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Candidate Personas: Where Research Meets Marketing - How to Reverse Engineer Attracting, Finding, & Engaging Top Talent | Spring SourceCon 2018


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Your hiring manager has painted their picture of a perfect prospect, and it's a purple squirrel/unicorn hybrid… again. Prepare to yell “Plot Twist!" and "Challenge Accepted!,” Y’all! You’ll soon be able to wrangle in the top talent with this full stack arsenal of FREE(mium) market research, market positioning, & direct sourcing tools and techniqu/ologies.

What to Expect:
Expect to take a research-driven approach to understanding, attracting, finding, & engaging your target talent audience. In this session, we’ll learn how to craft a candidate persona and then align it with actual recruitment strategies.

Who Should Attend:
Recruitment professionals that aspire to position themselves as Talent Advisors, increase ROI, & #SourceSmart(nothard).

• Become a Talent Advisor – Gain competitive intelligence on your company, openings, market, & competition.
• Increase your ROI – Quickly generate high-quality candidates by effectively marketing your position.
• #SourceSmart – An arsenal of FREE(mium) tools and techniqu/ologies!

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Candidate Personas: Where Research Meets Marketing - How to Reverse Engineer Attracting, Finding, & Engaging Top Talent | Spring SourceCon 2018

  1. 1. CANDIDATE PERSONAS WhereResearch MeetsMarketing Susanna Frazier @ohsusannamarie Head of Strategic Sourcing Universal Music Group
  2. 2. AGENDA • Introductionto CandidatePersonas • MarketResearch: How to UnderstandYour TargetAudience • MarketPositioning: How to SeduceYour TargetTalent • DirectSourcing: How to ExecuteYour TargetedStrategies
  3. 3. Market Research Market Positioning Direct Sourcing
  4. 4. MARKET RESEARCH GOALS Understand your target audience, including their top drivers of attraction and retention. 01 Customize and articulate your EVP accordingly. 02
  5. 5. Job Title Research
  6. 6. Company Research
  7. 7. Job Title + Company Research
  8. 8. Drivers of Employee Retention & Attraction
  9. 9. TOP DRIVERS OF EMPLOYEE RETENTION 1. Base pay / salary 2. Career advancement opportunities 3. Physical work environment 4. Job security 5. Ability to manage work-related stress 6. Relationship with supervisor / manager 7. Trust / Confidence in senior leadership
  10. 10. TOP DRIVERS OF EMPLOYEE ATTRACTION 1. Base pay / salary 2. Job security 3. Career advancement opportunities 4. Challenging work 5. Opportunities to learn new skills 6. Reputation of organization as a great place to work 7. Healthcare and wellness benefits
  11. 11. MARKET POSITIONING GOALS Attract top talent to read your content. 01 Engage with readers about your job. 02
  12. 12. Content Optimization
  14. 14. Job Optimization
  15. 15. Outreach Optimization
  16. 16. DIRECT SOURCING GOALS Execute targeted search strategies. 01 Generate high-quality candidates for consideration. 02
  17. 17. Boolean Builders
  18. 18. Site-Specific Search
  19. 19. X-Ray Search
  20. 20. Saved Searches
  21. 21. LET’S CONNECT!