Invisible Boys and Men conference


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West Yorkshire conference exploring the needs of male victims of sexual violence University of Bradford 2011

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Invisible Boys and Men conference

  1. 1. vt sh EDME h Go tegy Scottiry.   D M ttis tra he nta S EN A S: Sco and e of t cume. M GR DE arch ier do Lid A O U se rem th’s he L e P al T PR INCvors Rglish al He ifting n W vi E ent rs: L O ur he N ale S us t for Mrvivo M - Pl on Su i ng iat ale iefi ssoc M Br A Bradford Specialist Sexual Violence & Abuse Advisory Group Bradford Specialist Sexual Violence & Abuse Advisory Group NEW PS WORKSHO DDED A INCLUDING INNOVATIVE PARTNERSHIP WORKING Invisible Boys and Men: A West Yorkshire Conference Bradford Specialist Understanding andAbuse Sexual Violence & Responding to Male Sexual Advisory Group Victimisation in the 21st century Current Knowledge and Emerging New Directions Date: 10th June 2011 Venue: The University of Bradford, John Stanley Bell Theatre Bradford Specialist Sexual Violence & Abuse Advisory Group This conference can be used as evidence for professional CPD - please check with your professional registration authority. The conference will be filmed by the University of Bradford’s Digital Media Academy Conference Agents Sponsored by:
  2. 2. Current Knowledge and Emerging New Directions Since the birth of the modern sexual violence movement, the emphasis has been on building appropriate therapeutic service provision to meet female need. This has often been against a background of both cultural disbelief and political indifference. During that complex and often socially strained campaign, the sexual victimisation of boys and men has often seemed a distasteful issue to raise, given that the evidence is clear that most crimes of sexual violence and abuse are committed by males. The statistics are complex, as there is no agreed universal definition of sexual abuse. What is agreed, however, by most stakeholders, including international governments, is that the prevalence of sexual victimisation is believed to be 1 in 4 for females, and 1 in 6 for males. It is also agreed that most sexual abuse experiences takes place in childhood and are never reported to criminal justice agencies. Therefore, it might be more appropriate to state that we actually don’t know the true extent of sexual victimisation of children (nor adults for that matter), as most incidents are never reported, and therefore the 1 in 4 and 1 in 6 figures are very conservative baselines. This conference will look in detail at the often hidden issue of crimes of sexual violence and abuse committed against boys and men. The Coalition Government, thankfully, recently published its strategy for women and girls who have experienced any form of interpersonal violence. Currently, neither central government, nor any local government authority, including the NHS in West Yorkshire, has carried out any assessments into the support needs of non-offending boys or men in West Yorkshire, many of whom will have experienced a range of sexual crime during their lifespan. These are crimes which are often hard for them to disclose, given the powerful social and cultural forces which silence such disclosure. Boys and men can’t be victims in our culture. Sadly the research evidences millions who live with such silenced experience and the outcomes from that silencing are felt across society. Who should attend GP consortia commissioners - mental health and general well-being Health and well-being leads in local authorities Drug and Alcohol workers - leads Regeneration specialists NHS Mental Heath Foundation Trust social inclusion leads Social care providers Third sector mental health day service providers Male survivors, their families and friends Faith leaders Educators and learning providers Employers and trades unions Community workers, community development workers, community engagement specialists Community mental health team workers Faith group workers Community well-being practitioners Social enterprise development agencies NHS Foundation Trust governors Volunteer Bureaux representatives Personalisation implementation teams Police Social Workers Conference Aims • Evidence the need for full male CSA/rape victim needs assessment • Empower the creation of a county-wide strategy to meet male CSA/rape victim need • Empower a West Yorkshire wide service model to deliver such a strategy. The conference will run workshops and close with a Question Time section for the discussion of audience questions. Chairs Dr Peter McParlin (morning) Peter is a Fellow of the British Psychological Society and a chartered child and educational psychologist. He has spent most of his professional life campaigning for vulnerable and