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Pubcon - Targeting on the Google Display Network



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Learn the types and ways to target content and users on the GDN.

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Pubcon - Targeting on the Google Display Network

  1. 1. Display: Reaching the People You Want, Where They Are Susan Wenograd Partner & SEM – Five Mill
  2. 2. About Me • Partner at Five Mill. Made up of paid search pros with avg. of 10 years experience. • Specialize in medium-to-large scale paid search accounts. • Live in Virginia with my husband and this cutie. #pubcon @SusanEDub
  3. 3. GDN Targeting Boils Down To… #pubcon @SusanEDub Targeting by site/content attributes Targeting by audience attributes
  4. 4. GDN Master Targeting Types • Topical • Keyword • Placement • Audience • In-Market • Affinity • Remarketing #pubcon @SusanEDub
  5. 5. Display Doesn’t Work #pubcon @SusanEDub
  6. 6. Site Focus: Topical Targeting “Show my ads on websites with topics related to…” (there are over 5,000) #pubcon @SusanEDub
  7. 7. Site Focus: Keyword Targeting “Show my ads on web pages containing all or some of the keywords I specify…” -Keep ad groups tightly focused -Utilize negative keywords sparingly #pubcon @SusanEDub
  8. 8. Site Focus: Placement Targeting “Show my ads on these specific sites…” -Don’t assume you know where your target audience is -Build this list from running on broader targeting -Note: Placement means anywhere on that site, so you may show on a lot of irrelevant stuff! Bonus tip: Exclude to avoid paying for clicks from clumsy thumbs. #pubcon @SusanEDub
  9. 9. People: Audience Targeting “Show my ads to people who…” #pubcon @SusanEDub
  10. 10. People: In-Market In-Market -Looking to buy -Limited time membership -Example: In-Market to purchase a car #pubcon @SusanEDub
  11. 11. People: Affinity Affinity -Permanent member of a “fan club” -Longer lifetime engagement vs. in-market purchasers -Example: automotive enthusiasts #pubcon @SusanEDub
  12. 12. Custom Affinity Customized audience based on criteria YOU specify. (Cuz the GDN just doesn’t have it.) #pubcon @SusanEDub
  13. 13. Gimme An Example You sell a line of high-end desserts for vegans. …bummer. #pubcon @SusanEDub
  14. 14. …Are There No Vegans? It means you gotta find ‘em yourself with layering. #pubcon @SusanEDub
  15. 15. It Doesn’t Mean They Don’t Exist “Layering” = overlapping display tactics to laser-focus your ads on the people you actually want. #pubcon @SusanEDub
  16. 16. Custom Affinities Help, Too #pubcon @SusanEDub
  17. 17. Optimizing Please use this. It makes me so frustrated when marketers don’t. #pubcon @SusanEDub
  18. 18. Remarketing #pubcon @SusanEDub
  19. 19. Target Based On What They Did (Or…Didn’t.) • Abandoned cart. • Viewed certain pages on the site but didn’t convert to a lead. • Purchased, eligible for upsell. • Signed up for a free trial. Start showing ads just before expiration. ….and any other combination that’s large enough to show ads to! #pubcon @SusanEDub
  20. 20. Time-Based Targeting Know what people do & when #pubcon @SusanEDub
  21. 21. Time-Based Targeting Set up Audiences: •30 day - Target •8 days - Exclude Leverage the Time Lag report to see when it’s not worth showing your ads anymore, and/or when to start showing them. #pubcon @SusanEDub
  22. 22. Advice On Creating Audiences • If large, break into time frames, if for no other reason then visibility • Exclude audiences: purchasers, those who stayed less than 20 seconds, those who visited customer service pages, etc. #pubcon @SusanEDub
  23. 23. Similar Audiences • When you create a new audience, Google will create a Similar Audience. • Based on Display browsing activity over 30 days, finds users with shared interests & characteristics • The bigger the audience size, the better it can find similar users – min. of 500 cookie’d users. #pubcon @SusanEDub
  24. 24. More Brilliant Audience Advice (…courtesy of FiveMill’s President, the “other” Susan W.) #pubcon @SusanEDub
  25. 25. Dynamic Remarketing • Requires Shopping Feed/Merchant Center • Requires a leeeeeeeetle extra coding finesse • Worth the effort Campaign Type Sum of Revenue/Cost Display Remarketing 3.7 Dynamic Remarketing 5.7 #pubcon @SusanEDub
  26. 26. Ready? Set. Go. • Determine WHERE your audience is and isn’t, based on the Placements report. • Determine WHO your audience is. Use layers to get hyper- focused. • Determine WHAT they want and need, based on how they interact with your site. • Test, Test and Test some more. #pubcon @SusanEDub
  27. 27. Thanks For Listening! Susan Wenograd