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Did Social Media Kill the Email Star?


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Email marketing is alive and well and one of the most cost effective and targeted ways of delivering content, information, deals, and maintaining business relationships. It can also be easily be tied in with social media.
Done right, permission based email marketing is a cost effective and effective way to get in touch with warm leads, stay in touch with loyal customers and keep your brand top of mind.
This presentation includes bullets on best practices (and worst) content development ideas, SEO 101 tips, building your list and email marketing service comparison points between Constant Contact, AWeber and MailChimp

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Did Social Media Kill the Email Star?

  2. 2. demystifying web, empowering entrepreneurs Didn’t spam kill email? or Blogs or Twitter or Facebook or Pinterest or With so many free ways to communicate online? …Who needs email?
  3. 3. GOAL? …Brand Recognition Relationship RESPONSE! The more things change the more they stay the same.
  4. 4. MARKETING MIX! Inbound SEO Permission In concert with SEO, Social and a solid website hub eMail is GOLD
  5. 5. (Effort + Authenticity + Best Practices) x Consistency = Results
  6. 6. WHY EMAIL? • NURTURE 80/20 stay top of mind build database • Move conversation to PERSONAL PLACE the in-box. • Build a relevant, permission based database • Capture TARGET market website visitors who may have been to your website but not contacted you = competitive advantage • Best ROI • Easy to share your campaign • OWN vs. RENT ie: FB edgerank = maybe 20% see it • Control over exactly who it is delivered to Older than dirt in internet terms - email must be dead.
 AN INTERNET STRATEGY. Website HUB Social Media AMPLIFIER Email Marketing Database builder (access and control) Relationship Building and Maintenance Top-of-Mind Brand Recognition
  8. 8. PERMISSION TRUMPS INTERRUPTION – WHEN YOU’RE LUCKY ENOUGH TO GET IT, HONOUR IT! Some thoughts from Seth Godin, author of Permission Marketing… “Subscriptions are an overt act of permission.” “Magazine subscribers are worth more than newsstand ones.” “Permission marketing is the privilege (not the right) of delivering anticipated, personal and relevant messages to people who actually want to get them.” “Permission is like dating. You don't start by asking for the sale at first impression. You earn the right, over time, bit by bit.”
  9. 9. ―It is a value exchange — your valuable information for your prospect’s valued time. Your subscribers need to know they can trust you.‖ Interruption marketing Fails because it is unable to get enough attention from consumers. Permission Marketing Works by taking advantage of the same problem there just isn't enough attention to go around. Best Case Scenario: “Real permission works like this: if you stop showing up, people complain, they ask where you went.” - Seth Godin
  10. 10. BEST PRACTICES Set Expectations & Just do it If it is going to be different - let me know in advance (permission) Clarity beats sales every time Niche – Authentic – Share – Consistent – Interesting – Brief Relevant – Informative – Branded – Provide Value Test before sending - Think viewers perspective - Do they care? Remove any “Yada yada” Before adding – do they know me? – slow steady and authentic wins Segment – talk to people with specific interest Install social sharing widgets – social sharing widgets should be in all marketing content
  11. 11. CALL TO ACTION… What do you want them to do? Walk into your store? Call? Share? Forward to a friend? Include a clear, compelling, risk-reducing, or benefits-oriented Call to Action “add to cart‖ “Start your 30 day free trial” “Like” “Tweet” ―Save now‖ “Reserve your spot” “Contact Us” “Purchase” “Click” “SHARE “Learn more…” “Follow” “Register now” “Enter the Contest” ―Subscribe‖ ―Get your free copy‖ “free assessment” “DOWNLOAD” “Read more….” “join our community” ―get the free app‖ ―make that blue button green‖
  12. 12. From: To:,,, jason@,, support@customerservice .ca Subject: March Newsletter
  13. 13. …WHAT NOT TO DO Boring Too much text Too many fonts / colours No Branding No images Stuffy All CAPS screaming List of recipients showing Send every other day ―Email #23, June 23 2014‖
  14. 14. If you are going to include a lot of content – give the reader an above the fold index
  15. 15. …WHAT TO DO Identify yourself in the From: 60% decide here – include brand Compel me to open in the Subject – keep it short : 30% decide here– give me a reason 5-8 compelling words (keyword rich) • Enrolling question: “Would you like to double your client list overnight?” Who would say no to that? • Incomplete sentence: Our brain hates them! E.g. “Did you know 70% of biz owners don’t know ….?”. • Curiosity statement: Something that creates intrigue. • Numbered Sequenced Subject Line: e.g. “The Top 5 Marketing Mistakes”. Branding Call to Action Short – Simple – Drive traffic (Snippets with links) Consistent Benefit Include Forward - Share - unsubscribe
  16. 16. MORE WHAT TO DO Avoid Stale - evolve the look while maintaining branding Not boring or stuffy - personal familiar Fewer options = more action Always one click away Segment and focus on interest – survey to clarify Accessible - 60% have images off - Info in text as well Web Hub - All content lives at 1 other destination - Social & Email all drive traffic to that 1 place Use a service with good deliverability - avoid ending up in spam folders. Proofread!
