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A Brief History of the Divine Feminine


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This is a visual presentation to accompany a creative writing piece I wrote about the history of the Divine Feminine from prehistory to the Middle Ages. The piece has been performed as a ritual invocation and meditation.

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A Brief History of the Divine Feminine

  1. A Brief History of the Divine Feminine Written and Produced by Susan Joy Schleef Photo Credit: Gideon
  2. Photo Credit: NASA
  3. Tellus Mater Roman Earth Mother Pachamama American Great Mother Isis Great Goddess Ishtar of Babylon Ashtoreth of the Philistines Astarte in Phoenicia Inanna of Sumeria
  4. Annapurna Demeter Goddess of Grain Kybele Ceres Artemis Isis of Ephesus and Horus
  5. Durga Hecate Pele Ereshkigal Athena Coatlicue Kali Maha Mata Great Mother Maha Devi Great Goddess
  6. Photo Credit: Teemu Kiiski Tara Buddhas Mother of all the
  7. Kwan Yin Guan Yin Tara Kannon Saviouress of the World
  8. Vajrayogini Consort to the Buddhas Machig Labdron Ishtar Shakti Photo Credit: ShahJahan
  9. Aphrodite Goddess of Love, Beauty, Fertility, and Sexual Rapture
  10. Aphrodite Photo Credit: Susan Joy Schleef Parvati Venus Kamala Photo Credit: laura-s
  11. Photo Credit: Seamus Murray Stella Maris Star of the Ocean
  12. Queen of Heaven Regina coeli
  13. Mother of God Theotokos
  14. Photo Credit: antmoose
  15. Photo Credit: william.ward
  16. Photo Credit: FaceMePLS Photo Credit: antmoose
  17. Photo Credit: ..jolli..(aka<>Geoletta) Photo Credit: Imageafter
  18. Photo Credit: celesteh
  19. Photo Credit: Dimitry B
  20. Ave Maria Stella Maris Theotokos Regina coeli Sacre Coeur Photo Credit: Leithcote
  21. Photo Credit: Gaspa Ave Maria Theotokos Stella Maris Sacre Coeur Regina coeli
  22. A Brief History of the Divine Feminine Written and Produced by Susan Joy Schleef All photos are in the public domain and downloaded from except where otherwise specified.