Engaging the ePatient, 11/11


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This presentation describes how healthcare reform, mobile and social communication will transform the way we communicate with our doctors.

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  • I’m going to start the presentation by asking the audience a question, and telling them to write down the first answer that comes to their mind…Who do you trust. So we’ll want the type in the middle of the page. If you can come up with some interesting way to treat it or animate it, be my guest.
  • Obviously, this is a very wordy slide. I don’t mind if you want to break this up into more. I think it might be interesting to make into a bar graph somehow, and animate it. Perhaps with icons or something. Here’s the logo for Pew Reseach, which is the source. You can use it or not use it.
  • Again. If you feel the need to move into more slides, please do. Would love to see these graphically represented somehow.
  • No Title necessary. Just blow it up as big as possible. If you don’t like the screen shot, here’s the link to where I got it. http://ebennett.org/hsnl/ Let’s make it fill the whole page.
  • Please turn these facts into a pie chart. Let’s animate so it shows the whole circle with the total number, and then the pie chart piece comes in with the 28 Percent/1,188 wedge.
  • This could be layered, with the my crisis records logo strip at the top coming in as the first image and the other image coming in second.
  • I would like to layer these images so the photo of the sensor shows up first, filling the whole screen and the photo of the charts shows up as the whole screen next
  • Automatically fly in Asthmaopolis.com
  • This needs to be layered. #1 Earned it Logo #2 Click on a service you use #3Compete with other users #4 earn rewards. No need to put those words as subheads. Just show the images. Please make the images fill the whole screen as they come up.
  • Fill screen. Don’t play video
  • Fill the page
  • I’m not sure how to make this slide interesting. Perhaps we can have photos that illustrate each of these ideas. From stock? Your call.
  • Engaging the ePatient, 11/11

    1. 1. Engaging the ePatient: Why Mobile and Social Tech Will Transform the Delivery of Healthcare Susan Gosselin, Director of PR, Vest Advertising, Marketing & PR
    2. 2. Meet ePatient Dave
    3. 4. Patients Need More Access 80% of internet users looked online for health information and commentary online 27% tracked weight, diet and exercise online 34% have looked at other’s healthcare experiences
    4. 5. 96% use Facebook to gather information about healthcare 28% used YouTube More than half preferred hospital websites as sources 22% used Twitter Average respondent: 42, $75K income or higher National Research monthly ticker survey of 22,877 Americans 08/2011
    5. 7. # of U.S. Hospitals in Social Media 20% Using Social Media 80 % Not Using Social Media
    6. 8. People Aren’t Waiting for EHR’s
    7. 10. Mobile Monitoring Today
    8. 11. Mobile Monitoring Tomorrow
    9. 14. Direct Connection to Your Doctor
    10. 18. Connecting to Health Community Asthmaopolis.com
    11. 19. Social Mirror: a new kind of network for autistics a new kind of network for autistics
    12. 20. Autom, the weight loss robot
    13. 21. Don’t Forget the Apps
    14. 23. Mobi Health News, 2010
    15. 24. Meet EndoGoddess
    16. 25. Health at the Intersection of Social Media and Gaming
    17. 26. What Can We Do Now? What Can We Do Now?
    18. 28. Facebook Microsites by Interest
    19. 31. Treat Referring Physicians as a Valued Audience
    20. 33. Think Differently About QR Codes
    21. 34. Tesco Home Away Store
    22. 36. SMS Text Campaigns SMS Text Messaging
    23. 39. Creating Local Social Communities Creating Local Social Community
    24. 41. Privacy? Yes. Privacy? Yes.
    25. 43. Social Takeaways- Make It: Important and commentary online Helpful Convenient Change-Inspiring Audience-Driven
    26. 44. Engaging the ePatient Why Social and Mobile Tech Will Transform the Delivery of Healthcare