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3 AdWords Reports You Didn't Know About (Or Didn't Know What To Do With)


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Presentation at DFW State of Search Conference on three new AdWords insights, and how you can make them mean something to you with Excel.

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3 AdWords Reports You Didn't Know About (Or Didn't Know What To Do With)

  1. 1. 3 Sneaky AdWords Reports You Didn’t Know Were There (Or Didn’t Know What To Do With) @SusanEDub #StateofSearch
  2. 2. Who Am I? • Ecommerce Junkie • Have been both agency and client: - - Cadillac - GMC - Hamilton Beach Appliances - Chrysler • Manager/Director/VP Roles in: - Email/Text Marketing & CRM - PPC - Display - Managed everything from designers to analysts @SusanEDub #StateofSearch 1
  3. 3. Things I Get Geeky About @SusanEDub #StateofSearch
  4. 4. What We’ll Cover Three Reports: 1. ‘’Google took our stuff!’’ ! 2. Where, oh where, are my users? ? 3. We have to rank #1. (twitch) Why? • Movement of organic insights to paid insights • Evolution of SERPs and ‘’result smushing’’ @SusanEDub #StateofSearch 2
  5. 5. Report #1: Google Took Our Stuff! @SusanEDub #StateofSearch 3
  6. 6. Crunch it in Excel! • Filter for “Both Shown” • Filter out anything with No Impressions • Combined results tend to show the best CTR • Root out instances where Combined didn’t win. • Mark them, and… @SusanEDub #StateofSearch 4
  7. 7. Check out the Winners & Laggers Aggressively strategize in paid to make up for organic lag Experiment with lowering bids @SusanEDub #StateofSearch 5
  8. 8. Report #2: Where, oh where… @SusanEDub #StateofSearch 6
  9. 9. Case Study: Locations of Interest • Created Aurora ad group & landing page with email collection for notification of Grand Opening • 6 weeks later, 7.1% conversion rate! @SusanEDub #StateofSearch 7
  10. 10. Report #3: Where, oh where… (the page version) • SERPs are increasingly complicated • What is #1 anymore, really? • Measurements in report: • “Top”: Above search results on Search (or Shopping) • “Other”: Next to, or below results on Search (or Shopping) Credit: Moz/Dr. Pete. @SusanEDub #StateofSearch 8
  11. 11. Report #3: Where, oh where…(on the page version) @SusanEDub #StateofSearch 9
  12. 12. “We Need to be #1.” You sure? Yeah, here you probably do… But here you really don’t… @SusanEDub #StateofSearch 10
  13. 13. Conclusion • Cover the basics first. Don’t try and analyze the world at once. • Dig around. New gems show up in AdWords a LOT. • Don’t be afraid to export and mess with your data. (It won’t bite.) • Stay aware of how the SERPs are evolving. @SusanEDub #StateofSearch 11
  14. 14. Want Some More? For more resources on these reports & link to Moz SERP page: Email me: or “Contact Me” on site! @SusanEDub #StateofSearch
  15. 15. THANK YOU! @SusanEDub #StateofSearch Back