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Repurposing Content to Extend Your Brand, Not Your Budget


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KeySplash Creative, Inc. President & CEO, Susan Gunelius, delivered this presentation with Paula Crerar, Sr. Director of Content Marketing for Brainshark, for a March 2013 webinar sponsored by Brainshark. The presentation teaches how to repurpose content as part of a content marketing strategy that builds a brand and business without significantly increasing the marketing budget.

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Repurposing Content to Extend Your Brand, Not Your Budget

  1. 1. Repurposing Content to Extend Your Brand, Not Your BudgetPlease turn your speakers up to hear web audio.If you are using your phone, call in using the followingnumbers, then mute your phone: Toll-free number 1-888-619-1583 (US & Canada) Audio Passcode:514 034 0213 # International Call in Numbers Twitter: #SharkWeb
  2. 2. Today’s SpeakersSusan Gunelius Paula CrerarPresident & CEO of Sr. Director, ContentKeySplash Creative, Inc. Marketing, Brainshark, Inc.
  3. 3. PollWhat is your biggest content marketing challenge?
  4. 4. Repurposing Content to Extend Your Brand, Not Your Budget Susan Gunelius President & CEO KeySplash Creative, Inc. Author of Content Marketing for Dummies
  5. 5. Clarifying Content Semantics
  6. 6. Original Content
  7. 7. Duplicate Content
  8. 8. Repurposed Content
  9. 9. Why Repurpose Content?
  10. 10. Save Time
  11. 11. Extend Your Reach
  12. 12. Get Found
  13. 13. How to Repurpose Content
  14. 14. Content Forms• Blog posts • Lists• Articles • Interviews• Videos • Tutorials• Podcasts • News• Infographics • Research• Presentations • Thought leadership• Images and photos • Demos• Press releases • Warnings
  15. 15. Content Channels Online Offline • Local newspapers • Direct mail • Email newsletters • Mobile apps • Brochures • Seminars • Speeches
  16. 16. Content IntegrationOffline Online Brainshark YouTubeNewsletter Page Groups Profile PageSpeeches Facebook Blog LinkedIn Instagram Profile Ads Groups Mobile Apps Twitter Ads Pinterest ChatsBrochures Lists
  17. 17. Getting Help
  18. 18. Beyond In-house Experts | Consultants | AuthorsHistory of AmEx Open Forum Source: Case Study: OPEN Forum, Scott Roen, VP OPEN Forum
  19. 19. Affordable Freelancers
  20. 20. Creative Crowdsourcing• Guest blog posts• Contest entries• Photos and videos on Facebook• Pins on Pinterest• Get creative!
  21. 21. Repurposed Content Examples
  22. 22. Website & Blog Facebook Google+ YouTubeTwitter Pinterest Instagram
  23. 23. Blog Posts Presentation YouTube Video Facebook Image Ad Copy Updates SlideshowResearch Email Pinterest Pins Ebook Report Newsletter Seminar Infographic White Paper & Webinar Press Release Twitter Updates Brochure
  24. 24. Repurposing a Whitepaper
  25. 25. Questions?Susan Gunelius Paula CrerarWebsite: Website: www.brainshark.comTwitter: Twitter: pcrerarEmail: Email: