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Artificial Intelligence implications for Marketing Susan Emerick 4.28.2017


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This presentation was prepared for a keynote I gave at the Direct Marketing Association of Detroit in April 2017. My talk explored how marketing communications professionals need to understand the implications of Artificial Intelligence to survive. It explores various use cases and the implications for those in the fast evolving marketing profession. It's critical to keep your skills current to fend off the robots, but more importantly, thrive by using emerging AI MarTech capabilities to drive smarter, more efficient and effective marketing programs and campaigns.

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Artificial Intelligence implications for Marketing Susan Emerick 4.28.2017

  1. 1. @sfemerick Brought to you by Susan Emerick @sfemerick Will Robots take over my job? Artificial Intelligence implications for Marketing Author of: The Most Powerful Brand on Earth
  2. 2. @sfemerick Ar$ficial Intelligence (AI) Is actually helping today's marketers analyze data and engage customers be=er than ever before
  3. 3. @sfemerick Marketers are applying insights gathered from AI to business and marketing strategies •  Brand health monitoring •  Customer experience, Voice of the customer •  Employee engagement, Voice of employees •  Crisis management •  Compe;;ve posi;oning •  Predic;ve analy;cs and modeling •  Customer value, a>ribu;on, pain points •  Marke;ng planning and segmenta;on •  Campaign effec;veness •  Influencer discovery •  Engagement planning •  Amplifica;on / Advocacy: Ø  Customer Ø  Employee Ø  Business Partners Ø  Influencers Ø  Brand Voice
  4. 4. @sfemerick “Automated sen;ment analysis is the process of training a computer to iden;fy sen;ment within content through Natural Language Processing (NLP). Various sen;ment measurement plaOorms employ different techniques and sta;s;cal methodologies to evaluate sen;ment across the web. Some rely 100% on automated sen;ment, some employ humans to analyze sen;ment, and some use a hybrid system.” ~ Maria Ogneva is the Director of Social Media at Biz360 4 Today’s Marketers have to understand data science
  5. 5. @sfemerick IBM Watson Natural Language Understanding service Analyze seman$c features of text input, including: Categories Categorize your content using a five-level classifica;on hierarchy. Concepts Iden;fy high-level concepts that aren't necessarily directly referenced in the text Emo$on Analyze emo;on conveyed by specific target phrases or by the document as a whole En$$es Find people, places, events, and other types of en;;es men;oned in your content Keywords Search your content for relevant keywords Metadata For HTML and URL input, get the author of the webpage, the page ;tle, and the publica;on date Rela$ons Recognize when two en;;es are related, and iden;fy the type of rela;on Seman$c roles Parse sentences into subject-ac;on-object form, and iden;fy en;;es and keywords that are subjects or objects of an ac;on Sen$ment Analyze the sen;ment toward specific target phrases and the sen;ment of the document as a whole Source:
  6. 6. @sfemerick Ar$ficial Intelligence (AI) is becoming indispensible to marketers •  Marketers may not even realize that the technology they use to do their jobs today was the stuff of wild-eyed imagina;on just a few short years ago •  How does it work? –  Machine learning is a type of ar;ficial intelligence (AI) that provides computers with the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed. –  Machine learning focuses on the development of computer programs that can teach themselves to grow and change when exposed to new data. Source:
  7. 7. @sfemerick •  Deep learning "teaches" computers a variety of skills, such as how to understand text, speech or photos, and apply what it learns to deliver answers, clarify queries or offer sugges;ons. •  Deep learning improves filters on the posts and ads you see •  Facebook unveils deep learning-based text understanding engine called “DeepText”, tha can understand, with near-human accuracy, the textual content of a thousand posts per second Deep learning is the data science behind most marke$ng AI Source:
  8. 8. @sfemerick Marke$ng use cases for Ar$ficial Intelligence
  9. 9. @sfemerick AI in Marke$ng automa$on Marke;ng automa;on uses AI to engage customers •  Analyzing their behavior and deliver tailored content to move them through the sales cycle: ü  Recommending content ü  Engaging with them across plaOorms ü  Tailoring email campaigns •  As more and more tools employ remote super-intelligence, we’ll increasingly expect our tools to tell us what’s up. Source: h>ps://;ng-197500 Marketers and adver$sers will increasingly rely on their soTware tools to tell them what’s important, what’s out of place, what they should focus on ü  Salesforce’s Einstein layer ü  Adobe’s Sensei ü  Absolutdata ü  Pegasystems ü  IBM Watson is driving insights in plaOorms like Rocket Fuel or Equals 3’s Lucy IBM Watson is changing digital marke;ng
  10. 10. @sfemerick Example: “Employee Advocacy” Iden$fying Influencers and Communi$es Enhanced Network Segmenta;on and Community Visualiza;on: •  Discover how a network and the things they talk about are broken out into communi;es •  Find out what specific communi;es are talking about through trending #hashtag analysis •  Individual people or companies are connected within a network Source: LittleBird