dispossessed children. Peter’s research has been instrumental in improving the psychological support provided to young people from complex emotional backgrounds. Peter is a survivor of childhood abuse. Barbara Siedlecki (afternoon) Barbara is manager of the Star Project (West Yorkshire). She has for over 8 years led one of the most innovative sexual violence/abuse initial support projects in the European Union. It has pioneered imaginative approaches to victim support, proactive partnerships, and training. This has empowered and developed Star’s victim-focused work, which Star is known for delivering progressively and professionally ( Care coordinators Community psychologists and psychiatrists Advocacy workers Service user involvement teams Advice, information and guidance organisations Local authority councillors and portfolio holders Social inclusion workers * Please note this conference does not welcome sexual offenders of any gender. Key Themes Psychiatric and psychological insights Male Survivor voices Ethnic and cultural issues in engaging with men Building male service provision based on evidence and best practice New technology and service provision - options and possibilities Conference Aims 2
  3. 3. Keynote Speakers Ann MacDonald Max Clarke Anne’s background is in social work and person centred counselling. She specialised in mental health and childhood sexual abuse and has worked primarily in this field for over 20 years. Max has been a social worker since 1988. He was recently a Melbourne-Boston Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Centre Exchange Scholar. The past 11 years have been an exciting and challenging journey for Max working with male survivors of sexual assault at the South Eastern Centre Against Sexual Assault, Melbourne, Australia. Max is one of the few men employed by the Centres Against Sexual Assault in the Melbourne area. He has learnt so much from his generous and patient clients. Leaving statutory social work to join the voluntary sector, she was firstly Project Director of Penumbra Respite Care’s Cairdeas House, Scotland’s first community based mental health respite care facility, she then joined Kingdom Abuse Survivors Project in Fife as Project Manager. Following a petition by Anne to the Scottish Parliament in 2000, the Cross Party Group on Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse was convened. The CPG’s work has been instrumental in the development of the Scottish Government’s National Strategy for Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse, SurvivorScotland. Anne is currently a Professional Advisor to the National Strategy and remains Vice Convenor of the Cross Party Group. Presentation Title: Male Survivors: A Scottish Strategic Perspective Sue Hampson Sue  was Beyond Trauma National Training Officer at health in mind Edinburgh until 2006. She was then appointed Training for Trainers (CSA) Coordinator at the Scottish Association for Mental Health in 2007. The training programme is ‘Safe to Say’. The training is delivered to staff in the community, in male prisons for Scottish Prison Service and to mental health student nurses at the University of the West of Scotland. She has worked as a person centred counsellor, trainer and supervisor for the last 18 years. She has a background in working with refugees and as a lecturer in further education. She has worked as a counselor in the NHS, in GP  practices and in a mental health team. She has a great deal of experience of working with people who self harm and who survived CSA. In 2007 she co wrote Yes you Can working with survivors of childhood sexual abuse with Sarah Nelson and in 2009 produced Lifting the Lid  men who survive sexual abuse as children which won the Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival Documentary and  Factual Award 2009. Presentation Title: Scottish Male Survivors Documentary: Lifting The Lid.  English Premiere Presentation Title: Back On Track: Survivor and therapist reflections on making a male survivor recovery film. Films reviews - Back On Track This documentary about men who have experienced sexual abuse in childhood is touching, informative and useful. It is moving in the way it gives viewers a close-up and intimate view of the stress and distress, frustration and loneliness of six individual victims. It presents factual information about the statistical extent of the problem, the wide range of perpetrators - family members, football coaches, clergymen, staff in orphanages and other institutions, friendly neighbours - and the long-term adverse effects on the victims Freda Freiberg The Melbourne Age 2011 Dr Simon Mullins  Simon Mullins is a consultant psychiatrist working within the NHS supporting people who are given psychiatric diagnoses that include Psychosis, Schizophrenia and