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Candidate Outreach Optimization - Recruitment Marketing


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Best practice compilation spanning optimal verbiage and tone, subject lines, greetings, message content, closings, & send times.

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Candidate Outreach Optimization - Recruitment Marketing

  1. 1. Candidate Outreach Optimization Best practice compilation by Susanna Frazier @ohsusannamarie
  2. 2. Verbiage & Tone ● Keep word count to 50-125 for an average response rate of over 50%. ● Write at a 3rd grade level, which have the highest response rates at 53% when compared with emails written at high school and college level. ○ ● Fully personalize your messaging for a 6x higher transaction rate (open & responses) than generic emails. ● Appeal to candidate emotion. ○ Some of the strongest emotions for driving engagement include: Amusement, interest, humor, surprise, happiness, and delight.
  3. 3. ● Keep character count to 40. ○ 35% of email recipients open email based solely on the subject line. ● Use your candidate’s name in the subject line. ○ This could increase open rates by as much as 26%. ○ “[FIRSTNAME], This job is better than a Fri PM at [insert popular bar where prospect went to college]” “[FIRSTNAME], Picture yourself creating [insert a work product from their LinkedIn profile here] at Universal Music Group Subject Line
  4. 4. ● Include the first name of the recipient in your Greeting. ○ This will increase your open rate by as much as 26%. ● 1st Paragraph: Incorporate “Show Me You Know Me” content. ○ Tell them how you found them, you did your homework, & you know what they work on. ■ “I was researching XYZ_Company and noticed that you XYZ_responsibilities.” ○ Mention any common connections, groups, companies, education, company followers, interests, etc.. ■ You’re 21% more likely to get a response from someone who shares a group with you. ■ Referencing a mutual former employer increases response rates by 27%. ■ People who follow your company are 61% more likely to respond. ● 2nd Paragraph: Align ambition & create an information gap. ○ Introduce yourself and why you’re contacting them. Briefly explain why working together would benefit both sides. Position the candidate into the big picture of your company’s mission. ○ Highlight the Employee Value Proposition. Greeting & Body
  5. 5. Closing ● Create a sense of urgency. ○ Ask for their time over the next 2-3 days. ● Sign-off with “Thanks in advance...” ○ This specific sign-off increases response rates to 66%. ● Use a P.S. as a direct-mail technique - people almost always read it! ○ “P.S. Since you are one of only a few hand-selected candidates for this role, I will be following up within the next couple days. Whether you are interested or not, please reply back to let us know.”
  6. 6. When to Send ● Send outreach between 9am and 10am local time for the recipient, on a Thursday. ○ You’re about 12% more likely to get a response at that time of day than on a Friday afternoon. ○ Messages sent on Saturdays are 16% less likely to get a response compared to those sent earlier in the work week.