Social Media Baby Steps


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Social Media Baby Steps

  1. 1. “We MakeSocial Simple” TMFor YourBusiness
  2. 2. Getting Started with Social Media Marketing
  3. 3. AUTHOR:Susan Schauer John Susan is the media marketing creator of Spider Web Connections. Follow her on Twitter @SpiderwebConnec!
  4. 4. Basics: 1. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Social marketing is about being social. You need a good personality to make your brand likeable. 2. Design great content and solid offers or calls to action. 3. Getting your content shared peer-to- peer is the ultimate goal of social marketing – it translates into sales.
  5. 5. SET UP: First be sure your company has the following: 1. Clear goals for social marketing: be specific. Define marketing priorities and strategy. Sit down with your marketing team and get it on paper so everyone can participate and know the plan. Then meet regularly to revise and update the plan. 2. Be sure your website is primed and ready for social media engagement. 3. Commit resources to social media marketing. Consider these costs as carefully and thoroughly as you would any advertising campaign. 4. Produce enough quality content to keep the conversations going. Including blog posts, Facebook posts, LinkedIn updates and video.
  6. 6. PLAN:Answer the following questions:1. Who are we targeting with social marketing? 1. Age 2. Sex 3. Income Level 4. Values or Interests Develop a “buyer persona”: a fictional character that represents your target group.
  7. 7. A Sample Meal Plan:
  8. 8. BEGIN: The Bread and Butter
  9. 9. Website.Facebook Company Page.LinkedIn Company Page.Google +Twitter Feed
  10. 10. ADDING: The Sides
  11. 11. Pinterest.Instagram.Blogging.Bookmarking: Reddit and StumbleUponPodcasting.
  12. 12. FINISHING UP: Milk and Cookies
  13. 13. Measure:• SEO• ROI
  14. 14. SEO1. Check all your company info on: – Yext – Merchant Circle – White Pages – Yellow Pages – Google Maps – Etc.2. Check with your Web Master: Grade your website. How many visits last month? How long did they stay? What pages did they look at? Where else are we mentioned? How many came from our social media channels? Etc.
  15. 15. ROI• There are ways to measure: – Engagement – Followers – Comments – Site visits – Name references/Brand mention – Increased sales – Social activity – Referring traffic
  16. 16. Who’s watching your analytics?
  17. 17. AUTHOR:Susan Schauer John Susan is the media marketing creator of Spider Web Connections. Follow her on Twitter @SpiderwebConnec!
  18. 18. References:• David Gowel, is one of the leading experts on LinkedIn and it’s place in social media today. He has written: The Power in a Link: Open Doors, Close Deals, and Change the Way You Do Business Using LinkedIn. A terrific book about the new form of marketing for business.• Jay Baer and Amber Naslund have written a terrific book called: The Now Revolution. It captures completely the new face of marketing for businesses.• Gwen Moran is the author of the article: 6 Ways Small Business Owners Should Use LinkedIn. Available on:• There are a number of great social media newsletters available for free that I read regularly and highly recommend. Each has contributed to my education and writings. They include: – – – – –
  19. 19. They will never be gone!!Call us