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01 04 jayshree_mamtora_supporting our researchers slide _rsc day 2017


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Supporting Our Researchers by Jayshree Mamtora -speed presentation at the 2017 Research Support Community Day

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01 04 jayshree_mamtora_supporting our researchers slide _rsc day 2017

  1. 1. Supporting Our Researchers A Research Project Gaby Haddow & Jayshree Mamtora Findings • Increase in bibliometric services, especially research impact • Emergence of altmetrics as an important tool • Small increase in staff training, especially self-training and on-the-job • Reduction in constraints to providing services, except for “not seen as a library role” • Formation of partnerships with other units across the university to deliver services Implications for Practice • A good understanding of the research environment enables academic libraries to develop and deliver the most relevant services • Building collaborative relationships with the institution’s research office will increase the potential for an academic library to engage with its research community • Training in research metrics is critical for academic librarians to develop knowledge and skills • Research metrics will become increasingly complex and sophisticated, requiring constant upskilling • Opportunity to support the institution with research data management services Haddow, G; Mamtora, J (in press). Research support in Australian academic libraries: services, resources and relationships. New Review of Academic Librarianship.