Bipolar Affective Disorder. His practice focuses less on labels and more on creating relationships that enable people to identify the roots of their distress. He has dedicated time to improving the experience of survivors in the NHS particularly those who miss out on services due to the diagnoses they have been given. His goal is to influence the culture of mainstream services to recognise the complex consequences of childhood abuse more effectively. To this aim he is involved in training initiatives for staff and promotes the Department of Health’s call to professionals to ‘Ask the Question’ routinely. Presentation Title: Male Survivors In The Mental Health System Dr Michelle Davies - Psychologist Dr Michelle Davies is a senior lecturer in psychology at the University of Central Lancashire, UK. Her research interests include the effects of male rape, attitudes towards sexual assault, fear of crime, and homophobia. She has over 30 published articles in print to date, and is the co-editor of the Journal of Aggression, Conflict and Peace Research. Presentation Title: Effects of Male Rape on Long-Term Psychological Functioning. Julie Fraser Julie Fraser is the Project Development Worker for the Rape and Abuse Line (RAL), a charity based in the Scottish Highlands. Julie has worked at the organisation for 7 years, firstly as a volunteer support worker, then as the chairperson where she was instrumental in strengthening the business foundation and the progressive developments that followed. She is currently working on accreditation for RAL’s training packages and her vision for future services is fuelling further development in numerous areas. Julie has an honours degree in Psychology alongside her extensive and ongoing training in rape and abuse issues. Presentation Title: Rape & Abuse Line (Using new technologies to engage male victims) Keynote Speakers 3
  4. 4. Conference agenda Conference Details Invisible Boys and Men: Understanding and Responding to Male Sexual Victimisation Current Knowledge and Emerging New Directions Date: 08:45 - 09:15 Registration and Refreshments 09:15 - 09:30 Welcome and Introduction Dr Peter McParlin (morning Chair) 09:30 - 10:00 Simon Mullins: Male Survivors in The Mental Health System. Dr 10:00 - 11:00 Max Clarke and Brett: Back On Track (An Australian male survivor film plus Survivor and Therapist reflections on making the film) 11:00 - 11:20 Break and Refreshments 11:20 - 11:50 Michelle Davies: Effects of Male Rape on Long-Term Psychological Dr Functioning. 10th June 2011 Venue: The University of Bradford, John Stanley Bell Theatre, D Floor, Richmond Building. Parking: Recommended parking for the conference is at the NCP on html?cpid=813132amp%3Bname=New%20 Southgate The car park is 5 minutes’ walk from the University and discount tokens will be available at registration for delegates who require them. The token can be applied when collecting your car after the conference. 12:00 - 13:00 Workshops x 3 13:00 - 13:50 Lunch 13:50 - 14:00 Afternoon Introduction Barbara Siedlecki (afternoon Chair). 14:00 - 15:00 Sue Hampson: Scottish Male Survivors Documentary: Lifting The Lid. 1500 - 15:30 Ann MacDonald: Male Survivors:  A Scottish Strategic Perspective. Hotels: 15:30 - 15:45 Break and Refreshments. 15:45 - 16:15 Julie Fraser: Using New Technologies to Engage Male Victims/Survivors. 16:15 - 16:45 Question Time panel Chaired by David Ward MP. MLZjNmCzKcCFQod4Qodj1gMCw Jury’s Hotel is the newest in Bradford and only 5 minutes’ walk from the University. 16:45 - 17:00 Summing up and close (afternoon Chair) Travelling to the University: Other hotels within a 5-minute walk of the University Workshops: 1. CSE - A West Yorkshire Overview: Blast / Hand in Hand / Turnaround 2. Boys Men Healing: A US Cultural Perspective on Male Victims 3. The English courts have woken up to child abuse”. Plus the crisis in relious communities “ around sexual violence and abuse litagation bfyvl/hoteldetail 4. n overview of the latest research looking at the cultural social support needs of male A victims of sexual violence/abuse. 5. Jane Gregory (Bradford Rape Crisis) Bob Balfour (Survivors West Yorkshire)   ‘Working in Alliance’. Delegate Rate Delegate rate @ £60 includes lunch and two refreshment breaks. A workshop of your choice, subject to numbers, on a first-come, firstallocated basis (please indicate your preferences by numbering 1 2 3 on your booking form). Plus each delegate will receive a detailed guide to male survivor evidenced support and service models, as well as access to the full keynote programme as detailed in the brochure programme (please note we reserve the right to alter the programme due to unforeseen circumstances). All bookings must be made by Monday 30th May 2011 and no refunds are available once a booking is made. Delegate places are transferable to colleagues if the original delegate is unable to attend. However, in the event of the conference being cancelled due to unforeseen events, delegates will be able to carry forward their place or request a refund. However, we would advise that all out-of-pocket expenses should be insured against, for example, travel problems and illness, as the organisers are unable to cover such loss. All bookings are being administered by BSSVAAG’s conference and events partner Interminds Events and all conference inquiries should be made to them. Your conference place/s cannot be confirmed until receipt of payment/s. Payments can be made by credit/debit card, cheque or official purchase order. (Intermind Events are the payment agent for this conference. – please note a booking fee applies if paying by card.) Once a payment has been secured you will receive an email confirmation of your place/s. Please do not book travel or accommodation until you have received your confirmation from Interminds. This email will be your official delegate confirmation receipt. (Please bring it with you to the conference registration in case of any administration issues.) If you need to cancel or transfer your place to someone else, you must email Interminds Events before 1st June 2011. Email: or BSSVAAG after 1st of June 2011. BSSVAAG’s contact details can be found at Only on receipt of a confirmation email should you consider any delegate transfer as officially authorised. This conference can be used as evidence for professional CPD - please check your professional registration authority’s evidence criteria. Conference Agenda 4
  5. 5. Delegate Booking Form Mr / Mrs / Ms / Other First Name Surname Address Postcode Job Title Organisation Department Tel Email Special Requirements (eg access, dietary etc) Delegate Rate £60 Paid Enclosed I agree to the conference’s terms and conditions as stated. Signature Workshops (please indicate you prefer workshops - 1 for first choice and so on) 1) CSE - A West Yorkshire Overview: Blast/Hand in Hand/Turnaround This unique joint workshop offers the opportunity to be briefed by three of the leading service providers in West Yorkshire, supporting boys who are experiencing sexual exploitation, both on the current needs of boys in West Yorkshire and future issues. Boys Men Healing: A US Cultural Perspective on Male Victims 2) Boys and Men Healing is a documentary about the impact the sexual abuse of boys has on both the individual and society, and the importance of healing and speaking out for male survivors to end the devastating effects. The film portrays courageous non-offending men whose arduous healing helped them reclaim their lives, while giving them a powerful voice to speak out and take bold action toward prevention for other boys. Boys and Men Healing is produced in association with the International Documentary Association. “The English courts have woken up to child abuse”. Plus the crisis in relious communities 3) around sexual violence and abuse litagation This will chart the development of the law over the last 15 years or so. It will be led by David Greenwood, David Greenwood has been committed to working with adult victims of child abuse since 1997. He heads a team of lawyers and works with psychologists and barristers to obtain compensation and assist survivors to plan for their future when the case is over. He has worked closely with clients throughout the country and has great success with co-ordinating a number of large and small group actions. David works mainly on actions against local authorities, church organisations, foster carers, and other accountable organisations. David is a member of the Law Society’s Specialist Personal Injury Panel and is a member of the Association of Child Abuse Lawyers Executive committee. He is a Fellow of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers. overview of the latest research looking at the cultural social support needs of male victims of 4) An sexual violence/abuse.   5 ) Jane Gregory (Bradford Rape Crisis) Bob Balfour (Survivors West Yorkshire) ‘Working in Alliance’.  To Pay: Debit/credit card: (follow the payment instructions and please tag your payment as ‘Invisible Boys’ with your name or collective names if paying for a group). Please note there is a card fee for payments by debit or credit card. Further please retain your payment receipt. • heques made payable to Interminds Events Ltd should be sent to: C Gumption Business Centre, City Centre, Glydegate, Bradford,West Yorkshire. BD5 0BQ • Purchase order should give exact invoicing address, including contact, dept, purchase order number. • Regardless of payment method please return your booking form. If you wish to speak to someone about your booking please telephone: 01274 288 998 Delegate Booking Form 5