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SpiderWEB CONNECTIONS Available Services


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We offer the following services to complete your online presence.

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SpiderWEB CONNECTIONS Available Services

  1. 1. We Make Social Simple. 410.253.9131 info@spiderwebconnections.comDescription of Available Services
  2. 2. 410.253.9131 info@spiderwebconnections.comWe Make Social Simple. All Client Services Include: The SpiderWeb Project Management System: At SpiderWeb Connections (SWC) we utilize a state-of-the-art Project Management System. It is the heart of our systems operations. Our system records our work in real time so that all members of the project team are on top of progress at all times. With this software, SWC gives you, our Client, the ability to instantly connect to our staff and check for updates on your project status. Each client will receive a personalized log-in that will allow access to their account. Here you can see time-lines, up-to-the-minute progress status and online reports. You will also be able to leave comments, questions and messages as well as upload files through this software, keeping the entire project in one place.
  3. 3. 410.253.9131 info@spiderwebconnections.comWe Make Social Simple. Need: All companies, large and small, need to participate in the social media revolution. Solution: We provide all the tools necessary to develop, define and maintain presence on the web. Our Goal: Simplicity of message across all web platforms. Make your business information easy to find, customer-friendly, and interactive. Keep it relevant, personal, and true.
  4. 4. Some of our current clients:
  5. 5. 410.253.9131 info@spiderwebconnections.comWe Make Social Simple. Individual Services: Website Design and Construction Your company website is the hub of the wheel. It is “Home Base” for all your social media and advertising channels. With all the valuable information you have to share, simple navigation and ease of use are critical. Our design team is the best in the business. We understand quality and stand behind our work. Our design of your website will present a clean, modern look and feel, and most importantly make it simple to navigate. Our work is completely individually designed so that your site will never be confused with another website’s design. In addition we our designs are fully SEO optimized and continually updated for search.
  6. 6. 410.253.9131 info@spiderwebconnections.comWe Make Social Simple. Domain Names We recommend owning every domain name that is directly relevant to your business. You decide what your main domain name will be. We will then point all the other domain names you own to your main domain. This way you can be certain that other businesses will not compete with you by having a domain name that customers could confuse with you Content Management Systems (CMS) CMS allows you to get inside your website dashboard and change it as often as you wish. We design and construct our CMS websites with you in mind. If you or your staff would like to control the text and photos on your website, we will make it easy.
  7. 7. 410.253.9131 info@spiderwebconnections.comWe Make Social Simple. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) When anyone searches for your business online, you want to pop up! Optimizing your search rankings is how we make sure you get there. If we have designed your website it is SEO optimized. We are experts at optimizing search and we continually research how to keep your website up in the search rankings to give your company the best chance to stay at the top of the many different search engines available online. If you are unsure about the quality of SEO of your current website, or how it has been coded, we will be happy to evaluate it for you.
  8. 8. 410.253.9131 info@spiderwebconnections.comWe Make Social Simple. Social Media Site Set Up Each social media site we develop for you will include all of your important and relevant business information including your logo – properly sized, location information, contact information and hours of operation. In addition we will include a complete description of your business services using the necessary key words (strategically placed) for SEO optimization. E-commerce Solutions More businesses are offering online retail sales to consumers. We design state of the art e-commerce solutions specifically designed for you. If you wish to sell anything online, we can help you do it.
  9. 9. 410.253.9131 info@spiderwebconnections.comWe Make Social Simple. Mobile Friendly Mobile devices like smartphones and Ipads are being used more and more frequently to search the web. As a result it is important to design all your web-based projects to be readable on all these mobile platforms. We can make your website compatible with the Iphone, Ipad, android phones, windows phones, and other tablet devices to ensure that everyone can browse your site easily. Mobile App Development Nothing is cooler than having an app specific to your company. It must look professional and be easily viewed on any mobile devise and smartphone. We are experts at mobile app design. Bar Codes and QR Codes We custom design QR codes and bar codes for any application or need.
  10. 10. 410.253.9131 info@spiderwebconnections.comWe Make Social Simple. Logo Design Your logo is your calling card. It must be unique. It must also be recognizable whether it is displayed very large or very small. Our design team is top notch. We offer complete logo design. We work progressively with you through the steps it takes to accomplish exactly what you are looking for. Ask us to show you some of our recent work. Branding Packages With any company that is trying to expand it’s reach, it is important to control your image. It is important that wherever a customer finds you online or off, they know it is you immediately. Branding includes company colors, background colors, specific fonts and logos. The company image (or brand) includes your message, your values and your core strengths. We are experts at designing your overall branding package so that you control the message across all web platforms.
  11. 11. Getting Listed! 410.253.9131 info@spiderwebconnections.comWe Make Social Simple. It is vital to have your business information listed correctly and completely on every single search platform out there. That means your logo needs to be properly and prominently displayed, as well as all relevant information and links included. It is also important to maintain those listings and keep track of the ratings and responses that are left on those sites. We will set up your business listings completely on all new listing sites as they emerge. In addition, we will give you a monthly description of your results and or ratings on each site.
