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Logbook definitvo


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Logbook definitvo

  1. 1. 1 GROUP 12: Marta Ruiz - Ester Sangüesa Susana Saso - Carla Vergara
  2. 2.  Presentation Physical development Cognitive development Social and emotional development Sensory and perceptual development Language development Personality development 2
  3. 3. Name: Emma Ullate SasoBirth date: January 10, 2012Place of birth: Tudela (Navarra) • Looking bight objects She loves • Smile while others • Not see her mother She hates 3 • Be lying without anyone catch her
  4. 4. During the first months of life, Emma has been increasing herheight and weight progressively. When she was born she was50 centimeters and she weighed 3.940 kilograms. Now at 4months, Emma weighs 7 kilos and measures 64 centimeters. 4 AT BIRTH FOUR MONTHS
  5. 5. During the first months of life Emma has developed its ownmotor skills of children their age. When she was a monthold, she was already able to keep his head up. At 3 months,Emma began to move with ease the arms and hands, evenshe is able to hold small objects in his hand a short periodof time. The moves she does with her legs still aresomewhat clumsy. With 4 months, Emma begins to babbleand make sounds and recognize the voices of their families. 5
  6. 6. According to Piagets theory, Emma is in the sensorimotorstage.During the first months of life Emma reacted with mouthsuction when his mouth came in contact with the nipple, thebottle nipples or pacifiers.After a few months she has learned to move or pick up objectsand things that she knows will produce a lot of fun.0n the last month we have seen how Emma relaxes when shescaught in arms. 6
  7. 7. In these first months of life: At four months :• Pretty quiet baby. • She has already experienced• The first signs of her all the basic emotions. personality. ANGER 7 SURPRISE
  8. 8. Emma has highly developed every way exceptvision. Emma is beginning to see the world more clearly. Bythe age of three months Emma is able to turn her eyes toward a sound or to light and she turns her head when she hears her name. 8
  9. 9. Language development shouldnot go unnoticed although Emmais 4 months.Although she can`t talk yet, shehave other ways tocommunicate with her parents.She identifies differentgestures and tone of voice.She also makes gestures andsounds to attract the attention ofthose around her, she likes to becaught in arms.His mother knows when she ishungry, cooled oruncomfortable… 9
  10. 10. In the first months of lifeEmma’s, already several traits arenoticing of her own personality.Some of Emma personally traits canbe seen in his four months.Above all we can see thesepersonality features in her gesturesand reactions with other persons.When she does something that shedoesn`t like. She gets angry andcries until someone grabs herup, many times she only calmswhen her own mother grabs her up. 10
  11. 11. 11