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Matching children with books[1]gentry


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Matching children with books[1]gentry

  1. 1. MATCHING CHILDREN WITH BOOKS The Literacy Map: Grades 4-6 Mondo Publishers 2001, J. Richard GentryWhen does the text match for INDEPENDENT READING? Child recognizes 95% to 100% of the words accurately. Child accurately comprehends. Retells the story or content adequately or completely. Responds appropriately to comprehension questions such as: 1. What is the problem in this story; what information are you gathering? 2. What is happening; what are you finding out? 3. Describe the characters; tell what you are learning. 4. Describe the setting; how is the information being presented? 5. How did the story or section end?When does the text match for GUIDED READING (instructional level)? Child recognizes 90% to 95% of the words accurately. Child accurately comprehends with some guidance. Retells the story or content adequately with guidance. Responds appropriately to comprehension questions with some guidance. Rereads the selection independently at the conclusion of the guided reading lesson.When does the text not match the child? Child recognizes 89% (or less) of the words accurately. Child doesn’t comprehend. Child cannot retell the story or content.  Child becomes frustrated with reading. 