Gssd assistive technology agenda march 6th


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Gssd assistive technology agenda march 6th

  1. 1. Good Spirit School Division Assistive Technology Planning March 6th, 2011 Agenda1. Brief Overview of Ministry of Education Assistive Technology Project a. Divisions Involved to Date b. Definition of Assistive Technology c. Division Planning for Assistive Technology d. Student Specific Assistive Technology Collaborative Assessment Process e. Brief Review of Quality Indicators for Assistive Technology2. Review & Participation in Division Planning Protocol a. To begin, we will review the 12 Categories of AT and collaboratively prioritize 1-2 Categories of Assistive Technology (i.e. Reading or Math) b. As a team, we can then brainstorm tools we presently use or hope to employ in the division. Following this brainstorming, we can classify these tools as low technology, mid-technology and high technology strategies to support student learning in the areas selected (i.e. Reading or Math) c. As a team, we will then prioritize and discuss what should be available universally, to a targeted group of individuals and on an individual basis. d. Following this discussion, we can then plan for infrastructure requirements, licensing and hardware issues/needs, and how support/training will be offered to support the access and use of these tools/strategies (please see next page)
  2. 2. Tier 3: Individual Decision Making: Team AT Ax Process Training & Support Required Hardware & Software Planning Tier 2: Targeted Decision-Making: Toolkits Training & Support (Student & Teacher) required to successfully implement technology within Toolkits Hardware & Software Planning Tier 1: Universal Decision making: What technology will be offered to all students? Training & Support (Student & Teacher Digital Fluency & Self-regulation) Hardware & Software Planning/Infrastructure3. Other:4. Next Steps:
  3. 3. Sample Tiered Assistive Technology Plan: Questions for Consideration Tier 1: Universal Tier 2: Targeted Tier 3: Individual Technology What technology What technology How will we make will be offered to all will be offered as a individual AT students? toolkit? decisions that best meet individual student needs?Training & Support Planning for student Training & Support How will & teacher digital (Student, Teacher, individualized fluency Parent) required to training that best successfully meets individual implement Toolkit and teacher- Technology specific needs be done? Online Video Resources Video PD Modeling Other Personnel PD Resources Other Hardware & How will software be What will the How will individualSoftware Planning reviewed? Who process be for use licenses be reviews? Are there of toolkit software? incorporated into opportunities for the network? collaboration? How will trials be implemented? What is the process How often will for accessing software be Who will match and additional hardware reviewed? monitor AT? and software? Who makes Who will be hardware responsible for decisions? troubleshooting additional hardware and software?