  17. 17. SEO 101 (SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION) • Non salesy • Keywords used naturally in content - what users say, not what you say • Onsite SEO - content, layout, usability, internal links, site efficiency, mobile friendly? • Off site SEO - inbound links, social signals • Text locked in images = useless • PR - still useful to get the word out but no longer nirvana of SEO • Video YouTube - #2 search engine – transcripts = SEO edge • Tricks? (no big green button) Hummingbird = no stuffing, no duplicate content, no strict density • Think Niche, niche and niche and then nichey. Oh did I mention niche?
  18. 18. BUILD YOUR LIST P.O.P - Bowl for business cards – clearly stating they will receive emarketing - Ask- 50% will fill in card at POP QR - on banner at trade show etc. Text to join Offer: Coupons Tips Info Events Downloads Support APPS: Captricity Contact Capture icapture • Ask on Social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) • Offer incentives ("bribes” e.g., $5 off, 10% off) in exchange for an address • Collect contact info, including email addresses, from everyone who calls your office – with full disclosure (CASL)
  19. 19. OPT IN OR IT IS SPAM? Aside from the fact that it is not targeted and a waste of your time, sending spam is illegal according to the Can Spam Act (CASL) Better providers will help you comply - You are allowed to legally send bulk emails (email blasts, mass emails, or newsletter emails) because companies like Constant Contact and AWeber only allow opt-in emails. People have to agree to receive an email from you (permission). The most obvious way this is done through a “join our community” or “sign up for our monthly digest” button on your website. By voluntarily giving you their email address, they are agreeing to receive whatever you have promised in that signup form - updates and other email communication from you.
  20. 20. METRICS Do more of what’s working Find out what’s working and what’s not - refine Opens? Click through? what? then to where? (GA link builder) Never post full info = clickable snippet link to websitte What got most response? Frequency? Time? – Test - Know your industry (3 – 5x/week Faceboook, 3 – 5x/day Twitter, 1– 2x/month mail) Autoresponders
  21. 21. CHALLENGES? Time to Produce Get message out In few words Where to get content - don’t worry about giving away the farm Also keeping up consistent SM broadcasting Building a list Standing Out - Less is more - genuine for value ….Why bother?
  22. 22. LEARNING CURVE? • Build your database • Use good reliable service with customizable templates • Decide on copy (largest commitment) • Choose graphics if not just pulling from an existing post • Use your segmented database to decidewho to send to • Hit send Yes, the first two or three emails will take a little longer but with a little planning ahead, weeks' of work can be accomplished in just a few hours once you are familiar with the tools and process.
  23. 23. CONTENT! …UGHH BONUS - ALL IDEAS ARE INBOUND LINK OPPORTUNITIES Blog Post (articles) Guest Blog Tips & Tricks Client Case Studies Free Tools / webinars Coupon offers Announcements Relevant Quotes Video Add to resources list #ff style nod to relevant businesses = Link bait & useful Book or industry event reviews Infographic Product Announcements Humour – more viral than good info Testimonials for relevant colleagues Get interviewed - (HARO) Press Releases – your own or collaborative Network - build relationships for future reviews, testimonials, guest posts, sharing… Volunteer to be the subject of a case study. Companies often looking for customers willing to be subject. Volunteer your time for one of your major vendors, and get a backlink from the case study once it's published.
  24. 24. EVEN MORE CONTENT IDEAS • Do some newsjacking. – first to comment on a news event brings you to the top of SERPs due to freshness component of Google Algorithm - others will link to your content (and so on) • – tool to find and curate content (really good curators of relevant content) – why Search through all the content when others are actively curating for you • Postplanner – discovery engine – enter relevant keywords and it displays recent content that you can sort by popularity • Swayy – specify categories and it will pick the most relevant content based on popularity among your friends and followers • Feedly – allows you to subscribe to blogs and view the latest posts within the application • Rebelmouse – not truly explored yet but looks immensely interesting - automated site curration of your feeds.
