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Origin 2k14 Quiz Finals


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Quiz conducted as a part of Origin - An Interschool cultural fest.

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Origin 2k14 Quiz Finals

  2. 2. BAttles • ORIGIN • A for Apple , B for Ball • Around the world in 6 Questions • AT“Tension” • Quizzing @ the Speed of Thought • LVC
  3. 3. ORIGIN
  4. 4. 1
  5. 5. The World’s first Selfie
  6. 6. 2 • After Alfred Dreyfus was imprisoned some people like Pierre Giffard , an editor claimed that he is innocent.Some employees in Giffards company quit and started L’Auto which was a magazine that was started in late 1890’s by a group of Anti-Dreyfusards such as Clement , Michelin and Dion.L’Auto in its inception had lower sales and struggled since Giffard’s company was ruling the field.To overcome the struggle , a meeting was conducted in L’Auto’s office in Paris.A 26 year old named Geo Lefevre gave an idea to upbring the sales and it succeeded.What was the idea pitched by him ?
  7. 7. Tour De France
  8. 8. 3 • In the early days , hunters found it very difficult to catch the birds when it rests on a tree.They would employ some men with the nets to catch the birds.The hunters also employed some people to perform a specific task that roused the birds and catched them in the nets.This gave rise to a commonly used phrase.Which Phrase ?
  9. 9. Beat around the bush
  10. 10. 4
  11. 11. Countdown
  12. 12. 5 • In 1973 , Universal Studios agreed to produce both American Graffiti and X directed by Y.After the completion of American Graffiti , Y wrote a short script called “The Journal of the Whills” but the story was too difficult to understand.Finally he decided to remake “The Hidden Fortress” , a Japanese movie directed by Akira Kurosawa.He added some elements to the script and thus was born the blockbuster X.Id X and Y
  13. 13. Star Wars , George Lucas
  14. 14. 6 • X was invented in 1756 by the French chef of the Duc de Richelieu. After the Duc beat the British at Port Mahon, his chef created a victory feast that was to include a sauce made of cream and eggs. Realizing that there was no cream in the kitchen, the chef substituted olive oil for the cream and a new culinary creation was born. The chef named the new sauce ‘X” in honor of the Duc's victory.What is X ?
  15. 15. Mayonnaise
  17. 17. A • “Your Palace in the sky” is the tagline of which famous airline ?
  18. 18. Air India
  19. 19. B • Founded on this same day in 1922 by John Reith , this mass media giant produces programs like Doctor Who , Sherlock and the Graham Norton Show.Who ?
  20. 20. BBC
  21. 21. C
  22. 22. Captain Planet
  23. 23. D • This festival is celebrated to commemorate the churning of cosmic ocean of milk between the forces of good and forces of evil; this day marks the birthday of Lakshmi - the Goddess of Wealth and Prosperity, and the birthday of Dhanvantari - the Goddess of Health and Healing. On the night of this festival, diyas (lamps) are ritually kept burning all through the nights in honor of Lakshmi and Dhanvantari.Which festival am I describing ?
  24. 24. Dhanteras
  25. 25. E • This company was founded by the gentleman on the right in order to help his girlfriend sell Pez Candy Dispensers in San Francisco bay area.Which company ?
  26. 26. eBay
  27. 27. F • This “City of Victory” served as an ephemeral capital of the mughal empire.The city was planned in 1571 by Akbar on the same site where the birth of his son, the future Jahangir, was predicted by the wise Shaikh Salim Chisti.The city stands even today and is so famous for its monuments.Which city ?
  28. 28. Fatehpur Sikri
  29. 29. G • The three different types of this measurement which was used for measuring wine and beer in England are • Imperial • US • Dry. What ?
  30. 30. Gallon
  31. 31. H • Which superhero whose real name is Anang Un Rama was summoned in the final months of World War II by Grigori Rasputin on Tarmagant Island, off the coast of Scotland having been commissioned by the Nazis to change the tide of war ?
  32. 32. Hellboy
  33. 33. I • Shakthi Sthal is the cremation site of which famous Indian ?
  34. 34. Indira Gandhi
  35. 35. J
  36. 36. Jalapeno
  38. 38. ASIA • This leader of a country was originally named Nguyễn Sinh Cung.He came from a country whose flag has a five pointed star representing the 5 classes of workers who built socialism.In his early days , he has done many menial jobs like a kitchen helper in the French steamer, Line manager etc..While at France , he joined with other members of his country and started showing interest in politics.In 1941 , he returned to his country and organised a group of 10,000 guerillas called “Men In Black” to participate in the Freedom movement.The country acquired independence from the French in 1945 and he served as the first president of the country.He was given a name which when translated means “Bringer of Light” and the city of Saigon today, is named after this leader.Who ?
  39. 39. Ho chi Minh
  40. 40. AFRICA
  42. 42. Site of Trinity Nuclear Test
  43. 43. SOUTH AMERICA • Jericoacoara(Lair of the turtles) is a virgin beach hidden behind the dunes of the west coast of Ceará, Brazil. Selected by The Washington Post as one of the Top 10 most beautiful beaches in the world, nicknamed Jeri, consists of blue lagoons, calm seas and huge dunes.This became a national park in 2002 and the tourism was banned to conserve the area.Since illumination of street lights is illegal , they are provided by Moon and the stars.Reaching the place is very tough since there are no roads but sands connecting to this place.However , Indians could still see the panoramic view of this place in 2010.How?
  44. 44. Shooting Spot of Kadal Annukkal Song
  45. 45. EUROPE • Although the Brusells Airport holds the distinction of world's most noise-polluting airport in terms of the noise levels created and the number of people affected by take-off and landing operations , it is also the world’s largest selling point of something ! What ?
  46. 46. Chocolates
  47. 47. OCEANIA • The people of Samoa born on 30th December couldn’t celebrate their birthday in 2010 due to a peculiar reason.What ?
  48. 48. Samoa moved towards west in International Date line
  49. 49. At“tension”
  50. 50. • This word comes from the slovanic language which means one who governs with glory.This word became famous in Tamil Nadu due to a song that was released recently.The song was penned by Madhan Karky.Which song ?
  51. 51. Ladio
  52. 52. • The name of this company which is popular among the schoolkids means Richness.This name is given to the outlets of a former brand which dominated the market in early days.These outlets are owned by Hatsun Agro pvt ltd.Which outlets ?
  53. 53. Ibaco
  54. 54. • The invention of this common day item is attributed to Ralph Wedgwood who patented it as stylographic writer.The main use for this came in 1808 due to Mr.Turri’s typewriting machine.Ralph made a paper that was soaked in printer’s ink which was later dried.It’s intention was to help the blind write through the use of a metal stylus instead of a quill.What concept started thus ?
  55. 55. • Tamil – Kollywood • Malayalam – Mollywood • Telugu – Tollywood • Bengali ????
  56. 56. • This common household item known as Nazar Battu in the north is supposed to drive off negativity and bad luck. The tendency to take credit for all the good and blame the wrong on an external force is a very human trait.This was the explanation that was given when its logo was released.Whose ?
  57. 57. Carbon Paper
  58. 58. • “We Move the World” is the tagline of which company founded by Dalsley , Hillblom and Lynn ?
  59. 59. DHL
  60. 60. QUIZZING @ THE SPEEd of thought
  61. 61. 1 Raghul Bhatia and Rakesh Gangwal’s favorite color Hello 6E This airline recently placed orders for 200 Airbus A320 Neo making it the largest airline order
  62. 62. IndiGo
  63. 63. 2 Chance Furlong and Jake Clawson are the guardians The Radical Squadron This cartoon by Hanna Barbera takes place in the Megakat city
  64. 64. Swat Kats
  65. 65. 3 Stefan Edberg appears in its logo Plexicushion Prestige is it’s carpet Rodney Heath was it’s first champion
  66. 66. Australian Open
  67. 67. 4 Born as Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson She is a dream for every teen My favorite :D / Was married to Russel Brand before they seperated in 2012
  68. 68. Katy Perry
  69. 69. 5 Yaadon Ki Bharat introduced him to this world Ardent follower of Madan Mohan Malviya Bhuvan drives Team India to victory
  70. 70. Aamir Khan
  71. 71. 6 Pariah’s are most commonly seen in India One of them comes from a Mexican state Snoopy , Spike , Toto
  72. 72. Dogs
  73. 73. +100/-5
  74. 74. +90/-10
  75. 75. +80/-15
  76. 76. +70/-20
  77. 77. +60/-25
  78. 78. +50/-30
  79. 79. +40/-35
  80. 80. +30/-40
  81. 81. +20/-45
  82. 82. +10/-50
  85. 85. Seenu Maama Mohit Sharma Samuel Badree Ronit More John Hastings Suresh Raina Dwayne Smith Ravi Ashwin Thala Dhoni Dwayne Bravo
  86. 86. Thankyou!