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03 03 todd_orme_deakin_rscd 2017 presentation


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Librarians as Practitioner Researchers by Todd Orme - speed presentation at the 2017 Research Support Community Day

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03 03 todd_orme_deakin_rscd 2017 presentation

  1. 1. LIBRARIANS AS PRACTITIONER RESEARCHERS Developing an inside perspective of the research process through learning circles • Librarians improved their ability to deliver high-level and agile library research support, by relating it to their own research project. • Embarked on the research process by investigating the effectiveness of an online learning module. • Embraced the role of practitioner-researchers by initiating and conducting the research project following a Learning Circle approach. • A Learning Circle aims "to build, share, and express knowledge though a process of open dialogue and deep reflection around issues or problems with a focus on a shared outcome” (Lenning & Tinto 2013, p. 25). Deakin University CRICOS Provider Code: 00113B Lenning, O & Tinto, V 2013, Powerful learning communities: a guide to developing student, faculty, and professional learning communities to improve student success and organizational effectiveness, 1st edn, Stylus Publishing, Sterling, Virginia