  12. 12. 410.253.9131 info@spiderwebconnections.comWe Make Social Simple. Secure Donation Forms We want those donations. So let’s make it easy by designing a simple donation form right on the site. We will need to purchase an SSL certificate ($100/year) to ensure the form is secure, and can design online payment processing or, if you wish to save on credit card processing fees, we can send the information securely and directly to you. Photography, Videography and Animation We have partnered with an incredibly talented video, photography and animation team out of New York that has work across the web including such clients as: Lexus, Animal Planet, Miller Brewing Company, Fisher Price, Hallmark, Johnson & Johnson, Netflix, Hewlett Packard and The Sundance Channel, Disney, Hasbro, Business Week and Random House. We can produce first-class products to represent you and your business online in any format that you desire.
  13. 13. 410.253.9131 info@spiderwebconnections.comWe Make Social Simple. Social Media Training and Education We are happy to help you and your staff learn about social media site and how utilizing it properly can help your business grow. We offer:  On-Site Training  Conferencing via Skype  Custom Social Media Campaigns and Projects Guest Blogging You know you should be blogging about your business and industry to keep your company top of mind and on top of the search engines. But who has the time? We do. We offer guest blogging and copy editing services.
  14. 14. 410.253.9131 info@spiderwebconnections.comWe Make Social Simple. Social Media Services Social Media is no longer an option for the business owner. Every business, large and small, must cultivate a strong presence on major social media sites. Customers, potential customers, and members of your business community all use social media to find you, learn more about you, and decide whether or not to engage with you.
  15. 15. 410.253.9131 info@spiderwebconnections.comWe Make Social Simple. Social Media The benefits of an active social media campaign are: • Increases Search Engine Optimization (SEO). • Increases traffic to your website and your store. • Increases qualified leads. • Provides a listening platform to better know your client’s needs. • Raises customer retention rates. • Increases reach, which increases customer turnover rate • Helps with company branding and recognition.
  16. 16. 410.253.9131 info@spiderwebconnections.comWe Make Social Simple. The 5-Step Social Media Program Our 5-Step program produces consistent, positive results. We work with you to design an effective, adaptable, engaging program. We provide you with a comprehensive plan and actionable steps that we will take together to jump start and maintain your social media campaign.
  17. 17. 410.253.9131 @spiderwebconnections.comWe Make Social Simple. Step One: Listen and Learn We learn your company’s: • History info • Unique Qualities • Strengths • Community Involvement • Current and Target Demographics • Competition
  18. 18. 410.253.9131 @spiderwebconnections.comWe Make Social Simple. Step Two: Audit and Analysis • Review current advertising and social media efforts. • Clarify what is working and what can be improved. info • Discuss client expectations and make strategic plan to accomplish business goals.
  19. 19. 410.253.9131 @spiderwebconnections.comWe Make Social Simple. Step Three: Link Building and Reach Development • Connect social media to main website. info • Customize and brand all social media sites. • Expand reach. • Increase SEO.
  20. 20. 410.253.9131 @spiderwebconnections.comWe Make Social Simple. Step Four: Strategic Planning and Design • Select the appropriate bundled service package. info • Set up initial meeting and set up times for subsequent monthly meetings. • Design campaign.
  21. 21. 410.253.9131 @spiderwebconnections.comWe Make Social Simple. Step Five: Production and Analysis • Publish targeted content. • Promote interaction and engagement. info • Analyze the results and tweak the campaign accordingly.
  22. 22. 410.253.9131 info@spiderwebconnections.comWe Make Social Simple. Social Media Maintenance Packages We offer your choice of 3 Service Packages. Each package includes: • Monthly (in person, phone or on-line) meeting • Graphics • Editorial Content • 4-6 posts per week per platform • Reporting/analysis Posts may be in the form of quizzes, quotes, specials, news, instructional video, funny stories, etc. All of it is intended to keep the dealership top-of- mind with their audience. All contracts are 12 months with an initial, one- time, set-up fee of $250 to cover the costs of design set-up, graphic and editorial work.
  23. 23. 410.253.9131 info@spiderwebconnections.comWe Make Social Simple. Service Package 1 $149/mo. Service Package 1 Combines the power of Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn to engage your audience online. • Facebook has 1 billion users has become a useful platform for searching online. • Google + is catching on fast and will be a competitor for the Facebook audience. • LinkedIn is a popular business tool with over 200 million users and is becoming a daily communication platform that may replace ordinary e-mail.
  24. 24. 410.253.9131 info@spiderwebconnections.comWe Make Social Simple. Service Package 2 $199/mo. Service Package 2 adds Twitter and Pinterest. • Twitter is a kind of “verbal facebook” or business to consumer “water cooler” where you will share updates and information in short texts or “tweets” to your followers. • Pinterest is an extremely popular visual platform that engages the target demographic of women aged 18 – 54. We will use images to engage and share information with viewers and bring them to your website.
  25. 25. 410.253.9131 info@spiderwebconnections.comWe Make Social Simple. Service Package 3 $249/mo. Service Package 3 is our most complete social media package. In addition to everything available in Level 2 Package, we add your own Blogging Platform and Custom YouTube Channel. • A Company Blog connected to your website increases traffic and provides an excellent platform for making announcements, exhibiting knowledge and sharing useful information. • YouTube is a universal platform for all things video. Search engines love video and are boosting video posts in results to the top of the list. We will connect it directly to your website.
  26. 26. Sample Month Calendar
  27. 27. Sample posts:
  28. 28. 410.253.9131 info@spiderwebconnections.comWe Make Social Simple. SpiderWeb Connections is the most agile and reliable full-service web and social media consulting firm available to the business client. We are dedicated to providing superior work and complete customer satisfaction in everything we do. “It is not enough to simply put up a website. It needs to be a living, breathing, selling document that productively communicates your business message. Linking your website to your social media sites and keeping those links lively is crucial for your business and your clients” We offer website design, hosting and maintenance; reputation management; CMS, E-Commerce Solutions; SEO, mobile apps, logo design and branding strategies. We are experts at content marketing and social media engagement and design customized social media solutions. Susan Schauer John Head Honcho, SpiderWeb Connections
  29. 29. Thank you.SpiderWeb Connections 410.253.9131