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Xdesign Profile Corporate

  1. 1. Interior Design + Project Management AN INTRODUCTION TO OUR FIRM
  2. 2. 3CONTENTS 4 11 experience overview 5 Recent Work quality control our team CContact us delivery methods aboutx x 1514 22 12 Scope of work & Project Process
  3. 3. 3 dx has successfully completed the interior architecture and design of over 700 projects ranging in size from 1,500 to 1.5 million square feet. Our expertise encompasses dynamic work environments, high impact retail spaces, business and luxury hotels, and large scale residential developments. We have a multi- talented staff of individuals with backgrounds in interior design, project man- agement, and strategic planning. Our design approach helps clients meet their organizational objectives, while identifying new opportunities to optimize project results. Clients benefit from our solid technical skills, participative design process, and aesthetic sensibility. dx has been in the business of design since August of 1994 and incorpo- rated in 1997. The firm is jointly managed by three partners, Greg Quinn, Cathy Knott, and Susan Quinn. Currently dx operates a design studio in down- town Toronto, Canada and a satellite office in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. At dx, creativity goes beyond the clever use of aesthetics and materials. We believe in pushing traditional boundaries to address customer’s ever chang- ing needs. This means asking questions that uncover new ways of viewing the corporate experience. We also believe that creativity is required to address ever-increasing pressures for cost and schedule control. Flawless Implementation Even the best plans in the world require a talented, detail-oriented team to turn ideas into reality. Careful management of the documentation and construction process is vital for success. To achieve our client’s goals, we: •clarify priorities and expectations •anticipate and prevent problems •emphasize collaboration •follow-through to the last detail ABOUT
  4. 4. 4 EXPERIENCE AND OVERVIEW dxs primary focus is the interior planning, design and project management of corporate offices, hotels, restaurants, retail stores, and residences all over Canada and around the world. A selected list of projects can be found below. Financial Planners Standards Council Completion: August 2007 Description: project management and interior design (8,000 sq. ft.) Location: 375 University Ave. Toronto. Panasonic Head Office Completion: March 2009 Description: interior and exterior design for recep- tion, meeting room, presentation room, washroom, full facade renovation. Location: Mississauga, Canada Humanscale Completion: In Progress Description: Interior design and project management for LEED rated showroom and office for world’s leading ergonomic products company (8,000 sq. ft.) Location: 488 Wellington St., Toronto. The Courtyard Group Completion: June 2008 Description: interior design and ongoing design sup- port for medical consulting firm in historic buildings in Toronto & New York City (8000 sq.ft.). Location: Toronto, Canada & New York, USA Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) Completion: Ongoing Description: project management and interior design for multiple retail branches across Canada Location: British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario Alzheimers Society Completion: February 2009 Description: Interior design, project management, and relocation management of a new amalgamated office for the organization (40,000 sq. ft.) Location: 20 Eglinton Ave. Toronto The Bank of Nova Scotia Completion: December 2005 Description: project management and interior design for corporate offices and call centre (40,000 sq. ft.) Location: 2201 Eglinton, Toronto, ON Hospitals of Ontario Pension Plan (Hoopp) Completion: June 2008 & ongoing Description: interior design and Project management of existing office (20,000 sq.ft.) Location: Toronto St, Toronto ON. Koskie Minsky Completion: July 2006/ 2007 Description: project management and interior design for law office (6,000 sq. ft.) Location: 1 Queen S. West, Toronto, ON Stealing Time Completion: January 2008 Description: Interior design for commercial editing company in historic post and beam building (8,000 sq. ft.) Location: 488 Wellington St., Toronto.
  5. 5. 5 RECENT WORK PANASONIC Panasonic Canada sought to create a more current image for its dated space, reflecting its role as a lead- ing-edge player in technology products. d x focused on areas involving client interaction, establishing the lobby as the epicenter of Panasonic’s visual identity. Design elements, including a signature plasma T.V. mounted on a rich walnut credenza in the boardroom, showcased the company’s high-tech image. Wood elements from the interior were extended outside through exterior wood cladding, wrapping the building. Inside, the wood cladding throughout the client interaction areas maintained a retro dynamic, modernized against some of the newer fixtures.
