Ibm enterprise social strategy retrospective 2013


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In the spirit of celebrating the close of 2013, this is a simplified visualization of IBM's Enterprise Social Strategy & Programs milestones over the last 10 yrs. (2003-20013).

Categories of work include:
- Strategy
- Research & analysis
- Governance
- Activation

These categories of work are then mapped to 4 Maturity stages, depicted at the bottom, advancing from left to right:
Ad-hoc experimentation / discovery (2003-2009)
Sponsored exploration (2009-2010)
Business unit engagement (2011-2012)
Enterprise engagement (2012-2013)

I'm happy to say I've been a part of this journey each step of the way and was able to document the milestones & stages of maturity, acting as an archivist, along with a few of my colleagues especially: Ethan McCarty, George Faulkner, Josh Scribner, Bill Chamberlin & Amy Laine

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Ibm enterprise social strategy retrospective 2013

  1. 1. Enterprise Social Strategy Milestones I&VT 9 topic: "Social Business" Social Media Marketing council is formed Social Listening KPI established: Ben Edwards announces Digital Strategy MDI social insights pratice established IMT Digital Readiness assesment Digital Leaders Established IBM CORE framework anounced Strategy Web 2.0 classes Influencer attributes defined Action Plan Framework and Competitive Assessments method established Entreprise social listening tool, RFP launched Social Readiness diagnostic findings announced Banter and Banter J deployed Kraft Foods "Vegemite" pilot 2,800 internal blogs published World Wide SBM Community (100+) Social Brand Guidelines 200,000 Linkedin followers Social Computing 37.5 million Podcasts downloads Social Web Inventory 50,600 Connections blogs Social Brand Registration Form Digital execution framework (DEF) DCoP Membership 1600+ Secure Computing Guidelines, compliance and certification Digital community of Practice (DCoP) 17,000 Connections blogs MockingBird Pilot CCI, SPSS deployed, Social Intelligence Office launched in Bangalor Social Business Manager Role Established 16 million podcast downloads reputation analysis) Media Library launched Activation IBM Wins SAMMY for "Best Socialized Business" Social Media Analytics delivered to marketplace Social monitoring and engagement tools selected Topic Hierarchy created CoBRA deployed (Corporate brand and Governance Expertise locator Social Listening pilots launched 1 million podcasts downloaded IBM Research & analysis Values brand action study reveals brands IBM I&VT9 Executive Report SME Progress Reports Delivered Social strategist role established experienced through IBMer Virtual Worlds Social Measurement Framework Established Established intentional social enablement ecosystem IBM has 42,000 YouTube views M&C transformation workgroups MDI Assessment of IBM Executive Social Presence GMU Digital Strategy Workshops MDI quarterly insights reports established IBM Connections Communities deployed Influencer Mangement System requirements defined Digital Dashboard Deploys 114,000 Wikis created MoMM has 260,000 iPad app downloads Select Assesment Beta Minds of Modern Mathematics iPad app for the Centenial Guidelines published Social Computing Guidelines updated IBM Voices Reach 868,000 89 Brands Verified for Voices 162 IBMers in Voices Select Program (300 SMEs) Digital IBMer Hub Refresh Social Business @ IBM renamed Digital IBMer Hub Social Eco-System Mapping Framework 730 compliant social brand accounts 75,000 Wikis created IBMers share 3.2 million hours of service 460 Communities created every day Social Eminence Pilot renamed Select Program (50 SMEs) Social Eminence Pilot (6 SMEs) Social Computing 535,000 LinkedIn followers Social Business @ IBM deploy 205,000 Connections Communities Expertise Locater renamed Forward Thinker Forward Thinker widget Blogging Guidelines published Blog Central launched DCoP Membership 1,000+ Social Eminence pilot (17 SMEs) 19.3 million YouTube views Select Assessment deploys on Forward Thinker Guidelines updated World Wide SBM Community (50+) IBM Voices Reach 367,000 Social Media Aggregator Voices Beta 2.0 Digital IBMer Hub Community & Resource Center 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 Digital IBMer Series on w3 showcases SME Case Studies Social Media Aggregator - Voices version 2013 Maturity stages Ad-hoc experimentation / discovery Sponsored exploration Business unit engagement Enterprise engagement Characteristics No engagement Lack of cultural readiness Restricted (i.e. legal, regulated industry) Limited complexity Free tools / tools evaluation Experimental People working in their spare time Stovepiped investments Decisions by BU functions Ownership disputes Business targets for social Comms or martketing straining to scale Growing effort to coordinate Some data integration Business process focus Enterprise standards and best practices Data integrated into business processes Cost efficiency imperative Investment sharing Leadership Management skeptical of business value Taking steps to build skills and culture No overarching vision, underdeveloped coordination Successful transformation of major enterprise processes Strong overarching vision and culture, good governance, digital initiatives generating measurable business value Business Value Brand becoming irrelevant to increasingly social society, unable to control risk, no influence over earned media. Some improved customer understanding Some brand surveillance, cost reduction Improved customer insight, new customer touchpoints, predictive modeling Strengthened productivity through worker enablement, increased employee engagement, enhanced customer experience, lead generation and customer acquisition Socially modified business models, open innovation, top line growth, new revenue streams