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Susan Schwabe Hourly Rounding 2014


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Susan Schwabe Hourly Rounding 2014

  1. 1. Hourly Rounding Presenter: Susan Schwabe HCAHPS Scores Received Help as soon as wanted: Nurse Always Communicated Well Rated Hospital 9/10: National Average National Average National Average 68% 79% 71% Hourly Rounding Outcomes Improved: • Patient Outcomes (Mitchell et. al, 2014; Shepard, 2013) • Patient Satisfaction (Mitchell et. al, 2014; Olrich et. al, 2014) • Patient Perception of Care (Krepper et. al, 2014; Ford, 2010, Woolley et. al, 2012) • Patient Safety (Ford, 2010; Mitchell et. al, 2014; Olrich et. al, 2014) • Reduce Call-Light Usage (Berg et. al, 2012; Ford, 2010; Krepper, et. al, 2014; Mitchell et. al, 2014; Olrich et al., 2012) Consistent Protocol - 6P’s (Berg et. al, 2012; Ford, 2010; Kessler et. al, 2012, Woolley et. al 2012): • Greet Patient 1. Pain 2. PO 3. Pump 4. Potty 5. Positioning 6. Pick up-Environmental Check **Bonus: Plan -Schedule Next Rounding (Kessler et. al, 2012; Mitchell et. al, 2014; Olrich et. al, 2012) Benefits to Hourly Rounding Increased: • HCAHPS Scores (Krepper et. al, 2014; Mitchell et. al, 2014) • Hospital Reimbursement (Mitchell et. al, 2014) • RN Satisfaction (Kessler et. al, 2012) • RN Efficiency (Krepper et. al, 2014; Shepard, 2013, Woolley et. al, 2012) • HealthCare Awards • Staff Recognition • Continuity of Care (Ford, 2010; Kessler et. al, 2012)
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