  6. 6. 6 RECENT WORK BETTY HEMMINGS LEATHERGOODS Creating a space with modern elegance inside and out, the dx team refurbished this Toronto Landmark business preserving the feel but updating the new Yorkville location to appeal to a younger audience. Outside, the exterior was refaced. A facade featuring limestone-like material, with illuminated recesses for the brushed aluminum signage, welcomes new and loyal customers. Inside, the new shelving allows the leather items to stand out while minimized window displays give a cleaner, more contemporary and inviting look. Warm woods throughout and plaster detailing along the length of the dropped drywall ceiling combine the stylish of-the-moment look and a classic feel. Built-in millwork was used for in-store displays, with interior shelves painted white to accentuate the leather items.
  7. 7. 7 RECENT WORK FINANCIAL PLANNERS STANDARDS COUNCIL You can change your image by changing your space. Faced with restricted space that did not foster collabo- ration, Financial Planners Standards Council (FPSC) retained dx to modernize and rejuvenate the company’s image. Eliminating the majority of offices created an open, airy design. Employees moved to ergonomic workstations fitted with Humanscale keyboard trays and monitor arms, increasing both work space and storage. To foster collaboration, dx created clusters of workstations transforming the FPSC into an interactive environment A large lounge and open kitchen increase the interactive common space.
  8. 8. 8 RECENT WORK STEALING TIME CORPORATE OFFICES The mandate for the new home of this busy commercial editing company was to create a unique, eclectic space for entertaining clients, who often spend a few hours to a full week overseeing projects. The space had to exude comfort, accommodate a large prep kitchen with separate client bar area, while still functioning as a busy workspace. Brick, wood, glass, concrete; the existing raw elements of the building became an integral part of the overall design, with each editor adding a unique touch of their own personality within their editing suites. The main hub of the space, which ties all other areas together is the central bar area; a bumping ground for clients and staff.
  9. 9. 9 RECENT WORK CARLSON MARKETING Carlson Marketing hired s to transform their space into something both functional and stylish. The space dynamically blends corporate comfort into a creative and collaborative environment. Vibrant red benches in the reception and a mini- mal white and wood reception desk backed with a white glass window are modern and inviting. The new space is energizing and transformational, designed to help attract and keep talented profes- sionals.
  10. 10. 10 RECENT WORK THE COURTYARD GROUP s has been working with The Courtyard Group since 2005 helping them as they expand onto two full floors of this dynamic post and beam building in downtown Toronto. The space is designed to help attract and keep tal- ented professionals, with a strong focus on culture and collaboration. A number of casual break out areas are integrated throughout the space which lends itself a casual, accessible dynamic that fos- ters collaboration and team work.
  11. 11. 11 A typical dx project is broken into seven main scopes with each scope culminating in a review and approval process. The main goals of each scope are outlined below. Scope A & B - Needs Analysis & Programming This scope of work focuses on developing a detailed “program” of your needs and space requirements. Our consulting determines the exact space required of each of the staff, com- munication and work flows throughout the office, document handling and storage, etc. The deliverable for this scope of work is to have a finalized program for your space com- pleted. Scope C - Schematic Design Within this scope we finalize the layout and floorplan of the office, ensuring that everyone and everything has a place. We also update the budget projections to ensure that the proj- ect is still on-track financially. We typically allow for 2 revisions in this scope. The two principle deliverables for this scope are a final schematic plan and the updated project budget document. Scope D - Design Development This scope is used to flesh out the look and feel of the project. Finishes are suggested and chosen, furniture is reviewed and selected, architectural details are confirmed. This scope includes 2 storyboard options. The deliverables typically for this work are colour boards, elevations, rendered plans, as well as an updated budget. Scope E- Furniture evaluation & procurement management (optional) During this scope, the xdesign team will evaluate furniture requirements to determine if the client would benefit from reusing all or part of their existing furniture, or new furniture requirements. dx will specify and coordinate furniture showroom walkthroughs, pricing and coordi- nation of delivery and installation with successful furniture dealer. Scope F - Contract Documents Drawings and specifications are prepared for submission for building permits, for tender, and ultimately for construction. We work with the engineering consultants to ensure that all aspects of the design have been detailed and coordinated. During this scope we will also coordinate the actual tendering of the project and make rec- ommendations to the award of the construction contract. Scope G, H & I - Construction During this scope, the dx team ensures that the project is constructed as per the specifications, and it remains on budget and on schedule. Scope J - Relocation Management (optional) During this scope, the dx team will determine the parameters of move requirements with the client team; coordinate selection of movers and tag inventory. During this scope, we will also prepare employee instructions and information to ensure a seamless and organized move. SCOPE OF WORK & PROJECT PROCESSES
  12. 12. 12 DELIVERY METHODS PROCESS A key differentiator of the dx process is what we call the “Dialogue Method”. The traditional approach to interior design has much of the actual design work happening without a lot of direct input from the Client group. dx has developed an approach which helps define the project goals early and provide a framework for decision making throughout the project. The follow- ing diagram outlines the process; It is with this Dialogue Method that the preliminary design concept is developed. In short, the Client and designer team creates the design principles, priorities are confirmed, analysis of resources/inventories is prepared, scenarios and possibili- ties are prepared by dx for discussion and review with the Client team.