  25. 25. • Repurpose: Use a longer version of an article for a blog post. An easy read shorter version for Facebook post, a 140 character tease as your next tweet. (hoot suite) • Use photos. (Image Handling) • Don’t feel you need to be an expert on everything you share, just surround yourself with, or read and learn from experts. That’s what Oprah does! (Curation) • Use your e-campaigns database – not to sell, but not only to share content - also for thank you and happy holiday notes. (add a join form now, figure it out later) MORE CONTENT IDEAS
  26. 26. REALLY NOT READY TO START? Add a signup form to your site with an incentive and build an email list even with no plan right now. • Someday you will want to speak to those who have visited • Someone will want to sponsor something • You will want to send something out ….even if it is just a “happy holidays” message.
  27. 27. "You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great." ~(Zig Ziglar)
  28. 28. A few thoughts on choosing a service…
  29. 29. APPLES TO APPLES? • Begin as you intend to continue; Do you really never want more than 2,000 subscribers? (2,000 can actually mean only 500 if you want to segment) • Support? Mailchimp: 0 Constant Contact (or Aweber): 110% • Poorly executed email campaigns or time spent battling a template or database costs more than monthly subscription savings • If you go free, know where you will turn when you need help. Oh, and stay away from email marketing companies that force you into long-term contracts - should be able to suspend and retain static components; databases, sign-up, existing templates.
  30. 30. MAILCHIMP Pros • Easy to use for beginners • Integration • Free for up 2,000 subscribers • Pre-made templates + wizard • Responsive templates • Upload images Cons • Logo included at bottom of every email sent on free accounts. • Usability - great graphics but heavy load • 'hold your hands’ approach bothersome once you know your way around • Much less intuitive GUI • Only email customer service. • No auto responders on free accounts • Must use MailChimp templates cannot create our own • Templates have same basic layouts & styles. • - Difficult to differentiate - critical in an increasingly crowded internet • Segment ignored for count • - Multiple list subscriber counts for every list • - i.e. 900 subscribers can look like 5000 (faster to move you to paid) • Forms notoriously problematic, most use third party tool for signup form to make Mailchimp signup work well and look elegant • - if you are a coder go for mailChimp! • Apparently they may suspend your account without notice for using affiliate links so they don’t have a high bounce auto responder service. Clearly designed for non-technical users (as it should be since there is no support). Colorful, friendly, and fun. They even have a monkey with humorous sayings in a bubble
  31. 31. AWEBER Pros • Excellent, responsive support • Integration • Auto-responders • Ability to have custom templates • Fast load time • 99% or above deliverability of messages • Pre-made, customizable templates • Ability to use completely custom templates Cons • No wizards: Unlike MailChimp, Aweber does not have any step-by-step wizards for setting up email campaigns (for some, this is a bonus) • No file uploads: If you want to embed images, they must be hosted elsewhere (your website, Flickr, Photobucket, etc) • Not yet responsive templates A leader in email marketing. Good integration with social and their auto responder is best in the business and they rock the deliverability rate (99% or above).
  32. 32. CONSTANT CONTACT Pros • Pre-made, customizable templates • Completely custom templates • Upload images • Auto-responder • Social share • Responsive templates • Multi lists no duplication - as many segmentations for whatever use you choose • No contract to sign -not locked in. You can cancel for several months & start back with no loss or hassle. • Periodic updates? Suspend your account on the months you’re not using it and still see analytics etc. • In all comparison charts CC rated best for customer support, analytics and content management. Incredible customer service! Easily dovetails with Eventspot and survey Cons • ―User friendly‖ interface can be clunky at times. • Always improving means always changing Like a hybrid of MailChimp and A-Weber. Amazing real time support plus tons of learning resources. Premade email templates + ability to create custom Flexible cost, service suspension no distribution limit.
  33. 33. HAPPY MONKEY USERS? "I’m willing to give up a free service and pay for another because saying Mailchimp performs the same function as Aweber or Constant Contact is like saying a Ford Escort performs the same function as a Maserati.” "MailChimp’s Sign-Up form. It’s hard to customize and it looks like a 5th grader designed it in 1995 HTML code. That doesn’t make it classic it makes it crappy.” "Mail Chimp is a nightmare to setup and use. It isn’t at all intuitive. And I’ve been using, designing, Q&A software for over 20 years now (yikes!) Don’t get me wrong though – I think they are awesome for their free service.” "Mailchimp display in Outlook is reportedly (for a long time) terrible - Mailchimp has never done anything about it” "Mailchimp has to get the sign up form right for non developers. It’s just crazy.” “Less time posting monkey videos from youtube, more time worrying about the top of my funnel.” "Why not Mailchimp? –um… the forms, the tracking, the auto-responder, nobody to call…”
  34. 34. RESOURCES 5 reasons Email Crushes Social Media Marketing – kissmetics to-increase-sales tm_medium=ribbon&utm_campaign=pro&utm_term=discount&utm_content=membership tweeting-dos-and-donts/240157863 4-easy-steps-infographic/ Google URL builder