  11. 11. @sfemerick Source: LittleBird Priori$zing Top Influencers for engagement Example: “Employee Advocacy” •  Uncover how central someone is to a community on a topic •  Filter by community, loca;on, specific rela;onships or search terms •  Profile iden;fica;on of network members on other social networks
  12. 12. @sfemerick Content cura$on and Product recommenda$ons •  People don't realize is that these recommenda;ons are based on deep learning and other AI •  Machines analyze large chunks of data about people's purchase behaviors on the web to determine what they're most likely to want to do next. Sugges;ve Selling Package discounts
  13. 13. @sfemerick “Recommenda$ons from people I know” = the most trusted source of informa$on Higher than any other adver$sing format 50% 46 - 47% 40 - 42% Survey Ques;on To what extent do you trust the following forms of adver$sing? 92% 70% 58% 50% 47% 40% 33% 30%
  14. 14. @sfemerick Wri$ng SEO op$mized headlines A.K.A. “Clickbait” Got writers block? Not to worry! •  AI applica;on created by Norwegian developer and blogger Lars Eidnes, uses deep learning and neural networks to teach machines how to write headlines •  Marketers everywhere, can benefit using AI to adjust content to resonate with their intended audience Sources:
  15. 15. @sfemerick Speech recogni$on is becoming increasingly important and has come a long way For Marketers, the rise in voice search means SEO and content marke;ng must be op;mized for queries that come in ques;on form, rather than simple keywords Source: Google reports: •  50%+ of teens use voice search daily •  41% of adults talk to their phones every day Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, Microson’s Cortana, Samsung’s Bixby
  16. 16. @sfemerick Google’s RankBrain A machine learning technology •  Analyzes spoken or wri>en search queries •  Able to process them into search results that are most likely to be what you're looking for •  Goes beyond returning exact keywords and phrases •  Compares each query to other, similar queries to return the ones that are most likely to be what you're trying to find, including more relevant ad results Source:
  17. 17. @sfemerick Speech and Voice recogni$on growth rates are staggering •  By 2019, the voice recogni;on market will be a $601 million industry (Technavio) •  Global market for voice recogni;on technologies was valued at $184.9 Billion Source: 0 20 40 60 80 100 120 140 160 180 200 $ Billions 2016-2021 Compound annual growth rate (CAGR) 2015 2016 2021 12.1%
  18. 18. @sfemerick 2017 results reveal belief in Search Engines over human editors on the rise Source: 2017 Edelman Global Trust Barometer
  19. 19. @sfemerick 2015 marked the first $me ever online search is more trusted over tradi$onal media Source: 2015 Edelman Global Trust Barometer
  20. 20. @sfemerick Ad Targe$ng gedng increasingly sophis$cated Google is now beginning to experiment with a new AI technology called recurrent neural networks (RNN) •  Capable of "remembering" bits of informa;on for short periods of ;me •  Poten;ally elimina;ng the need for specialized ad targe;ng code in the near future Source: Sites like Google and Facebook use bits of code to track website visitors and target ads accordingly
  21. 21. @sfemerick Chatbots and AI As marke;ng channels proliferate, marketers need a way to manage those interac;ons cost effec;vely Many marketers use chatbots (ar;ficial intelligences) that are able to interact with humans to: ü  Answer rou;ne ques;ons ü  Assist with purchases ü  Book travel ü  …. Much more Source: A computer program designed to simulate conversa;on with human users, especially over the Internet. "chatbots o<en treat conversa=ons like they're a game of tennis: talk, reply, talk, reply"
  22. 22. @sfemerick Dynamic pricing a growing use of AI in Marke$ng •  Dynamic pricing in ecommerce typically means a pricing strategy that accurately reflects market demand and supply dynamics •  Some equate dynamic pricing with personalized pricing, in which prices are constantly changing in response to a customer profile which the ecommerce website is genera;ng in real ;me •  Pricing by scarcity sets product prices according to demand and availability •  You may have experienced dynamic pricing at work if you’ve ever len an item in a shopping cart on Amazon only to find the price changed significantly overnight Source: h>ps://; Commonly used in travel, hotel bookings and airline ;ckets are perfect examples: the more availability there is, the lower the prices are, but once the inventory becomes scarce, prices rocket up.
  23. 23. @sfemerick So what does this mean for Marketers? Stay on top of your game •  Invest in your skills! •  Keep up with emerging technologies and how they’re changing the marke;ng profession •  Become a student of the cran as a “Data Driven Marketer” •  Educate yourself on all things Ar;ficial Intelligence –  Natural Language Processing –  Seman;c Analysis –  Machine Learning –  Deep Learning •  Trial technologies to get “hands on” learning •  Seek out experts
  24. 24. @sfemerick Connect with me The Most Powerful Brand On Earth: How to Transform Teams, Empower Employees, Integrate Partners, and Mobilize Customers to Beat the Competition in Digital and Social Media @sfemerick Let’s con$nue the conversa$on …