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The Future of Work


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Presentation at Strategic HR Network Annual Congress on The Future of Work. The Future of Work is Social, Collaborative and Connected.

Examining how employee behaviours at work are being shaped by wider consumer technology trends and social media

- Harnessing the power of social technology to build collaboration, connection and enterprise networks
- Implications for leadership within the organisation

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The Future of Work

  1. 1. + The Future of Work: Social, Collaborative, Connected? Susan Popoola, Leveraging The Value of People Conning Towers Ltd
  2. 2. + The Ever Evolving Workplace
  3. 3. + The Ever Evolving Workplace •  The world of work has continually evolved over time, even if we just think of work life from the era of the industrial revolution with it’s various different stages inclusive of the era of Globalisation and de-industralisation in many Western countries. Moving on to the Information Age, then Digital Age. •  Each phase brings evolutions in the way we work; changing jobs, creating jobs, with other jobs disappearing.
  4. 4. + Technology: Experience & Implications
  5. 5. + Technology: Experience & Implications •  Technology has implications on the way we do things, even with the simple experiences such as buying petrol and shopping in supermarkets. •  But consider not just the changes in the experiences, but also the changes in jobs related to the experience
  6. 6. + Robots & Automation: Impact
  7. 7. + Robots & Automation: Impact •  Robots and Automation have a particular strong impact.We are well aware of automation in factory processes and how it has affected manual jobs, but have we considered potential implications for white collar jobs. •  We’ve long had driverless trains, now driverless cars; but we also have drones to help with property surveys; ediscovery; that helps with discovery stage of legal processes, robots for surgery and Japan actually has a fully automated, robot serviced hotel.
  8. 8. + The MultiGenerational Workplace Members of each generation bring distinct sets of values, attitudes, expectations & behaviours to the workplace as a result of the influences of:
  9. 9. + The MultiGenerational Workplace •  societal trends around raising and educating children; •  traumatic social events; •  a significant change in the economic cycle; •  the influence of significant leaders and entrepreneurs or •  a dramatic demographic shift which influences the distribution of resources in a society. •  There is a need to under the value that each generation brings and get them to appreciate each other and work together effectively
  10. 10. + Social Media & Brand Ambassadorship We are all now aware of Facebook,Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, but there’s also so much more.
  11. 11. + Social Media & Brand Ambassadorship Glassdoor helps employers target, influence and convert candidates to quality hires. Be the First to Know When Someone Leaves a Company
  12. 12. + Glassdoor also enables employees (past & present to rate organisations)
  13. 13. + GoodCo – Personal Archetypes GOOD COMPANY You then have the likes of GoodCo which creates profiles for employees and candidates….
  14. 14. + GoodCo – Company Archetypes GOOD COMPANY … and matches individuals to organisations based on profiles for the organisations
  15. 15. + So….. Social Media & Brand Ambassadorship
  16. 16. + Social Media & Brand Ambassadorship •  It’s no longer practical to try and stop employees from using Social Media. •  The key question is how can we ensure that they use it in a way that presents organisations in a positive way such that they become Brand Ambassadors for their organisations
  17. 17. + The Way We Work The future of leadership will see employees being given far more freedom and opportunity.The days of successful leaders being overly controlling are numbered – new ways of working mean flexibility and empowerment will become central to businesses large and small. Richard Branson
  18. 18. + The Way We Work
  19. 19. + The Way We Work •  If we want to attract and retain the people we want and need, we will need to re-consider the way we work, specifically: •  Work Life Balance •  Flexibility •  Where we Work •  Contracting Types •  Hierachies •  Our Systems and Processes or better still frameworks •  And the Well Being of Our People
  20. 20. + Implications for HR The future of this function will lie in anticipating demographic trends and modeling the impact they will have on the workforce. HR will need to translate these trends into new approaches to long-standing practices such as recruitment, training and development, and remuneration. It will also need to develop new initiatives that help people sequence their careers and take time to rest and recuperate.This is where I believe HR will really make its mark on corporate strategy – as guardians of the future of work.  Lynda Gratton
  21. 21. + HR Capabilities With a proactive mindset and focused on business strategy, HR will take on a new wider people remit incorporating and influencing many other aspects of the business.
  22. 22. + Some Key Questions •  What changes can you already identify in your industry? •  What does your organisation stand for? Can current and prospective employees recognise your values? •  How can you turn your values into a compelling part of your employer brand? •  Do you have the systems/metrics in place to understand your workforce and to enable optimal performance?
  23. 23. + Some Key Questions •  How can you most effectively use and encourage staff to use technology – seamlessly integrating tools, systems and automation with human interaction? •  Do your processes & protocols enable or disenable staff? •  How can you monitor ethics and behaviour without encroaching on personal space and freedom •  How can you ensure that all staff effectively contribute to the future of your organisation and continually feel a part of it?
  24. 24. + Susan Popoola, Conning Towers Ltd Tel: 07957 743022 Email: COPYRIGHT 2015