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Pubcon - Localized Geotargeting with AdWords


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Think beyond simply picking a location to target your AdWords ads, and learn the pluses and pitfalls that exist.

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Pubcon - Localized Geotargeting with AdWords

  1. 1. #pubcon @SusanEDub Local Savvy In Global Ad Platforms Presented by: Susan Wenograd
  2. 2. #pubcon @SusanEDub Who Am I? • 11 years online marketing • Agency and in-house experience • SEM & Social Advertising, Partner at Five Mill – AdWords – Bing Ads – Facebook Ads
  3. 3. #pubcon @SusanEDub Reaching Customers In Your Desired Area Let’s talk about how to target and get them to you, and the challenges in doing so.
  4. 4. #pubcon @SusanEDub Even With Simple Targeting… Control and anticipation of later needs is important.
  5. 5. #pubcon @SusanEDub Target Wide, But Plan By Adding Segments
  6. 6. #pubcon @SusanEDub Doing So Makes It Easier Later
  7. 7. #pubcon @SusanEDub Side Note: Location Characteristics Aren’t Always Physical
  8. 8. #pubcon @SusanEDub Got a Google Business Page? Link It.
  9. 9. #pubcon @SusanEDub Not There, But Need It There • Reaching users outside your geotargeted area who still might need what you offer specifically in your region.
  10. 10. #pubcon @SusanEDub The Definition of “Showing Interest” “People can show interest through terms used in their searches, content that they viewed online, if they were recently in a location, or other methods.” Shady.
  11. 11. #pubcon @SusanEDub Viewing Performance
  12. 12. #pubcon @SusanEDub Viewing Performance • Geographic Report – Users in and those interested in your area • User Location Report – Users only IN your area • Distance – Performance based on how far away they are from your business location (Google My Business)
  13. 13. #pubcon @SusanEDub Interest vs. Physical Location Ew.
  14. 14. #pubcon @SusanEDub Better Bet +Montana • Campaign geo’d to outside your target. • Exclude your target. • Add intended area as a modifier so it’s required in the search.
  15. 15. #pubcon @SusanEDub Like Phone Calls? • Call Only Campaigns. (Love ‘em or hate ‘em…) • Set up campaigns within a certain radius of your physical location • Focus on mobile/immediacy searches. – Tailor ad copy around the urgency
  16. 16. #pubcon @SusanEDub Think Smart About Mobile Immediacy Campaign Type: Call Only Geo: 5 miles around address Keywords: “near me” and town names Results: 44% conversion rate (3% on regular campaign) Cost per Call: $64 ($163 on regular)
  17. 17. #pubcon @SusanEDub Before You Go Crazy and Go Hyper- Local On All the Things… • Parts do not equal the whole – Every zip together doesn’t equal the city • Especially an issue with mobile targeting
  18. 18. #pubcon @SusanEDub Challenges With Hyper-Local Higher CPCs combined with less volume = disaster FL CPA running nationwide: FL CPA its own Campaign: $130.99
  19. 19. #pubcon @SusanEDub Well, That Sucks. But, one way we have seen better volume…remember this?
  20. 20. #pubcon @SusanEDub Manhattan Zips vs. Borough Zips Only Zips OnlyCity minus non- serviced zips
  21. 21. #pubcon @SusanEDub If Zips Are a Must, Consider… Some zips are too small to be geotargeted. Use a radius around found zips to help with coverage.
  22. 22. #pubcon @SusanEDub Also: Let’s Not Do the Opposite of Segmenting, Please.
  23. 23. #pubcon @SusanEDub Let’s Recap. • Be wary of hyper-segmentation that kills volume • Plan for differences in performance between geos • When possible, target wide and exclude vs. targeting specific and excluding larger • Consider adding a radius around targeted areas for mobile users
  24. 24. #pubcon @SusanEDub Thank You! Twitter: @SusanEDub