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Social Media + Social Data = Fundraising Success


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Social Media + Social Data = Fundraising Success

  1. 1. Social Media + Social Data = Fundraising Success Susan Chavez, Marketing & Communications Consultant
  2. 2. Social media is...
  3. 3. Are you listening? Really?
  4. 4. Consider... 46% Facebook fan & 264% Twitter followers growth In 2012, online revenue increased by 21% 33% of online donations are driven by email Monthly giving revenue grew 43%
  5. 5. Tell me about yourself...
  6. 6. Social Data Publicly available & easy to access Real time / Current CRM?
  7. 7. Strategies Emails Campaign landing pages Access Highlight Incentivize
  8. 8. Super Connector Minority Influential All over social media Creators
  9. 9. Engagers Active on social media Influential within their network Share
  10. 10. Lurker Majority Quiet Prefer networking within smaller circle Active on 1-2 social networks
  11. 11. Newbie First-impression is key Ladder of engagement
  12. 12. Foundations are staffed by people!
  13. 13. Nonprofit Grantee use of Funder Social Media 18% of grantees engaged with funders in 2012 up from 16% in 2011 38% of grantees reported not knowing whether funders use social media 10% accessed funder Facebook pages
  14. 14. Ways to Engage with Funders Listening dashboard Email Subscription RSS Share Comment
  15. 15. Wrap-Up Listen and pay attention Identify who your supporters are Engage with funders as you would individual supporters Connect with supporters based on who they are and where they are
  16. 16. References “Understanding the Value of Your Social Media Influencers: How to Identify and Empower Those Who Can Engage an Entire Community.” Blackbaud. June 2012. Grantees’ Limited Engagement with Foundations’ Social Media.” Center for Effective Philanthropy. 2012. "2013 eNonprofit Benchmarks Study.” M&R Strategic Services & NTEN: The Nonprofit Technology Network. 2012
  17. 17. Thank You!