Romance Gone Digital


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Flipbook for FILM 260. I explored both the advantages and disadvantages of romantic relationships in a digital and social media driven world, and discovered some interesting facts. This lead me to recommend to all that they carefully examine their own digital usage in conjunction with relationships, to see how they are being affected, and whether it is positive or negative.

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Romance Gone Digital

  1. 1. Romance Gone Digital By Susannah Davis CC Katherine Kenny
  2. 2. We are constantly connected through social media and digital devices, even when given the option of real interaction CC Terry Robinson
  3. 3. This is because “human relationships are… messy and demanding”, but the internet allows us to appear polished CC Shannon White
  4. 4. We believe that by creating information about our relationships, it validates their existence CC Ed Yourdon
  5. 5. “I share, therefore [we are]” CC Bob Dass
  6. 6. Facebook has reinforced this idea of digital connection by introducing couple pages CC Squarespace
  7. 7. But does digital involvement help or hinder the success of romantic relationships? CC Geralt
  8. 8. 25% of couples have texted each other while physically together CC Nicole Lee
  9. 9. Romantic messages can now be outsourced to apps, all you have to do is click and send CC Sean Dreilinger
  10. 10. There are therapy apps, to help work through couple conflicts separately CC Ed Yourdon
  11. 11. However, these apps might be counter intuitive, as “so much of communication between human beings is nonverbal and requires face-to-face interaction” CC Huffington Post
  12. 12. Even public displays of Facebook affection (PDFA), can strain the relationship if not meeting to expectations CC Artur Coelho
  13. 13. In the UK in 2011, Facebook was cited in 1/3 of divorce cases CC Scott Hampson
  14. 14. Mixing social media and relationships can lead to interpersonal issues CC MKH Marketing
  15. 15. But how can digital media help relationships? CC Kathleen Donovan
  16. 16. You can meet new people, create new connections CC Nathan Rupert
  17. 17. Stay connected with loved ones, no matter where they are in the world CC Dvortygirl
  18. 18. It’s an informal and efficient method of socializing CC Picture Youth
  19. 19. Couples that display their commitment on Facebook are more likely to stay together CC Indian Express
  20. 20. Compare the advantages and disadvantages of digital media’s role in your relationships Balance the two wisely. CC Wikipedia
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