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Facebook for Your Business


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Simple guide to getting your Company on Facebook by Susan Schauer John, Principal at Spider Web

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Facebook for Your Business

  1. 1. “We MakeSocial Simple” TMFor YourBusiness
  3. 3. AUTHOR:Susan Schauer John Susan is the media marketing creator of Spider Web Connections. Follow her on Twitter @SpiderwebConnec!
  4. 4. TABLE OF CONTENTS:1. Facebook for your business?2. Facebook “Company” pages.3. Set Up. Stock. Maintain.4. Tracking Your Company‟s Success.
  5. 5. Why Facebook?We are a local business. We advertise locally.Do we need Facebook? Reasons: 1. It’s free advertising. (When is the last time your heard free and advertising in the same sentence? Lol) 2. It’s available 24/7. 3. It’s adaptable. 4. It’s interactive.// Page 4
  6. 6. A Facebook Company (or Fan) page is different from a Personal (Profile) page in several ways: • Page Fans vs. Profile Friends: There is a limit of 5,000 friends to a profile. You can have as many fans as you can get on your business page. • Search Engine Optimization: You can optimize your business page for search engines because search engines index fan pages only. With the ever-increasing importance of SEO marketing, you want as many people as possible to be able to find you online under your business name. • Many Fan Pages vs. One Profile: You can have multiple fan pages, but only one personal profile. This is important for people who are entrepreneurs and want to promote their various businesses and/or groups. (Remember that you can still connect with people on a business level through your personal profile. Since people like to know the person behind the business, this is a good way to connect with them.) • Analytics, Apps & Functionality: For fan page administrators, Facebook analytics allow you to pull reports on how well the page is doing. The analytics allows the administrator to see from where the traffic is coming, the total number of post views, and much more. – With a fan page the company can create custom tabs or apps for promotions and business information. You also have option to easily customize and implement a Facebook “Like” button for the business’ web site. And, with Facebook’s latest fan page update, administrators can now use a fan page just like a personal profile and have the ability to post on other walls.// Page 5
  7. 7. SET UP: A business can join Facebook two ways. 1. You can “create a page” directly from your personal page:// Page 6
  8. 8. 2. You can create a stand-alone company page:// Page 7
  9. 9. STOCK : Designing an Effective Page Images! Images! Images! 1. Your logo 1. You, Your Store, Your Employees VISUAL: Facebook starts as a visual. People want to recognize your or your store from what they see on Facebook. Take real pictures if at all possible, because good images are not easy to find. You cannot just steal something from Google Image. However, you do have other sources of visuals to choose from! For instance, we recommend Flickr‟s Creative Commons library. As long as you properly attribute each image, you can use any of the ones you find. You can also download iStockphoto images and use them in your ebooks.// Page 8
  10. 10. Next, fill out your basic company info – Use descriptive words specific to what you do. (remember SEO) Write simply and clearly. Convey your company message.// Page 9
  11. 11. Or instead use Business INFO on your page// Page 10
  12. 12. STOCK: What To Post. Develop a Strategy I‟ve seen many companies make the mistake of approaching social media without a strategy. First, decide which social networks make most sense for your company. You may not have a product that will translate to Pinterest or Instagram. It‟s better to have a limited, strategic presence on social media than to be everywhere without purpose. Once you have selected the social networks that best suit your company, then align your strategy to meet your desired goals. For example, do you have the goal of growing your Facebook community? If so, you should be brainstorming content, promotions, and posts that will attract your target customer.// Page 11
  13. 13. RespondAssigning an intern to manage the social media channels a fewhours per week is simply not enough anymore. Your onlinecommunity expects to receive responses to inquiries in a timelymanner (typical accepted response time is within 24 hours). If youaren‟t willing to invest the time and money it takes to respond toyour online followers, then you need to hire a local social mediacompany that is “in touch” (literally) with you, your customers andyour business goals.Customers want to know someone is listening. The simple task ofresponding speaks volumes to your customer service. If you don‟thave the answer and need some time to find it, let that personknow that you have seen their question and you are working toget the answer for them. This is true no matter how big or smallyour business is.
  14. 14. It’s About ContentDon‟t just broadcast anything to make it look like you‟re active on social media. There aretoo many companies out there bombarding their followers with the social media equivalentof spam. If you want to build a following, create content that makes you a leader in yourindustry.If you don‟t have enough time to regularly produce original quality content, share the goodcontent that‟s already out there or approach the experts to create content for you. Youronline community will thank you for helping them find the good stuff.Don’t DuplicatePosting the same thing to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn is redundant and will cause you tolose followers. Tailor the content for each network and audience. LinkedIn is a professionalnetwork so this serves as a great place for thought leadership. Make use of photos andother rich media content to tell a visual story using Facebook Timeline.People join social networks for different reasons and you best serve your online communitywhen you know who they are and what they want to see. Take the time to do the researchand post what is best suited to each medium.Self Promotion is Anti-SocialIn real life, when you‟re trying to make friends, talking about yourself won‟t get you far. It‟sthe same with social media. Your participation in the space should foster conversation. It‟sokay to tell your online community about a new product or promotion, as long as that‟s notall you‟re doing.Make it easy for your community, customers, and industry leaders to share content on yoursocial pages. Be an active listener to better understand what your community wants. Ifthey‟re following you, they already think you‟re great, you don‟t need to constantly remindthem.// Page 12
  15. 15. MAINTAIN: Optimizing Facebook for Lead Generation & Promotion Hook people in Average Facebook users are bombarded with thousands of pages to like and follow, but unless a page is going to give them some incentive to hit "like," they‟ll quickly move on. Don‟t just welcome new users to your page. Give them a reason to come. Create a great contest, people will go and tell their friends, „Hey, if you like this page, you might win an iPad,‟ Use methods like that to incentivize people to like your page. Marilyn Buckner, operations manager of, an online marketing company, says businesses shouldn‟t be shy about asking people to "like" their page. She recommends looking at Coca-Cola‟s Facebook fan page, which comes right out and says, "Like Coke? There‟s a button for that," next to an arrow pointing in the direction of the button. "The public is catching on more and more that liking a business will post any specials from that business to their personal news feed," Buckner says. So be as creative as possible to stand out from other pages. Try posting an introductory video or offering a small coupon as a reward for hitting the "like" button.// Page 13
  16. 16. Post often: What fans should find after they hit "like" is a community of other fans sharing and responding to posts by the business. There needs to be a balance between staying active and overwhelming your audience. You don‟t want them to choose to they will hide your stories from their news feed. Start by posting a new status once or twice a day, including weekends, to get a feel for your audience. Additionally, we highly recommend responding to every comment posted on the page. This will make it show up again and again on the Facebook page of every respondent, as well as many of their friends, giving your business more exposure. Keep them coming back The best posts garner responses. We recommend asking a lot of questions or doing "polls" whereby users "like" a status if they agree.// Page 14
  17. 17. Tracking: Your Company‟s Success// Page 15
  18. 18. With Facebook your first line of attack is your ADMIN PAGE.Note: With your website and other social media streams, you can useinbound marketing software such as HubSpot to track the leads whodownloaded your ebook and converted on offers. (There is a freeversion). There is also Social Mention, Yext, Google Analytics andothers.// Page 16
  19. 19. If you‟re interested in socialmedia and your business.Contact