  13. 13. 13 Auto-Cad services VISUALIZATION Using state-of-the-art software dx has the ability the model interior and exterior environments so that concepts can be explored via a virtual prototype. This negates the need for early prototype construction while providing a clear vision of the future store for easier stake-holder analysis and approval. ADVANCED PROJECT DOCUMENTATION dx focuses on creating clear and concise construction documentation for all of their projects. Detailed documentation ensures that the design elements are built properly with as little effort as possible. Our in-house systemization of the design process provides an efficient production pipeline
  14. 14. 14 QUALITY CONTROL dx respects the importance of a quality management program integrated within the design process. Our quality management program encompasses the fol- lowing key elements: Clear definition of project goals, parameters using the Dialogue Method (refer to page 12). Standing tracking and communication documents which enable clear and concise transfer of important project goals and information. Digital markup tools used for drawing collaboration and revisions. Internal quality control check lists for each of the phases of the project. Dedicated team from concept to commissioning. Internal peer review and comments throughout the project. Extensive studio Intranet system which focuses communication and shares knowledge instantly. Extranet system for communication and coordination with the rest of the project team. The dx quality control tools have been developed over the span of 700 projects in 14 years. With each project there are new lessons to be learned and the tools are constantly being refined. As a part of the Quality Control Plan, we will identify in the project schedule the key points in process where our quality manage- ment tasks are critical. x x x x x x x x x
  15. 15. 15 OUR TEAM COMPANY STRUCTURE We are a firm of progressive and dedicated individuals with diverse backgrounds in interior design, project management and graphic design. We design environments for diverse clients. Our company helps our clients to identify and implement new opportunities for business and personal success. We create unique spaces which enrich and support our clients at work, play and rest. Below is our company structure outlining our corporate design & project management team.
  16. 16. 16 PARTNER- PROJECT MANAGER Greg Quinn - Partner Professional Profile: Greg is a senior project manager and designer in the field of interior archi- tecture. As such, he has the unique ability to transform a client’s requirements and needs into a dynamic environment with a complete respect for the project parameters of budget and sched- uling. With over 15 years experience in the design and construction industry, Greg has had the opportunity to help some of the worlds leading companies and organizations through major reno- vations and times of change. Project Role: Greg manages the dx project team, creating a smooth work flow focused on achieving desired results. This is demonstrated by his impressive track record of anticipating and preventing problems before they occur. Experience Overview: Project Management Workplace Interior Design (Full Scope) Feasibility Analysis & Planning Strategic Consulting Retail Design and Management Contract Management Professional Experience: StratiCOM Planning Associates Inc. - Project Manager Iconoplast Designs Inc. - Project Manager and Detail Designer Education: Ryerson Polytechnic University Bachelor of Technology, Architectural Science - Project Management Professional Memberships: Association of Interior Designers of Ontario (ARIDO), National certificate for Interior Design Qualifi- cations (NCIDQ), Ontario Building Code qualification (BCIN) Project History: Greg has been successful in meeting rigorous project requirements for a diverse client list which includes Scotiabank, Universal Music, Cyberklix, Global Reinsurance, Street Capital, Dreamwave Productions, Castek Software Factory, Draftworldwide Advertising, Royal Bank of Canada, Nine West, Equilease, LCBO, Sheridan College career centre and co-op office, the Ministry of Com- munity and Social Services, CIBC Development Corporation executive floor, Royal SunAlliance offices. While in previous professional positions, he helped these companies through the leasehold construction and relocation process: State Street Bank, Coopers & Lybrand, Continental/Lombard Insurance, Aetna Life, Barrick Gold, Bank of Nova Scotia, and KFC /Pepsico. OUR TEAM
