in working in between operator and machineries in such areas.
  6. 6. Application of Automation and remote control technology in mining Tele-operated and automated dumpers which make our mines safe and also reduce the cycle time and enhance the productivity. Leica J3 Truck – Truck with automatic control Leica J3 Dozer autotrip - Dozer with automatic control
  7. 7. Specification: •Reverse guidance: the system provides the operator with indicators that allows optimal reversing to the correct location •Auto steering: robotically automates steering, the operator is in control of the brakes and throttle •Auto spotting: the operator commands the function, and the machine automatically reverses to the optimum location •Auto pilot: provides collision avoidance technology and specialized lane tracking functionality for auton1ated road segment operation •Fully autonomous: removes operator to maintain consistent performance levels
  8. 8. Tele-operated and automated dumpers by which we can access the some inaccessible seams. An automated LHD working in mine
  9. 9. Operator controlling LHD from remote area
  10. 10. Long Distance Laser scanning Robot System. Laser robot 3D Remote Location Visualization through Laser Camera ( Sensors)
  11. 11. •The world's largest ''robot'', a 3500 tonne coal dragline featuring automated loading and unloading (Sydney -5th May 2000, used in Australian mining) Specification: A 3500 tonne capacity, 75 m ta1L 100 m long boom, Devour 120 tonnes of rock in a single bite. :world's largest robot (Dragline used in o/c coal mine)
  12. 12. Tele-operated and automated load-haul-dump trucks Automated LHD (Sandvik) - A number of sensors including high speed scanning lasers and developing software to control the machine
  13. 13. •Tele-operated and automated haulage trucks Automated Haulage Truck used in Canadian Mine Specification: CAPACITY: -70 tons capacity OPERATING SYSTEM: -Electrically and Hydraulically both CONTROL: -Automatic steering control
  14. 14. •Automated device for bolting the mine roofs to stabilize them after blasting Automatic mobile equipment for bolting in mine roof (prepared by ARO Mining Products Limited)
  15. 15. Autonomous robotic system with cameras and sensors for mapping and inspection of the abandoned mines The Groundhog robot is a 1,500 pound custom-built vehicle equipped with laser range sensing, gas sensors, and video recording equipment. Its purpose is to explore and map abandoned mines. (In robotic institute, Pittsburgh)
  16. 16. Groundhog under remote control mode Groundhog was equipped with laser range sensing, gas sensors, and video recording equipment. So it is also offer visualizations of 2-D and 3-D maps of the area of the mines which are visited by the vehicle.
  17. 17. •GPS Mapping of Underground or Surface Mine
  18. 18.  Scanning, Scheduling and Tracking of Truck or Dumpers Using Remote Sensors and GPS system, All the trucks, dumpers and HEMMs Can be traced and even scanned using laser scanners. It can improve the safety from possibility of accidents during movement of machineries, planning and evaluation of the paths of the movement. Therefore, Efficiency and productivity can be increased.
  19. 19. Inter communication between Moving Equipments, helps in tracking and maintaining required gap for safety to avoid collisions and accident
  20. 20. Remote control for transportation of material through conveyor belt control programming Material can be analyzed and transportation speed can be controlled from a remote location and the accurate amount of tonnage, average grade, size of ore freagments, power required, any breakdown, speed can be obtained easily.
  21. 21. A UI Screenshot to illustrate the controls available for the conveyor belt control program
  22. 22. Advantages of Automation System In Mining 1.Improved safety 2. Easy access of the some inaccessible seams 3.It can reduce the human exposure to the inhospitable environment of dust, noise, gas, water, and moving equipment. 4. Maintenance cost and operating cost of HEMMs are reduced 5. Due to autonomous haulage system, proximity of accidents is reduced up to zero percent and overall production rate is increased up to certain level. 6. It enables production consistency and it is the most important benefit. 7. With the help of autonomous haulage system, the production rate is also increased and maintenance and operating cost is reduced. 8. With the help of autonomous roof and bolting machine, we can make the roof stabilize without any fear of roof falling.
  23. 23. THANK YOU !