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Plant Something! Plant Maine!

Plant Something! Plant Maine! marketing roundtable January 22, 2019

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Plant Something! Plant Maine!

  1. 1. Plant Something! Plant Maine! Plant Something! Plant Maine! Marketing Roundtable January 22, 2019
  2. 2. Leadership & Collaboration
  3. 3. Plant Something! Plant Maine! Grassroots, nationally established campaign led locally by Maine Landscape & Nursery Association. Key objective: increase public support for local growers, nurseries, garden centers, and landscapers. Marketing Program
  4. 4. Key objective: raise awareness of benefits of planting. Better Health – Be more active. Community – Give back to your community. Economy – Add more value to your home. Environment – Be greener. Marketing Program
  5. 5. PlantSomethingMaine.Org 13,813 PlantSomethingMaine.Org users in 2018. 5,145 Newsletter subscribers. More “how to video content.” New page for kids – Garden-based learning and Maine School Garden Collaborative.
  6. 6. 3,322 Plant Something! Plant Maine! Facebook followers, a 60% increase over 2017. 2nd ranked Plant Something Facebook page, only behind the national page. 1,104 followers of Plant Something! Plant Maine! Facebook Gardening Group. 933 Instagram followers. 11,000 interested in 2018 Maine Flower Show Facebook Event Page, 307% increase over 2017. Social Media
  7. 7. Increased visibility through statewide campaign. 2018 - Actual $29,055 TV campaign. $43,030 of additional media exposure from the Independent Garden Centers of Maine (IGCME) who branded all of their seasonal television ads with Plant Something! Plant Maine! 2019 - Projected $27,500 TV media exposure from IGCME. TV Advertising
  8. 8. Maine Landscape & Nursery PR Over 150 pieces of earned media for the Maine Flower Show, Grow Maine Green Expo event and industry awards, and Plant Something Weekend. 2.9 million total combined audience reached through print and broadcast media. 100 + feature stories - print, broadcast, and online media - about the Maine Flower Show and Plant Something Weekend. Public Relations
  9. 9. Maine Flower Show 20,000+ attended in 2018. Over 75% are female.* Majority are between the ages of 35-65 years old.* Over 75% are homeowners.* Over 30% have HH income of over $100,000.* Primary media buy demo: Women 25-64. *Estimated based on traffic and data from other New England shows
  10. 10. Pollinator Garden Promotion $26,723 of Maine Flower Show TV, Radio and Print advertising featured Plant Something! Plant Maine! as a lead sponsor. Mystery Seeds promote Plant a Pollinator Garden. 15,000 packets distributed in 2018. PSPME! Maine Chair Tom Estabrook was interviewed on Portland radio station Frank FM.
  11. 11. Retail Promotion Plant Something! Plant Maine! Weekend PSPME! June Weekend promotion banners were featured in all of the Independent Garden Centers of Maine Spring TV ads. Geofencing Mobile campaign targeted all consumers utilizing their mobile phone within ¼ mile of targeted areas (24 Lowes and Home Depot stores in Southern and Central Maine). 85,392 impressions were served the Plant Something Weekend Message.
  12. 12. Independent Garden Centers of Maine 2015 - 2016 Sales increased 22.34% Jobs grew at a rate of 13.1% 2016 - 2017 Sales increased 7.23% Jobs grew at a rate of 12% A Measure of Growth
  13. 13. Maine is cultivating the next generation of gardeners. Garden-based learning. Maine School Garden Collaborative. Maine School Gardens
  14. 14. Specialty crop bloc grant is funding new program to develop lessons and lesson plans aligned with state/national education standards. Tools for the classroom and improved resources for Maine’s 130+ existing school gardens. Program includes developing and publishing Plant Something for ME – new to the “Agriculture for ME” book series from MAITC. Will be available online with the goal of reaching 15-20,000 students. Maine School Garden Collaborative
  15. 15. For more information: Don Sproul, MELNA Executive Director Mark Faunce, Flower Show Chair Jody DeKupper, Independent Garden Centers of Maine Board Chair and Plant Something! Plant Maine! Chair Mark Sprackland, Marketing,