  17. 17. 17 PARTNER- CREATIVE DIRECTOR Cathy Knott - Partner Professional Profile: Cathy has spent over a decade in the industry, providing leading edge design solutions to a diverse clientele. Her particular strengths include a deep understanding of corporate, hospitality, and retail design and roll-out process and a broad understanding of tradi- tional and non-traditional interior materials and finishes. Project Role: Cathy provides the creative direction to the dx project team. She coordinates the creation and application of innovative design concepts and techniques. Experience Overview: Retail Design and Management Workplace Interior Design (Full Scope) Feasibility Analysis & Planning Hospitality Design and Management Trade Show/Special Events Interiors Contract Management Professional Experience: Knott Design Group - President, hospitality and residential design Burdifilek- Hospitality, retail and workplace designer UW Design – Retail and workplace designer Bartlett & Associates- workplace designer Education: Ryerson Polytechnic University- Bachelor of Applied Arts, Interior Design Professional Memberships: Association of Interior Designers of Ontario (ARIDO), National certificate for Interior Design Quali- fications (NCIDQ), Ontario Building Code qualification (BCIN) Project History: Notable projects include conceptual design for 5 star Iconic hotel in Abu Dhabi; Dewa Projects 1.5 million square foot Condominium Development in Cochin, India; Panasonic Canada; Royal Bank of Canada; Scotiabank; Betty Hemmings Leathergoods; First Diamond Jewellers; a new guest washroom concept for the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Atlanta; Courtyard Group; Financial Plan- ners Standards Council; Stealing Time. While in previous professional positions, she worked on projects such as Club Monaco International, Levi Strauss, Taxi Advertising & Design Corporate Offices, The Australian Consulate and on a host of other corporate and retail jobs throughout Toronto. Cathy was an award winning designer on the Mozart Bakery Project (winner of the VM&SD magazine Gold award and ARIDO silver award for best specialty food shop) and the Teknion booth project at the 2001 IIdex trade show. OUR TEAM
  18. 18. 18 ASSOCIATE- PROJECT DESIGN LEADER Yuritza Rodriguez - B.A.A., Associate-Senior Interior Designer, BCIN Professional Profile: Yuritza has spent almost twenty years providing leading-edge design solu- tions to a diverse clientele. Her particular strengths include a deep understanding of the design management process required to complete complex projects on budget and on time. Project Role: Yuritza leads the Interior project teams and is responsible for the overall project design and consultation process. Her extensive experience will be applied to the strategy plan- ning, needs analysis, as well as space planning and interior design concept design and detailing. Yuritza will assist and guide the client in transforming their intent and objectives to fruition. She will mediate between the project objectives and division stakeholders to achieve a unified and consistent result. Experience Overview: Project Management Interior Design (Full Scope) Feasibility Analysis & Planning Strategic Consulting Retail Design and Management Contract Management Professional Experience: Straticom Planning Associates Inc. - Design Manager/Senior Designer John Stevens Interiors - Senior Designer Education: Central University of Venezuala - Bachelor Degree in Architecture Ryerson University - Project Management Certificate Professional Memberships: Association of Interior Designers of Ontario (ARIDO); Ontario Build- ing Code qualification (BCIN) Project History: Capital C - Full Design Scope & Furniture Procurement Birch Hill Equity Partners - Full Design Scope & Furniture Procurement Revlon Canada - Full Design Scope & Furniture Procurement XM Satellite Radio - Full Design Scope & Furniture Procurement Conceptual design for 5 star Iconic hotel in Abu Dhabi. OUR TEAM
  19. 19. 19 P R O D U C T A N D F U R N I T U R E S P E C I A L I S T Steven Feruglio- Product and Application Specialist Professional Profile: An innovative sales and marketing professional with over 20 years of success with three of the world’s largest contract furniture companies. Steven is a highly effective team player with excellent interpersonal communication and presentation skills. Because of Steven’s vast experi- ence of the furniture industry and their products, Steven has superior analytical, problem-solving, and interior space planning abilities. Project Role: Steven is responsible for the furniture aspect of projects. This includes workstation design and application, seating analysis, and all ancillary product selections that are required. Steven also assists and advises the client on procurement issues. Experience Overview: Sales and Marketing Space planning and product application Professional Experience: Knoll- Sales Associate POI Business Interiors- Sales Executive Herman Miller- Business Development Manager Education: Centennial College- Architecture Project History: Some of the more notable projects that Steven has worked with on in recent years include Royal Lepage, Morrison Hershfield, CH2M Hill, Mazda, CHSI, Warner Brothers, NexInnovations, Noranda, Standard and Poors, CMA (Certified Managment Accountants), FPSC (Financial Planners Standards Council) and Courtyard Group. OUR TEAM
