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The inquiry and slav now and into the future


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Parliamentary inquiry into school libraries

Published in: Education
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The inquiry and slav now and into the future

  1. 1. The Inquiry & SLAV: now and into the future Dr Susan La Marca Head of Library Services Genazzano FCJ College
  2. 2. The Report of the AustralianParliament, House ofRepresentatives, Education andEmployment Committee’sInquiry into School Librariesand Teacher-librarians in 21stCentury Australia was tabled on 23May 2011 Genazzano FCJ College
  3. 3. SLAV submission to theInquiry Genazzano FCJ College
  4. 4. The Committee’s recommendationsThe full text of the report is availableat: Genazzano FCJ College
  5. 5. STILL with the Minister Genazzano FCJ College
  6. 6. The terms of reference of the inquiryfocused on:the impact of recent policies and investments on school libraries and theiractivities;the future potential of school libraries and librarians to contribute toimproved educational and community outcomes, especially literacy;the factors influencing recruitment and development of school librarians;the role of different levels of government and local communities and otherinstitutions in partnering with and supporting school librarians; andthe impact and potential of digital technologies to enhance and supportthe roles of school libraries and librarians. Genazzano FCJ College
  7. 7. Recommendation 1:The Committee recommends that theCommonwealth Government partnerwith all education authorities to fundthe provision of a core set of onlinedatabase resources, which are madeavailable to all Australian schools. Genazzano FCJ College
  8. 8. Recommendation 2: The Committee recommends that theCommonwealth Government workwith the states and territories todevelop a discrete national policystatement that defines the importanceof digital and information literacy forlearning in the 21st century, which canbe used as a guide by teachers andprincipals. Genazzano FCJ College
  9. 9. COMMITMENT TO ACTIONUse the Ning to showcase a range of digital projects and casestudies of best practice that support and extend the policystatement on 21st century learning being developed by theASLA/ALIA working party. Develop templates that makeconscious connections between best practice and the evolvingpolicy statements.Elaborate on, and highlight, FUSE projects.Document and synthesise evidence from SLAVs ProfessionalDevelopment Program.Continue to have input into the development of the evolvingpolicy documents being created by ASLA/ALIA. Genazzano FCJ College
  10. 10. Recommendation 3:The Committee recommends that theAustralian Curriculum, Assessmentand Reporting Authority includestatistical information about thebreakdown of all specialistteachers, including teacherlibrarians, on the My School website. Genazzano FCJ College
  11. 11. COMMITMENT TO ACTIONThe SLAV Reference Group will promote information relating tothe recommendation amongst teacher librarians and in schoollibraries in a range of ways. We will:•Draft a letter to ACARA indicating that SLAV supports the moveto include school library and teacher librarian statistics on theMySchool website to inform future planning;•Investigate ways to collect statistics from schools on specialistteachers and teacher librarians;•Encourage members to provide statistics to SLAV for nationalinformation collation. Genazzano FCJ College
  12. 12. Recommendation 4:The Committee recommends that theCommonwealth Government support additionalinitiatives to promote reading, such as aNational Year of Reading. The Department ofEducation, Employment and WorkplaceRelations should collaborate with the AustralianSchool Library Association, Australian Librariesand Information Association and other educationstakeholders in developing these initiatives. Genazzano FCJ College
  13. 13. COMMITMENT TO ACTION SLAV commits to support all of the initiatives being created topromote and enrich the National Year of Reading in 2012including:Liaise regularly with the National Year of Reading (NYOR)project officers as a conduit for information;Alert all schools to the NYOR 2012 processes, events andresources for teachers and students;Highlight each event through newsletters and journals toschools;Provide links to the NYOR events. Genazzano FCJ College
  14. 14. Recommendation 5:The Committee recommends that theCommonwealth Government initiate anAustralian-based longitudinal study intothe links between libraryprograms, literacy (including digitalliteracy) and studentachievement, including their impact onimproving outcomes for socioeconomicallydisadvantaged students. Genazzano FCJ College
  15. 15. Recommendation 6:The Committee recommends that theCommonwealth Government supportpromotional activities undertaken by ASLAand ALIA that demonstrate to the schoolcommunity the valuable work that teacherlibrarians are doing in respect of e-learningin their schools, including those thathighlight their leadership capacity. Genazzano FCJ College
  16. 16. COMMITMENT TO ACTIONSLAV commits to promoting the role of the teacher librarian asan eLearning leader in their school communities and to:Develop a promotional campaign based on What a teacher-librarian can do for you;Promote the role of the teacher librarian as influential inleadership and innovation to the parent community;Promote the role of the teacher librarian as an ‘eLearning leader’in schools;Support teacher librarians in taking on leadership roles withintheir school communities. Genazzano FCJ College
  17. 17. Genazzano FCJ College
  18. 18. Genazzano FCJ College
  19. 19. Genazzano FCJ College
