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Buying Guide for Small Nursery Chairs


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Our Buying Guide for Small Upholstered Nursery Chairs helps you to select the best space saving nursing chair for small nurseries. We look at all the different features and questions you should ask before making your final buying decision.

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Buying Guide for Small Nursery Chairs

  1. 1. Buying Guide for small upholstered nursing chairs
  2. 2. Small nursing chairs are perfect for townhouses and apartments where space is limited
  3. 3. 4 Types of Nursing Chairs: Rocking Chairs Nursery Gliders Swivel Chairs Recliners
  4. 4. Some gliders will also swivel or recline, so you can mix and match these features
  5. 5. Beware! Many of these nursing chairs will take up too much space in a small nursery
  6. 6. These are perfect for small nurseries, as they don’t need much space Rocking Chairs
  7. 7. These require extra room behind the chair to allow for the backwards & forwards gliding motion Gliders
  8. 8. These are perfect for small nurseries, as they don’t need any additional space Swivel chairs
  9. 9. These nursing chairs require a lot more space in front and behind to allow the chair to fully recline Recliners
  10. 10. Swivel & rocking chairs need the least space - gliders & recliners require the most room in small nurseries Remember:
  11. 11. Other questions to ask before buying nursing chairs…
  12. 12. Narrow is best for small spaces – but is it big enough to feed twins or for you, baby and toddler to fit? Width
  13. 13. Can you get into and out of it easily? Is there enough padding on the arms, backrest and seat? Comfort
  14. 14. Do you need a specific colour or style? Will you repurpose the nursing chair elsewhere in a few years? Style
  15. 15. The best way to find out if the chair’s upholstery can be spot cleaned easily is to read customer testimonials Cleaning
  16. 16. You don’t want clicking or clunking noises after 3 months – so read customer testimonials Durability
  17. 17. Is the chair easy or difficult to assemble? How much assembly does it require? Assembly
  18. 18. Does the nursing chair tip over easily? Is the ball bearing mechanism enclosed? Safety
  19. 19. Click the link below: Need more info?