  20. 20. 20 PROJECT DESIGNER/ LEED SPECIALIST Suzanne Cheng - Senior Interior Designer, ARIDO, LEED Professional Profile: Suzanne draws on a wealth of experience as a designer, group facilitator and project manager. She believes that successful projects result from a carefully structured approach that balances “big picture” issues such as operating costs with immediate needs, brings client concerns to the surface at an early stage, enables clients to make the best use of their time and budget, ensures that decision-makers feel confident and well-informed in their choices, generates enthusiasm and commitment from all participants. Clients who have ben- efited from her leadership and thoughtful approach include a wide range of businesses, from advertising agencies to healthcare research facilities. Project Role: Suzanne specializes in Healthcare and Commercial design and is well versed in LEED requirements and environmental issues. She is responsible for the overall project design and consultation process. Her extensive experience is applied to strategy planning, needs analy- sis, as well as space planning and interior design concept design and detailing. Experience Overview: Project Management Interior Design (Full Scope) Feasibility Analysis & Planning Strategic Consulting Healthcare Design and Management Contract Management Commercial Design and Management Professional Experience: Farrow Partnership Architects, Canada- Senior Interior Designer Murphy Hilgers Architects, Canada- Senior Interior Designer xdesign inc., Canada- Senior Interior Designer Education: University of Waterloo, Canada - Bachelor Degree in Architecture University of Toronto Schools, Canada Professional Memberships: Association of Interior Designers of Ontario (ARIDO), LEED Accred- ited professional Project History: Toronto Rehabilitation Institute - Lyndhurst, Headstart Lab, Queen Elizabeth Colchester Regional Health - Truro Strathroy Middlesex General Hospital UHN – Toronto General Site Greater Niagara General Hospital Meno-Ya-Win Health Centre Royal Ottawa General Hospital LTC Windsor Regional Hospital Western Site, Addiction Centre OUR TEAM
  21. 21. 21 A FEW MORE THINGS ABOUT x Interior Design is, in its essence, a service industry. In order to succeed, dx has focused on supporting our engagements with a Client-centric system of working and a level of service which exceeds our Clients expectations. Some of the highlights of our unique system include; An important aspect of our process includes the principle of “due diligence design” which means it is our duty as designers to provide you with any informa- tion, solution, or idea which may have an impact (either negative or positive) on the outcome of your project. Co-managed design team. Two team leaders for every engagement so there is always someone available to the project whenever and whoever may call to address issues. The entire design team is accountable for the quality of customer service, with the Principle of the firm taking responsibility personally to address any service complaints and issues should they actually arise. Internal quality control check-points and review at multiple stages of the design process to ensure adherence to project parameters, construction methods, build- ing code requirements, etc. Multifaceted design personnel which are responsible for understanding ALL of the design and project management parameters while they consult. Typically we have found many firms silo the activities of project management and design away from each other. At dx, each member of our team is responsible for under- standing and adhering to the budget and schedule, so time and resources of our Clients are never wasted. Our team is committed to constant learning and knowledge growth. Each week, our staff participates in Action Learning sessions which encourage immediate learning and easy knowledge transfer between staff. The ability to learn new skills quickly has been a key contributing factor to dx success. Advancement and performance review of our staff is based almost solely on the adherence to individual learning plans. Internally we have put in place an extensive intranet as well as on-line project col- laboration tools which organizes and focuses project and industry based informa- tion and communication. x x x x x x OUR TEAM
  22. 22. 22 CONTACT US dx Toronto Office 9 Davies Avenue, Suite 106 Toronto, Ontario, Canada M4M 2A6 Contact Cathy Knott or Greg Quinn T: 416.462.3084 E: cathy@xdesigninc.com or greg@xdesigninc.com Web: www.xdesigninc.com dx Abu Dhabi Office P.O Box 112400, Abu Dhabi Al Dhafrah Area, 4th St, Villa No. 3 T: 971 2 64 12 112 F: 971 2 64 22 884 Any new design engagement starts with a meeting. Feel free to contact us to arrange to get together to talk about your next project.