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Solar water pump - presentation- Surya International

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Solar water pump - presentation- Surya International

  1. 1. Solar Pumping solution adreesing the farm irrigation need
  2. 2. Recent Achievement of solar Industry.  India targeting to add 100 GW power thru solar in next 6 yr.  4000 Mw five solar projects in final closure.  100000 solar pumps to be installed in india by central Govt .this year.  States like karnataka , Rajasthan and Tamilnadu surging ahead on irrigation thru solar.  Orissa has huge solar potential … No fog, Good radiation.
  3. 3. Working Structure of Solar Pumping System Inbuilt MPPT for convert DC into AC A solar-powered pump is a pump running on electricity generated by photovoltaic panels or the thermal energy available from collected sunlight as opposed to grid electricity or diesel run water pumps.
  4. 4. Specialization of Solar Motor Pumps Submersible Pump – Such pumps can be a great option where the water level has higher depth i.e. more than 14m. These are highly efficient pumps which are capable of lifting water from up to 50m depth. The best thing about these pumps is that it gets easily installed under water. Pumps are available in 1HP to 5HP with AC and DC Surface Pump - Designed for use in remote and harsh conditions Smart modular design for simple and cost effective servicing and repair Fast and simple installation Cost effective spare parts philosophy Very strong ROI against diesel powered pumping reducing production costs and reducing carbon footprint. Pumps are available in 1HP to 5HP with AC and DC
  5. 5. Current Scenario Single crop due to no water. Electrical Lines not reached till All farms Low voltage problem. Diesel Very expensive. High maintenance cost of Diesel machines. Unreliable electric supply- sudden voltage surge, Extremely low voltage, huge interruption of power cut. Uncertain Rain is the major cause for Yield Gap of crop production.
  6. 6. How Solar Can help farmer Assured and timely water ensures all season crops, triple the farmers income. Reduces Crop production yield Gap due timely water supply. Unique relation between sun and water requirement – More sunshine – More water need – More water output Slight optimization of water like trickle irrigation can increase the irrigation potential to 2 -3 times with water. Solar direct system – No battery.
  7. 7. Value Addition from Our Side All nuts bolts will be Anti theft reduces the theft perception Solar Module will be Mounted on 3 Mtr. height Collapsible with lock and key arrangement supported by anti theft Nuts. Providing Dual Axis manual and Automatic Tracking system – Tracking Mechanism increases water Output up to 40%. Adding Mobility in the system, in case farmer has farms at Multiple places, the complete system will be on wheel which he can toe to the respective farms, Best suited for SHG, FPO, Group of farmers etc. Will be Encouraging farmers to use trickle irrigation like Sprinklers or drip to ensure more cultivable acres.
  8. 8. Reliability and Benefit of the Technology  Most reliable technology. Power generation unit which is 80% of project cost comes with 25 yrs power guarantee.  Complete system comes with five year warranty.  No routine Maintenance, almost nil maintenance of the system require.  Farmer can carry the compete system to the water point easily.  Compete clean energy bringing greenery lively hood and prosperity.  Cycle mounted pump and same panel can be used to charge other apps like Solar lantern, Mobile charging, Led bulbs in the farm huts etc.  Running drip thru solar could be the best Apps as small pump can run the whole day without any Operational expenses like diesel etc.
  9. 9. Commercial calculation to the farmers. Only Three Additional crop can recover the complete cost of the solar pump. Most farmers are on single crops due to water issue. Suppose a farmer has spent on 5 hp solar pump with net costing of 3.3 lacs and irrigates his 5 acre farm land, he will be able to generates additional income of 20000 X 5 = 100000 Rs./ per corp. hence three additional crops means invested amount recovered.
  10. 10. Support Required Identification of Good farmers within bank existing customer Data base. We will send mailer to the customers briefing the scheme. Promotion scheme, Road shows with help of bank and district level DDM’s Organizing Farmers meets for existing customers.
  11. 11. A 5hp pumps in 10 hour consumes 10 liter of diesel daily 10 x 300= 3000 x 56 = 168000 Rs Solar 5 Hp pumps runs free for years. Make much better commercial sense comparing than Diesel
  12. 12. Model details  4800 WP Module. ( Make – Pv Powertech)  Ac drive from Schneider or Shakti.  Pump From Shakti / Duke.  Cost – Rs 550000, Subsidy – Rs 216000 , margin money – 110000/-  Actual cost – Rs 3,34,000.00, bank finance – 224000/- 5 HP - Ac 3HP - Ac  2700 WP Module. ( Make – Pv Powertech)  Ac drive from Schneider or Shakti.  Pump From Shakti / Duke.  Cost – Rs 370000/- , Subsidy – Rs 129600, margin money – 74000/-  Actual cost – Rs 2,40,400.00, bank finance – 166400/-
  13. 13. Model details  4800 WP Module. ( Make – Pv Powertech)  Ac drive from Schneider or Shakti.  Pump From Shakti / Duke.  Cost – 274000/- Subsidy – 115200/-, Margin Money - 54800/-  Actual cost = 158800/-, bank finance – 104000/- 2 HP - DC 1HP - DC  2700 WP Module. ( Make – Pv Powertech)  Ac drive from Schneider or Shakti.  Pump From Shakti / Duke.  Cost 175000/- Subsidy – 57600/- , margin money - 35000/-
  14. 14. Sharing our some successful projects in Gajapati and Malkangiri
  15. 15. Why no achievements?  One time large investment to farmer.  Short term profit expectations from farmers.  Low land holding capacity of Odisha farmer.  Lack of awareness of the scheme to banks at branch level and farmers.  Lack of serious target realization to banks.  Lack of proper channelization of the scheme to branch level banking system.  Lack of district level promotions from NABARD.  Lack of re-sale value of the solar system.
  16. 16. “THANK YOU”