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Job Description Optimization - Recruitment Advertising & Marketing


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Best practice compilation spanning optimal job titles, verbiage & tone, structure, content (role overview, company details & benefits, requirements, call to actions).

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Job Description Optimization - Recruitment Advertising & Marketing

  1. 1. Job Description Optimization Best practice compilation by Susanna Frazier @ohsusannamarie
  2. 2. Job Title ● Use a searchable Job Title that includes common, industry standard terms. ● Include the key required skills. ○ Senior Developer → Senior Java Developer ● Keep the Title to 50-60 characters. ○ Job Titles between 50 & 60 characters outperform others by 30-40%. ● Put parentheses in the Title with a hook that attracts your targeted talent. ○ Adding brackets to your Title has been shown to increase click-through-rate (CTR). ○ Administrative Assistant → Administrative Assistant (Design Background Preferred) ● Properly space the Title. ○ Marketing Assistant/Administrator → Marketing Assistant / Administrator ● Avoid CAPS, company specific terms/titles/job #s, abbreviations, etc. ○ SR Java Developer || → Senior Java Developer
  3. 3. ● Chunk your content. ○ Try to keep paragraphs 1-2 sentences where possible. Most of the middle content is skipped. ○ Use headings, bold, italics, & lists. ● Job ads that bold the important parts receive twice as many applicants as those that do not. ○ The best job descriptions contain about one-third bulleted content; Keep lists to 3-7 items. ● Keep the word count to 300-700; 381 is optimal. ○ On average, the best job posts have 13-17 words per sentence. ○ Job descriptions that contain more than 15% adjectives get fewer applicants. ○ Job descriptions with the highest verb counts have the highest engagement - using at least 15% verbs is best. ● Replace passive language with active language. ○ “The product was built in three weeks… Your work will be seen by three million people.” → “We built the product in three weeks… A million people will see your work.” Job Description − Verbiage
  4. 4. ● Avoid corporate cliches, as well as these specific words & phrases: ○ Must ○ Data-oriented ○ Team player ○ Technology-driven ○ Perfectionist ● Include these words & phrases: ○ Love ○ Work ethic ○ Every single day Job Description − Verbiage (Continued)
  5. 5. Job Description − Outline ● Present your description in a logical order. Role Overview → Company Details → Benefits → Requirements → How to Apply ○ Job seekers spend an average of 30-50 seconds on each job post. The typical web reader will only read 20% of content. ■ The Role Overview is the most important section, with users averaging a 26-second read time. ■ The Company Details section is where the user spends the second most amount of time at 23-seconds. ■ The Requirements section is the third most important, with an average read time of 15- seconds.
  6. 6. ● Start with a strong, attention-grabbing “What’s in it for me” paragraph. Make the job about the candidate by referring to them as “you.” ○ Tell job seekers what they’ll be doing in the role. ○ Tell them how their work will fit to your company’s goals. ○ “You care…” “Your passion…” “Some of the things you’ll be doing include:” ● Ask questions. ○ The best listings contain no more than 3-4. ○ “Do you…?”, “Are you…?” ● Include salary information. ○ Putting a salary range on your description can increase the number of applicants by 50%. Place this information near the top of the posting to increase your success even further. Role Overview
  7. 7. Company Details & Benefits ● Showcase your culture, team building, & employee perks. ○ 79% of employees care more about company perks than an increased salary. ■ Optimize this for each age group: ● 16-24: Most interested in a job that pays the bills ● 25-35: Most interested in jobs with a career path ● 35+: Most interested in long term jobs ● Include an equal opportunity statement. ○ People across all demographics prefer to work for inclusive companies. ○ “We are an equal opportunity employer and value diversity at our company. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability.”
  8. 8. Requirements ● Distinguish between “Have to haves” & “Nice to haves.” ○ “We’d love to hear from you if you:” ○ “It’s always a bonus if you have:” “Bonus points if you have experience with…” ● Avoid directive language. ○ “Up to 20% travel is required” → “You’ll travel up to 20% of the time.”
  9. 9. How to Apply ● Add a call to action and clarify how to apply. ○ “At Universal Music Group, you will be a part of a team of awesome... Come join us!” “Working at Universal Music Group is outstanding. Learn more about our philosophy, benefits, and team at” ● Include contact details. ○ This raises the number of applicants and candidate experience. ○ “Want to learn more? Either apply today at, or contact me at” ● Include whether the position offers relocation assistance or Visa transfer/sponsorship.