  20. 20. Recommendation 7:The Committee recommends that therollout of the new nationalcurriculum, which is to be madeavailable online, include a componentof training for teacher librarians. Genazzano FCJ College
  21. 21. Recommendation 8:The Committee recommends thatthe Commonwealth Governmentcommission a thorough workforcegap analysis of teacher librariansacross Australian schools. Genazzano FCJ College
  22. 22. Recommendation 9:The Committee recommends that the Minister forSchool Education, Early Childhood andYouth, through the Ministerial Council forEducation, Early Childhood Development andYouth Affairs, establish a nationaldialogue, including with tertiary providers, on therole of teacher librarians today in schools and intothe future. The dialogue should include anexamination of the adequacy of the pathways intothe profession and ongoing training requirements. Genazzano FCJ College
  23. 23. Recommendation 10:The Committee recommends that theCommonwealth Government, through theMinisterial Council for Education, EarlyChildhood and Youth Affairs, discussways to enhance partnerships with stateand territory and local levels ofgovernment to support school librariesand teacher librarians. Genazzano FCJ College
  24. 24. COMMITMENT TO ACTIONSLAV commits to building and continuing partnerships andrelationships through:A strengthened partnership with the State Library of Victoria;The development of shared initiatives that support the AustralianCurriculum;Shared initiatives that promote the role of the teacher librariansand school libraries in the broader community Genazzano FCJ College
  25. 25. Recommendation 11:The Committee recommends that theCommonwealth Government partner with ASLAand ALIA to produce a document thatshowcases some of the successful partnershipsand programs between school libraries andother libraries, and joint-use libraries. Thedocument should be made available togovernment and non-government educationauthorities and school principals. Genazzano FCJ College
  26. 26. Suggested actionsSLAV to encourage branch network to embrace communitypartnerships.Showcase collaborative programs that highlight connectionsbetween school libraries and public libraries.This could be pushed out to other community partnerships –think outside the box for examples. Elderly groups etc.Connections made during the National Year of Reading could beencouraged and featured. Genazzano FCJ College
  27. 27. NATIONAL ACTIONNational Roundtable Discussions, hosted by ASLA and ALIA, wereattended by representatives of all Australian school libraryassociations, including members of the SLAV Committee ofManagement. Four areas of interest and working parties wereestablished to investigate:•Development of a 21st century learning policy that supports the newnational curriculum;•Coordinated scholarships and sponsorships for teacher-librarianship education;•Model of funding and staffing formulae for school libraries;•and,Research and advocacy proposals with particular reference toBER investment and effective return from capital funding. Genazzano FCJ College
  28. 28. Since the tabling of the Parliamentary InquiryReport, progress has taken place on a number of frontsincluding:Online presences established, media releases distributed andwork commenced on developing a draft budget proposal forcosts related to the recommendations;Meetings have taken place with ACARA regarding GeneralCapabilities and a 21st century learning policy written;Cross mapping of AITSL standards and Standards of Excellencefor teacher-librarians has begun;Discussion commenced to raise issues of pathways into theprofession. Genazzano FCJ College
  29. 29. ASLA / ALIA online presencesFacebook – What a difference a school librarymakes – What a difference a school library makes Genazzano FCJ College
  30. 30. Genazzano FCJ College
  31. 31. School Libraries Achieving ResultsThe SLAV Ning, School libraries Achieving Results.Discuss, share and be involved in the conversation led by SLAVsReference Group responding to the Australian Parliamentary Inquiry intoSchool Libraries and Teacher-Librarians in 21st Century Australia. To joingo to:http:/uzwR6 Genazzano FCJ College
  32. 32. Genazzano FCJ College
  33. 33. Merspi for IndependentLearningA free online social networked learning hub for VCEstudents. Students are able to ask questions andhave them answered by members of the community. Genazzano FCJ College
  34. 34. Genazzano FCJ College
  35. 35. Genazzano FCJ College
  36. 36. MerspiVCE advantagevideo series Genazzano FCJ College
  37. 37. Web ElementsEngageda joint project of the School LibraryAssociation of Victoria and ITmadeSimple.‘Students of today should be creators ofideas, not consumers of information’. Genazzano FCJ College
  38. 38. Genazzano FCJ College
  39. 39. Genazzano FCJ College
  40. 40. WE SOLVE it! Inquiryonlinein partnership with the State Library of Victoria3D models of mystery objects from the State library’scollection, a randomised question-generator and targetedweb 2.0 applications will inspire and engage students asthey wonder, formulate questions, build backgroundknowledge, collaborate with friends and digitally create andpublish the results of their own research. Genazzano FCJ College
  41. 41. Genazzano FCJ College
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  43. 43. Genazzano FCJ College
  44. 44. Genazzano FCJ College
  45. 45. Kaye Hunter, who actedas content developer forthis project, will bepresenting two full-day, hands-on workshopson 12 and 19 September. Genazzano FCJ College
  46. 46. LaptopsEverywhere!A PersonalReflection Genazzano FCJ College
  47. 47. Genazzano FCJ College
  48. 48. SLAV Publications ProgramDesign DVD – 2012Effective Learning SpacesRethink!Designing for Learning (ASLA)Contributions Welcome! Genazzano FCJ College