Welcome to Room 312!


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Welcome to Room 312!

  1. 1. • Ms. Susan Craig • Bachelor’s degree in business and math education from Western Montana College • Master’s degree in classroom technology integration from Walden University • Now in her 27th year of teaching • Mom and family girl • Almost a half-century old (do the math ) and still loves to learn • Still loves to teach • Lots of interests outside of school
  2. 2.  Improve my math, reading, and problem solving skills (Reading, you say? Yes, reading! More on that later!)  Work hard!  Treat others with respect!  Have fun!
  3. 3.  With hard work!  By coming to class prepared!  With lots of help from me, other adults, and your peers  Common Core Math Standards  Technology  Interactive Math Notebook  With a great attitude!  More hard work!  Did I say hard work?
  4. 4. 1. Work hard 2. Be kind 3. Be honest 4. Don’t give up 5. Clean up Even when you don’t feel like it. 
  5. 5.  With my permission, yes  Without my permission, no  Simple? Yep!  There will be times (lots of them) when it’s okay to use it  While we’re not using devices, yours should be placed on your desk face down and silenced
  6. 6.  Clear unflavored water in a clear bottle or container with a lid is okay  Other drinks are not (because there is carpet in the classroom)  Food is not allowed except on special occasions (because there is carpet in the classroom)
  7. 7.  Each student is expected to master the Montana Common Core Math Standards for his or her grade level  You will be graded based on your level of mastery of the standards  Grades will come from homework assignments, online quizzes, tests, and individual and group projects
  8. 8.  A pencil  Did I say pencil?  Let me mention a pencil  Notebook for doing homework  Pen for grading homework  Your math notebook (you will be creating this throughout the year)
  9. 9.  Yes, but the work loses 25% of its earned point value each day that its late  And…you’ll have to complete the assignment even if it’s not worth anything. (WHAT? WHY? HOW IS THAT FAIR?) Remember…you are expected to master all of the math standards for students in your grade level. (Oh yeah, forgot about that.)  Moral of the story…always do your homework! 
  10. 10.  If you’re having trouble, speak to Ms. Craig ASAP  She will work with you to schedule time for extra help  Help is available before and after school, but make sure you have transportation arrangements
  11. 11.  It is up to you to make arrangements with me  Before school  After school  During your study hall  Don’t expect another teacher to excuse you from his or her class  Plan ahead
  12. 12. Welcome to Room 312!